Libra Sun Virgo Rising

Libra Sun Virgo Rising

In astrology books, you will read about your charm, sociability, and sensuality, as well as your impracticality, indecision, and financial difficulties. Is it about you? No way! You know your capabilities and expect to be rewarded on merit. You appreciate beauty but prefer to use it as an investment of capital, thus finding expression in the artistic side of your nature and satisfying your passion for collecting. You have many of the assets to succeed, but you lack ambition, and you do not like heavy responsibilities, stress, and pressure. Meticulous and efficient, you like a job well done. Your sense of observation and analysis enables you to find the best solution to any situation. You have a real gift for persuasion. You are always in the right place, at the right time, to take advantage of opportunities and exchange ideas with people who can help you enrich your knowledge.

You get caught up in small things and it can turn out to be disastrous. You are a bit critical and pedantic but do not impose your demands on others. Still, you will not tolerate foolishness or carelessness. You have a calm, clear mind and a developed sense of justice. Relatives and neighbors do not like you. Your family members will not be particularly sympathetic towards each other, sharing many family secrets. Your father marries twice, otherwise, he will have illicit relations.

Libra Sun Virgo Rising Personality

According to Personalized Prediction, your personality will aspire to improve your life. You can't tolerate vulgarity, and you are naturally inclined to separate yourself from the primitive sides that everyone else carries within themselves. Furthermore, you insist on proving your abilities to yourself and the most concrete evidence of this will come in your professional life. Doubt never goes away, as your analytical mind constantly questions the value of what you do, leaving the door open for those who are more concerned than you.

Your emotional vulnerability, which stems from raw sensitivity, may lead you to seek too much security, which can harm the quality of relationships you aspire to. It's a question of finding the right balance. You are worried, you need to check everything several times to make sure you haven't forgotten anything. You always want to make sure that you have made the right decision, so your actions take time. However, you are most effective when you are relaxed.

Libra Sun Virgo Rising Woman

Women with Libra Rising in Virgo show themselves to be helpful, they help where they need help, but do not overwork themselves. They are generally prudent and are constantly afraid of losing their balance as far as reactions are concerned. However, in general, they are very good-natured; However, behind this often lies weak willpower.

The results of their actions depend on the location of the emotions. They are unstable and easily lost by surprise, especially if they are deprived of the luxuries they need; For his sake, they are ready to work and overcome moments of fear. With all this, they love more than they think; They have remarkable attraction towards others, including people of their own gender.

Libra Sun Virgo Rising Man

A man with Sun in Libra and Rising in Virgo is very kind to the people around him and takes care that his insecurities are not exposed. Although his initiative is somewhat embarrassing, cultivated etiquette allows you to overcome weak points. In life, justice must reign, and they look for good arguments for those around them.

Striving in their essence for relationships, they strive to connect in their behavior what needs to be connected. Emotion and thought balance each other; Whereas in external behavior the mind is kept at the forefront. The need for justice is great; They remember that what happens to others can happen to themselves; They show constant gratitude and caring friendship.

Libra Sun and Virgo Rising Compatibility

Love is very important for this person. However, they see love as a very pure and innocent thing. They need to experience a love that is very heroic and romantic. They are not the type to go to bed with strangers or have one-night stands.

Pisces rules their 7th house of love. Remember, Venus is exalted in Pisces. Libras only want unconditional love. All they give is unconditional love because that's all they know. Therefore, Pisces is a wonderful pair for them, where they will experience "other-worldly" love. Other great pairs are Leo, Libra, Virgo, Scorpio, and Cancer. For Virgo people, Sagittarius people are a little more independent and courageous, and Aries people are a little more fighters. Taurus and Capricorn people also make a good pair.


Libra Sun Virgo Rising Love

According to Love Marriage Prediction, your love life may be shrouded in mystery, but you are a loyal and devoted spouse to the person who is right for you. You are honest and disciplined, and although you dream a lot about an abstract ideal, in real life you choose a life partner that does not match this ideal. Disappointment in love is possible and you may marry twice or have an affair while hiding from your spouse. There will be many problems in married life, it is possible that there may be some secret related to your spouse, which may lead to divorce. Your family will be small, but it will be difficult for you to manage it. The marriage of children will not happen quickly or easily. If you are a woman, you should carefully monitor your health during your first pregnancy. Probably someone will hate you and this hatred will be related to some love story, due to which the child will have to suffer the consequences.

When it comes to love, you are hesitant, full of apprehensions, and find it difficult to sacrifice yourself and commit, which can make your love life unstable. You don't tend to be entrepreneurial, but when you're in love, you're laid-back, generous, and fun-loving. Your relationships are sensitive, deep, subtle, exquisite, and depend on circumstances and moods. You idealize unions and show yourself to be overly receptive, so it is hard for you to feel satisfaction with an agreement that is still incomplete in your heart. You need a reassuring partner.

Libra Sun Virgo Rising Health

According to Health Prediction, you're a vegetarian who is more likely to drink tomato juice with dry yeast than a glass of dry martini. You care about your health to such an extent that you may suffer from a nervous breakdown towards the end of your life. You are likely to suffer from colic, flatulence, indigestion, skin and blood diseases, and various types of allergies, the symptoms of which you should know by heart.

Libra Sun Virgo Rising Career

According to Career Prediction, you enjoy art, history, theater, and literature. You are also attracted by gardening and working on the land, you can equally easily master both theoretical and practical knowledge. You can be successful in the field of art and money will come to you abroad. You will become a good financier, collector, or businessman, although there is a risk of losing money playing on the stock exchange. You can often change the scope of activities and make many business trips. Probably, in old age, you will have two houses in different places.


You evaluate everyone and everything from a materialistic perspective. An unimaginative snob and a terrible careerist, you abandon your so-called friends only when they fail, fearing that their troubles may rub off on you too. You easily spend money and have fun, demonstrate your success, and show that you are no worse than others. You greatly exaggerate your victories without being embarrassed by the fact that people who know you well also know the true state of your affairs. What you really need is a good thought and a reevaluation of values. Perhaps then you will treat your loved ones better and sleep more soundly at night. If you want to know more about Libra Sun Virgo rising then talk to astrology.

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