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Libra Sun Taurus Rising

Libra Sun Taurus Rising

With your Libra Sun rising in Taurus, you love creating harmonious environments, and your social relationships are often pleasant, even if they are short-lived. You like to enjoy all the pleasures of life with the people around you and you have no problem making others feel comfortable. You have a talent for making beautiful things or decorating what already exists. Similarly, you need balance in your love life too, so it may take some time for you to settle down.

Libra Sun Taurus Rising Personality

According to Personalized Prediction, With the Libra Sun rising in Taurus, your planet Venus naturally leads you towards art, harmony, beauty, elegance, and sophistication. Depending on your upbringing, this is either all or nothing: you are likely to encounter obstacles, and the perception of sophistication may then turn into very crude taste or charm. However, you are eager to learn.

You need a harmonious, calm environment and human warmth to feel good about yourself. Conflict and stress affect your mood. It is important for you to develop your artistic qualities, because it is in the field of art, show business, or aesthetics that you will realize the greatest projects and achieve the greatest success.

Libra Sun Taurus Rising Woman

She is bubbly, very charming, and has a charming sense of humor. In his opinion, they don't put too much emphasis on it. It's enough for them to win from time to time, that's enough for them in the long run. Their sense of reality is not fully developed. It will be difficult for them to face life alone but their company will always be there.

Libra with Taurus Rising are spiritually sociable, they build relationships based on art and they look good in society. Their allure is irresistible: they promise more than they can deliver, but who will defy them?

Libra Sun Taurus Rising Man

The character of a man with a Sun in Libra and a Rising in Taurus creates a sweet effect. These people easily make friends and strive for society and relationships. They have genuine charm and bright diplomacy. Compromise may be an ideal goal for them, so they are largely oriented towards others, which to some extent limits their own inner life, which may also remain underdeveloped.

They want to bow before others so much that they are ready to neglect themselves. But, fortunately, they don't see the world as a river of milk with crocheted beaches, so they're careful not to stay in the Dose House for long. This would be terrible because they are used to living in contentment. They strive for beauty not only external but also internal.

Libra Sun and Taurus Rising Compatibility

Scorpio rules their 7th house of love, sex, and relationships, so sexual relationships are extremely important to them, and they may have many lovers before they settle down. Since Scorpio rules their love house, it is very important that they always practice safe sex, as they can be sensitive when, at the end of the day, it just isn't worth it. It is important to adopt measures to keep yourself safe during sex.

The problem is that having sex makes the person feel more worthy and valuable, and that is a major reason why they like to engage in it so much, and they need to be careful about that. They have to learn to value themselves from the inside out. Their best partners would be other Libra, Aries, Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio, Gemini, Pisces, Virgo, and Capricorn. Leo probably won't work out so well, as the Taurus and this sign don't get along so well, and the Sagittarius may be too independent for this Taurus Rising, which is a big deal in the world.


Libra Sun Taurus Rising Love

According to Love Marriage Prediction, this combination of zodiac signs ruled by Venus is distinguished by constancy and is guided by emotions rather than logic. A determined and autocratic person, even after getting what you want, you will never give up what you consider yours. Ill-wishers threaten to destroy your family's happiness. Your spouse likes a quiet life, and your first child, especially if it is a boy, will need better nutrition. After two years all your children will become strong. For you, they will become a source of satisfaction and support, and they will be successful in the field of education and art. Naturally, you will have small fights from time to time, but close contact and love will always be present in your relationship.

You are looking for balance and harmony. Even though you may give in to temptation, you aspire to settle down and build above all else. So, even if you run around sometimes, you always find the right person with whom to develop mutual feelings. When you have someone in mind, you need to take your time to feel confident. In a relationship, you are demonstrative, loving, reassuring, considerate, soft, and supportive, plus you know how to listen to your partner, and you are a giver of good advice.

You are a great seducer who leaves no one indifferent. With the Libra Sun rising in Taurus, you are a lover of sensations, you are epic, sensual, and delicious, always seeking pleasure and beauty. In love, you aspire to balance and stability, but you don't like to be alone, and you will probably have many contacts before you find your soulmate. In a relationship, you are romantic, sensitive, and demonstrative. You are very friendly and try your best to maintain harmony.

Libra Sun Taurus Rising Health

According to Health Prediction, in general, you are as healthy as a bull, and if you follow your diet, and do physical exercise, you will significantly increase your chances of a happy, healthy life. The spleen, kidneys, liver, and ovaries are vulnerable organs in women. You are also at risk of diabetes, throat, and tonsillitis.

Libra Sun Taurus Rising Career

According to Career Prediction, you may be very successful in the service or healthcare sector. You are interested in natural sciences, gardening, and gardening; You are hardworking and dedicated in your work. You will achieve some material prosperity and may expect losses as a result of litigation, unemployment, or a love affair. Still, you may be showered with gold unexpectedly, and you will benefit from someone's love for you. Your situation will be unstable in your youth, but later you will be able to improve your business. In this, you will be helped by successful acquaintances, dedication, and your leadership abilities.

With the Libra Sun rising in Taurus, you are methodical, organized, thoughtful and you know how to be very efficient in the execution of your daily tasks. Logical, rational, intuitive, and creative, you have a wide range of skills. You like to work in a calm and cordial environment, which avoids conflict and stress. You are an excellent colleague and your work is often greatly appreciated. You are very good at taking advantage of every opportunity to earn a living, you are good at awakening curiosity and you take advantage of it, but this also sometimes makes your finances unstable. Similarly, you manage your assets and investments with the power of your mind. Additionally, you are an amiable opportunist, very adept at taking advantage of opportunities.


Libra Sun Taurus Rising, you are a stubborn, intolerant, lazy fool! If you have taken the decision then no one can stop you. You deceive the object of your love to its complete submission, and if you suddenly realize that you have made a serious mistake, you hardly pay attention to it. You just don't accept that you can make mistakes. Therefore, you cling to your spouse to the last, forcing him and everyone else to fall into despair with your behavior. The truth is that you are very lazy. You'll sit in a chair, getting fat until your cheeks are visible from behind, waiting for changes, but you won't even lift a finger to finally bring them about. They are not particularly ambitious and prefer not to do anything at work. You avoid responsibility and don't like to attract attention, so your career remains on hold. If you want to know more about Libra Sun Taurus rising then talk to astrology.

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