Mars Mahadasha for Gemini Ascendant

Mars Mahadasha for Gemini Ascendant

If you belong to Gemini Ascendant, then Mars is an inauspicious planet for you because Mars is the lord of the 6th and 11th house in your birth chart. You will be humane at heart, considerate of others, forgiving, and just. Humility and efficiency in oratory will also be your qualities. You will have the curiosity to acquire knowledge and information and you will be interested in new technological developments. You will be of investigative nature and will find out things by going into their depth. Your involvement in education and intellectual work will take you on the path of progress. In spite of having all these qualities, you cannot be patient and quick to get results. Your mind will not be stable and your intentions will change from time to time.

Mars will not bring desired results during its 7 years phase. However, if Mars is in its own sign, exalted and conjoined with benefic planets, it can give very good results. The benefits of Mars can bring good health, wealth, money, and success in career, profession, and business.

If Mars is weak and conjunct with Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu, then Mahadasha will bring many negative results like health issues, debt, loss of money, social stigma and domestic problems, etc.

Results of Mars Mahadasha for Gemini Ascendant

For Gemini Ascendant, the effect of Mars Mahadasha gives mixed results. During this Mahadasha, a person does well in courage and hard work but gets entangled in unnecessary troubles. There is good progress in the economic sector, but there can be problems due to health-related problems.

Mars is the lord of the sixth and eleventh house. Being the 6th house, it is a disease, debt, enemy, insult, worry, doubt, pain, poverty, untruthful speech, the practice of yoga, landlordism, moneylender, and is the 11th house, it is greed, profit, selfishness, slavery, slavery, childlessness, Virgo is the master of references like child, uncle, uncle, husband, elder brother and sister, corruption, bribery, dishonesty. The strong and auspicious influence of Mars is auspicious for the people of Gemini ascendant in the above subjects and weak and malefic Mars is inauspicious.

Positive Effects of Mars Mahadasha for Gemini Ascendant

The direction of Mars gives mixed results to people having Gemini ascendant. At this time, they keep getting good money, but health problems and unnecessary fights, and confusions increase in life. If the person is in a job, then his progress will be possible. There will be an increase in the age and benefits of archaeology. Such a person is grumpy, hardworking, quarrelsome, and a profit earner. If there is the presence of Mars in the third house, then the strength of the person increases. There is victory over the enemy. The person also takes advantage of it. Luck has a general advantage. There is an increase in wealth, respect, fame, and influence from the father and the state. The person achieves huge success in the field of earning money through his hard work.

If there is a position of Mars in the fifth house, then the person gets benefited from the side of the children with general disharmony. Knowledge-wisdom has attained as age increases and archeology benefits. Daily life remains impressive. If Mars is present in the seventh house, then the person gets success in the business field. Due to the effect of Mars on the Pisces sign of Jupiter in the tenth house, the person gets wealth and fame through his own hard work. There is a special effect on the enemies. The body remains healthy and strong. Sometimes minor diseases also have to be faced. There is success in the happiness of land etc. with some difficulties. Income remains good throughout life.

Negative Effects of Mars Mahadasha for Gemini Ascendant

If Mars, the enemy of Lord Buddha, sits in the ascendant itself, then the person is hasty in every work, there is a decrease in the happiness of elder brothers and sisters, there is estrangement from the mother, does not get along with the wife, and every auspicious work is not done. There is a delay in Tension remaining in the Mahadasha of Mars. Foreign settlement of the Jatak is made. It is not very good for the money, family, family or let's say for surroundings, speech is very bad. If Mars is in a good degree, then after coming into the family of such a person, the problems of the house increase. There is a possibility of getting a son, an upset stomach, weak willpower, and the mind remains restless. There is an obstacle in every work. Jatak does not follow a religion, relations with their father get sour, and chances of traveling abroad are formed.

Here some diseases can arise in the chest. There is a problem in getting the property, in getting the means of happiness, there is estrangement from the mother. There is support from the wife, there is a possibility of profit from the partnership, problems in work, and lack of support from elder brother and sister and they cause problems. In the Mahadasha/Antardasha of Mars, the eighth vision (Swayam Swami) falls on the eleventh house, the benefits are earned.


We all know that there are malefic factors in the third house. Due to the presence of Mars here, the person will be mighty. Such a person achieves everything in life due to his might and hard work. However, Mars sitting here spoils the relationship with their younger siblings. Such a person can take a loan, but keep in mind that such a person should not lend money to anyone on his behalf. Do not invest money in a big place. Through Astrology Phone Consultation, you can know in detail about Mars Mahadasha in Gemini Ascendant.

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