March Aries vs April Aries

March Aries vs April Aries

Many Aries of the zodiac feel like March Aries and April Aries can go head-to-head with each other. It makes sense that, even though we share Sun signs, the positions of other planets in our birth charts will vary depending on the time of year, day, and moment. But are there any astrologically supported differences between March Aries and April Aries? In short, yes, but it's more complicated than you might think.

March vs April Aries

Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, and rising signs of Aries can have wild differences. All Aries People share certain core qualities, but depending on other placements in their birth chart, they can change the way they present themselves, conduct relationships, show their emotions, and go after their goals. Yes, there can be big differences between them. Why do Aries's personality traits vary so widely? An important factor is the concept of decay, which are subdivisions within each sign of the zodiac that can change the way the sign's energy is expressed. Most March born Aries is first decan, Aries, while all Aries born in April are either second or third-decan Aries.

March Aries vs April Aries Personality

The ruling planet of Aries is max-powered Mars, but all April born Aries are either second or third decan, Aries—meaning they have secondary co-ruling planets affecting the radiation of their Aries energy. Because March Aries are completely ruled by Mars, they often come across as the most textbook Aries and embody the sign's strengths and weaknesses. Think impulsive, headstrong, and take charge.

Aries is known for being one of the most daring and brave signs of the zodiac, but April born Aries may be even more drawn to the wild side of life than March Aries. That's because about half of April Aries is co-ruled by the lucky planet Jupiter, which is all about saying yes to adventure and expanding our horizons. This free-spirited planetary influence emphasizes April Aries' thrill-seeking and risk-taking ways—so they're extra liable to gamble on something and err on the side of caution in the name of excitement.

March Aries Personality

March is the first decade of Aries, which means they are completely ruled by the ambitious planet Mars. An influence that magnifies the fiercely competitive streak. While all Aries love a good challenge and get excited by the thrill of winning, the March Aries is likely to be even more enthusiastic and determined to take the crown. Aries people will do anything to make sure they crush their competition, whether they are playing a board game or at a corporate chain.

April Aries Personality

April Aries is one of the fire signs, so their appearance is always bright and full of sparkle. But about half of April's Aries are second decan, Aries, meaning they have the Sun as their planetary co-ruler. This imbues them with an even deeper drive to succeed and an unwavering sense of self-confidence – even more so than their March-born counterparts. The Planet Sun is the center of our Surya Mandal, so these Aries can't help but strut their stuff and attract the spotlight wherever they go.


March Aries was practically born with a torch in their hand. March Aries has arguably been blessed with the greatest serving of action-oriented energy of Mars, these courageous energetic Aries are fearless when it comes to taking initiative. new things and venturing into uncharted territory. Aries born in April are Aries of the second or third decade, which means they are attention-seekers. These two planets sprinkle some extra fabulous and happy-go-lucky energy into Aries' already high-energy vibe, which can make some April Aries major partygoers. These fun-loving Aries are more likely to grow up, make a scene, and steal the show. Talk to astrology to know more about March Aries and April Aries.

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