Life Path Number 8: Different Aspects of Life

Life Path Number 8: Different Aspects of Life

Those who are born on 8, 17, or 26 of any month, their birth number is 8. Number 8 is ruled by the planet Saturn. In Indian culture, this number is also considered to give justice, in Chinese civilization this number is considered to be the luckiest number. People born in this number have good luck in shares and lotteries. People born in number 8 always follow their attitude as right. A person with number 8 does not believe much in listening to the views of others. They are very happy even with small successes in life. One can go to any extent to become rich. They do not wait for any success to be happy in life. By walking slowly like a tortoise, it one day succeeds in bringing itself to a higher place.


Life Path Number 8: Characteristics


The thoughts of number 8 are materialistic, they are constantly striving for higher levels in life. Always dissatisfied and suffer from married life, but still try to be happy. They are not able to express their views openly and are hardworking and honest by nature. People with radix number 8 have had leadership qualities since childhood. Your being serious, hardworking, and disciplined makes you a good and popular leader. You know how to manage and organize things very beautifully. You judge the nature of others very easily.


Life Path Number 8: Career


Police, Mayor, Contractor, Jail employee, Prophet, Brahmin, Musician, Engineer, Mistry, and Labor come under number 8. When it comes to the fate of 8 people after choosing a career, they want to choose a path that has dominance and power. In addition, they also have a business-oriented mind. People with Bhagyank number 8 like to be their own boss. Those with the number 8 are rarely seen in law, at the top level in management, and in business leadership. They want to work in their own comfort zone and are always after material things.


Life Path Number 8: Favorable zodiac signs and Numbers


Libra, Capricorn, and Aquarius zodiac signs and 2,5,8 are very auspicious for the people of the number 8.


Life Path Number 8: Lucky Gemstones


Amethyst and Neelam are best for 8 members. Wearing this gem gives good success in any field.


Life Path Number 8: Good Direction


According to Numerology, the west direction is more auspicious for those with 8 numbers. Doing business in this direction leads to growth.


Life Path Number 8: Good Day


Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday are especially auspicious for you. Unmistakable success is achieved in the work done on Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday.


Life Path Number 8: Good Date


Dates 08,17,26,05,14,23 are especially auspicious for you. Any auspicious work should be done on this day.


Life Path Number 8: Good Color


Black, blue, and green colors are especially auspicious for you. If you use this color on the wall of your house and clothes, then you can get a lot of success.


Life Path Number 8: Major Diseases


Cervical pain, blood infection, diseases related to bones, and diseases related to kidneys are more prone to 8 marks.


Life Path Number 8: Unlucky Months


March, May, and December are bad for people with 8 numbers. You should not do any auspicious work in March, May, and December month.


Only strong and ambitious people with Bhagya number 8 consider them to be perfect in their life. They are mostly attracted to those who are able to show their dominant side. People with Bhagya number 8 expect such support and love from their partner as they feel they deserve. They want a partner who is strong and confident and can challenge them without giving up. If you also want to know about 8 number people, then talk to astrology.

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