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Mars Mahadasha: Mangal Dasha Effects

Mars Mahadasha: Mangal Dasha Effects

According to astrology, whenever a planet is inauspicious in a person's horoscope, he has to face many problems. Every planet is inauspicious for the people of any zodiac till a certain time. Mahadasha of Mars lasts for 7 years, in such a situation a person has to face many problems in life. According to astrology, during the Mahadashi of Mars, a person has to face the loss of land, property, etc. Increases problems in relationships like jealousy, ambush, and disputes with elder brother. Learn about the Mahadasha of Mars and the measures to strengthen it.

Mangal Mahadasha has the effect of seven years of Dasha. During this dasha, the person is most affected by the influence of Mars. Mars has been considered a very powerful and aggressive planet. When the effect of its power and courage falls on any person, then because of it the worry of disappointment and defeat in life never bothers. Mostly this planet adversely affects the person. If it is in the form of an auspicious planet in the birth chart, then its dasha gives achievements in the life of a person. It gives the qualities of strength and courage. The nature of Mars is harsh due to the effect of sin. It personifies authority and power and shows firmness. Lack of patience is more due to this.

Mangal Dasha Effects

According to astrology, if the position of Mars in the horoscope is inauspicious, then the person starts getting its signs in advance. It is just necessary to understand them in time. When Mars is inauspicious, a person may face the problem of eye disease. At the same time, problems like high blood pressure, stones start troubling the person. Apart from this, problems of excessive anger, arrogance, consumption of meat and alcohol, and cheating with any of his relatives, etc. start. In such a situation, these measures can be adopted to strengthen Mars.

The effect of Mars or the unfavorable position of Mars is visible at the time of Dasha. It can bring negative effects. The person may be in danger from fire and thieves. May lose property, may face imprisonment. Distances and differences can arise in relationships. There may be a possibility of health problems and accidents, pain in the body, urinary problems, kidney problems and pain in the eyes are also possible. Overall, it can be a period of difficulties and distress for the individual.

Result of Mangal Mahadasha

Mars is the factor of a fire sign. So it is natural to see the defect of Mars in all aspects of life whether it is positive or negative. Mahadasha refers to that period in a person's life. When a particular planet has an influence on a person's horoscope. The Mahadasha of each planet is unique and the effects can range from positive to negative. For example, these effects are also known as Mangal Mahadasha. It is considered to be one of the most intense and challenging periods in a person's life.

Mars is the planet of aggression, and power. So when a person is under the influence of Mangal Mahadasha. So he may feel a strong urge to take action and assert himself. It can be both positive and negative. Because the energy of Mars(Mangal) can be both productive and destructive.

During the Mahadasha of Mars in the horoscope, a person can experience significant changes and upheavals in his life. They may face many obstacles and challenges and they may feel like this. The influence of Mars can make a person more competitive and aggressive. Which can be helpful in some situations. But can also fight and argue.

One of the major themes of Mangal Mahadasha is the need to control your impulses. Mars's energy can be impulsive and erratic. And one can make hasty decisions without thinking things through completely. This leads to mistakes and regrets later.

However, the Mahadasha of Mars in the horoscope can also bring positive changes and growth. The energy of Mars can be used for productive purposes. Like starting a new career or taking up a new hobby. Apart from this, Mars shows courage and determination. A person may feel that they can overcome obstacles that seem insurmountable.

The Mahadasha of Mars is a challenging but ultimately transformative period in a person's life. It requires discipline, self-control, and the ability to channel your energy in productive ways. Yet obstacles and setbacks may be present in your path. A person emerges from this period stronger and more resilient. For detailed information about Dashas and Mahadashas, visit our Instaastro website and app.

Mars Mahadasha Marriage

According to marriage predictions, An exalted Mars in the eleventh house indicates professional growth, success, marriage, gains through one's efforts, landed property, and public success. Mangal Mahadasha is believed to significantly influence various aspects of a person's life including marriage. Hence if one or both the partners are under the influence of Mangal Mahadasha marriage will take place. So it's important to be aware of potential challenges and take steps to mitigate them.

Mangal Mahadasha Remedies

  • After bathing on Tuesday, wear red colored clothes, etc. After this, chant this mantra Om Kraan Krian Kraun Sa: Bhaumaya Namah for at least 3, 5, or 7 rounds.

  • It is believed that keeping a fast on Tuesday also strengthens Mars.

  • Mars is related to Mangal Dev and Tuesday. In such a situation, offering vermilion to Hanuman ji on Tuesday gives auspicious results. It is believed that adding a little jasmine oil to vermilion on this day strengthens Mars.

  • Not only this but Chola can also be offered to Hanuman ji to strengthen Mars on this day.

  • According to gemology, coral can also be worn to strengthen Mars. It is said that coral is the gem of Mars. But wear this gem only after the advice of astrologers.

  • To strengthen Mars, donating red cloth, copper, wheat, jaggery, etc. is considered auspicious.


In conclusion, the positive and negative aspects of Bhukti in Mars Dasha significantly affect a person's life. What does the Mangal Dasha period look like for them? Their zodiac signs also play an important role in determining this. If you are also facing sudden career crises and relationship problems which suddenly emerge out of miscommunication. So there is a possibility that Mars dasha has affected you. Talk to astrologers to know more about Mars Mahadasha.

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