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Mars in Cancer Ascendant

Mars in Cancer Ascendant

Cancer Ascendant, ruled by the Moon, is a watery, moving, or volatile sign. The people born in this ascendant are love-luxurious and imaginative. The people of Cancer ascendant are very emotional but just. The feeling of kindness and love for others and the intense desire to move forward in life are their personal characteristics. Their mental power is very strong and strong. They are truthful and pure-hearted.


Mars in all 12 Houses for Cancer Ascendant



Mars in 1st House Cancer Ascendant


Mars becomes debilitated when it enters Cancer. If Mars, the very enemy of Ascendant Mercury, sits in the Ascendant itself, then there is a negative effect on the intellect of the person, there is no sense of right and wrong, he is hasty in every work, there is a decrease in children's happiness, does not make a wife. Every good work gets delayed. Tension remains in the Mahadasha of Mars.


Mars in 2nd House Cancer Ascendant


Such a person is very good in wealth, family or says everything, the speech is soft. If Mars is in a good degree, then after coming into the family of such a person, there is an increase in the happiness and prosperity of the house. The sum of getting a son is formed, the stomach is healthy, the willpower is good, and the mind remains calm. Obstacles are removed, and there is success in every work. The person is a religious, paternal devotee, and there is a possibility of traveling abroad.


Mars in 3rd House Cancer Ascendant


The third house is the karaka house of Mars, but when Mars is situated here, it gives mostly inauspicious results. Hard work does not get proper results. The person does not believe in religion, the relationship with the father gets sour, foreign travel is possible, and many problems have to be faced in professional life. Being the causative house of Mars, the sixth house makes him victorious in the competition.


Mars in 4th House Cancer Ascendant


The Mahadasha of Mars is auspicious for acquiring property and procuring means of amenities, the person has an attachment to his mother. The wife gets support, there is a possibility of profit from the partnership, success in work, and support of elder siblings are available.


Mars in 5th House Cancer Ascendant


The birth of a son is formed. The stomach is healthy, the mind remains happy, there is sudden money gain, the benefit is received from elder siblings, obstacles are removed, and some money is spent on illness.


Mars in 6th House Cancer Ascendant


Health-related problems persist, fights continue, and problems related to how the courts persist. There is a rift with the father, the work situation worsens day by day and there is a possibility of a loss of money. Big brothers and sisters have problems, children have problems.


Mars in 7th House Cancer Ascendant


The native is going to get auspicious results from their wife and friends. Professional life goes very well, the mind remains calm, the speech becomes soft, there is no dearth of money and the family remains together.


Mars in 8th House Cancer Ascendant


The troubles of the person remain constant, hard work does not get proper results, profits decrease, speech gets worse, children remain ill, and family does not get favorable results. Relations with elder siblings are not good.


Mars in 9th House Cancer Ascendant


In the Mahadasha of Mars, the person is religious, respectful of the father, gets the happiness of children, there is a possibility of profit from the partnership, the sum of foreign settlement is formed, the fruits of hard work, and there is an increase in the comforts. The person serves the mother.


Mars in 10th House Cancer Ascendant


There is progress in the professional life of the person, there is an increase in comfort. The stomach is healthy, the mind remains happy, and there is sudden monetary gain. The native gets the happiness of children.


Mars in 11th House Cancer Ascendant


With Mars in the eleventh house of Cancer ascendant, there are possibilities of profit. There is a benefit for elder brothers and sisters. Health-related problems are cured, money, family, and family get along, and the mind remains happy. The birth of a son is formed. Court case competition wins.


Mars in 12th House Cancer Ascendant


With the arrival of Mars in the twelfth house, expenses increase, problems increase, debts, diseases, and enemies, increase, and problems with partners, and problems in businesses also have to be faced.


Mars in Cancer ascendant gives auspicious and inauspicious results in all the 12 houses. Talk to Astrologer to know about the effect of planets in Cancer ascendant.

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