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Libra Sun Sagittarius Rising

Libra Sun Sagittarius Rising

Libra Sun Sagittarius Rising, Everyone Likes You; You are friendly, open to all cultures and ideas, diplomatic and tolerant. You find it difficult to tolerate difficult situations and you somewhat systematically try to avoid challenges, which may hinder your progress. Your greatest satisfaction comes from sharing with others, whether it's celebrating, joining an NGO, or choosing collaborative work.

In this combination of zodiac signs, Libra's laziness is completely under control, and you have a special love for all kinds of outdoor activities, and you are also interested in sports and physical exercise. You love to travel, you adapt quickly to different ways of life, and have the ability to learn languages. You have many friends and acquaintances because people are attracted to your fighting spirit and friendliness. Your youth was not a very happy one, perhaps due to the failures you received from your parents. Perhaps there is some kind of secret sadness associated with one of them, perhaps your father or your spouse's father. This, in turn, will lead to the fact that you will experience some kind of restrictions. You have many brothers and sisters and they will worry about you.

Libra Sun Sagittarius Rising Personality

According to Personalized Prediction, With the Libra Sun rising in Sagittarius, you have a colorful personality, eager to be understood, heard, and accepted. Your main strength lies in your relational flexibility, which can help you bring together strong personalities around a common idea for collective projects. Going it alone doesn't motivate you, especially professionally. Generous, charitable, and easy-going, you are always ready to share and help others. The collective interest of a group is often more important to you than your personal motivations.

Your life will be deeply influenced by your relationships, which will inspire you to change your surroundings. You are motivated to change it throughout your life, whether by personal desire or by external circumstances. Your life experiences lead you to develop compassion, expand your understanding to grow in accordance with your concepts, and develop a very useful philosophy.

Libra Sun Sagittarius Rising Woman

They themselves do not easily get closer, given the distance, because they attach great importance to the choice of a real partner, they are wonderful matchmakers who know how to arrange good marriages for others, but they themselves marry unhappily or Don't do this. Everyone else is suffering from this.

If they find someone for themselves, they want her to lead, because the partner is so full of ideals that even his embodiment cannot be trusted. Their interests may be innovative, which may also include the field of fashion. He likes carefree beauty.

Libra Sun Sagittarius Rising Man

The character of a man with Sun in Libra and Rising in Sagittarius creates a calming effect on the people around him. He is charming, though somewhat cocky; I like this combination very much. Behind them, they walk with their tails up and are always ready to attack, they are constantly surrounded by executioners, and they want to join them, and as a rule, this character has the means to protect himself from them. It is adequate. Don't have the strength. However, he was pleased with his ambition and such retainers.

But it cheats them and doesn't put enough pressure on them to work. Libra with Rising in Sagittarius are not going to lock themselves in a closet, loneliness is not for them, they look dazzling, although they behave with a well-known coldness compensated by educated, exemplary politeness. New friends and new acquaintances are constantly found in his circle.

Libra Sun and Sagittarius Rising Compatibility

This is a lucky combination, in fact, it is the luckiest love combination of all so these people will always be in a relationship. They attract others easily. However, their best match is with other Air and Fire signs. Therefore, their best pairing is Libra, Aquarius, Gemini, Sagittarius, Leo and Aries. Virgo and Scorpio people are very good friends and some Capricorn people are also very good friends. Aries rules their seventh house of health, so they are naturally very attracted to this zodiac sign and Aries is truly the ideal partner for them!

Virgo rising is not a good match here because Virgo rising is all about the details of life and Sagittarius rising is all about the bigger picture of life. Their general approach is very different. Taurus, although also ruled by Venus, is overly domestic and not a good fit for the independent and adventurous Sagittarius. The same thing applies to people with the Cancer zodiac sign. There will be a lot of similarities with Pisces and a great friendship and love relationship but Pisces brings a lot of drama (in a good way), sensitivity, and emotion to this combination.


Libra Sun Sagittarius Rising Love

According to Love Marriage Prediction, you change your attachments rapidly and in every city you visit, you have a girlfriend. You are a carefree lover, and to maintain a long-term relationship, you need a man who shares your interests. If you find such a person, the chances of your relationship lasting for a long time increase significantly. You usually have many passionate love affairs, which, however, are always controlled by your mind. Probably, you will marry twice or more, and one of the spouses will have a major impact on your life situation. You will not have many children and there will be no special love and affection between you. It is also possible that when one of your children becomes an adult, you will no longer have a relationship with them. Critics may interfere with your family life, so you need to be careful.

Your need for independence and change may complicate your love life, and you may struggle with commitment. An unconventional union will probably be better for you. You can show loyalty in love, even if you aren't always physically present, but you shouldn't feel tied down. With Libra Sun Sagittarius rising, you are also idealistic and romantic, thus, even though you want to keep yourself stable, your emotional path remains complicated. In a relationship, you are attentive and demonstrative. Listen to your spouse and give good advice. You know how to express your vitality and good mood. Dear, you have no shortage of ideas to liven up your relationship and avoid boredom. Your real fear is loneliness for two people, and you do everything to prevent that from happening.

Libra Sun Sagittarius Rising Health

According to Health Prediction, you lead an active lifestyle and are generally in good shape. You rarely rest and are always in a hurry. You are likely to suffer some degree of injury, so you may have to slow down the pace of your life at times. Sensitive areas for you are the ears, throat, and bronchi. You suffer from varicose veins, swollen legs, and, perhaps, even arthritis. But overall your health is good, and if you follow common sense, you will live a very long life.

Libra Sun Sagittarius Rising Career

According to Career Prediction, you are good at working in a team and will definitely succeed with individual efforts. You may get an inheritance. Your interest in sports may provide them with a source of income. You will face many obstacles in your youth, but you will be lucky in later years. You may have a long and fruitful career, and possibly have two professions.

You are very fond of money, an efficient saver, and detail-oriented, potentially making an excellent accountant! You carefully manage your assets and constantly calculate the risks you take. This restrictive attitude sometimes traps you in the safety of mediocrity. You are an emotional person so boredom and inactivity are your enemies. They know how to surprise you with your efficiency and your speed. When you get involved in a project or professional adventure, you put all your energy into it. You don't like to depend on anyone and have some trouble bowing to hierarchy. Your sense of teamwork is well-developed, and you enjoy working in a dynamic professional context.


Your struggle for freedom is absolutely ridiculous. You consider the fulfillment of your daily duties, for which you get paid fairly, an ordeal and you prefer to sit and dream. Forcing yourself to do something for you is unbearable, as well as accepting that the needs and desires of others are as important to them as yours are to you. You consider yourself to be an excellent personality and therefore allow yourself to follow your momentary mood at any time. It's no surprise that your relationships with people leave much to be desired. If you don't want to spend the rest of your life alone, you need to understand that other people have feelings too. If you want to know more about Libra Sun Sagittarius rising then talk to astrology.

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