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Libra Sun Pisces Rising

Libra Sun Pisces Rising

Libra Sun rising in Pisces, your long-term indecision prevents you from doing even small tasks. Whether you get up from bed in the morning or not, it is difficult for you to solve everyday problems. You hesitate in taking even the smallest decisions, endure difficulties, and work hard, and it is quite possible that you will not be able to move very far on the ladder of success, as it requires taking a lot of decisions. But it doesn't matter to you, because you are hardly ambitious. Furthermore, you don't have the energy reserves needed for this. Sentimentalism and romanticism ultimately defeat you, you live on an unknown basis and, like a vampire, feed on the energy of others. You are hardly a nightmare to others, you are just a whiny, weak-willed, temperamental type, but rather harmless.

A person with Libra Sun Pisces Rising appears to be a very sensitive Libra person. Their face is often long with a pointed chin. They have large eyes and are generally quite attractive and have a very sweet look. They usually wear various shades of blue as well as pastels and pinks. They smile a lot and are quite friendly and outgoing. They work well as a writer, and publishing comes naturally to them, so they can easily become book and magazine editors. They can be wonderful spiritual leaders and guides as well as philosophers. Their cheerful nature and eager-to-please attitude also make them great customer support and service employees.

Libra Sun Pisces Rising Personality

According to Personalized Prediction, you are very indecisive, but still able to find someone who will make your heart skip a beat. You are more affectionate, gentle, changeable, and artistic in nature than other people. You will get success with the opposite sex and in any society. Some people think that you are an overly sophisticated person and therefore easily vulnerable. They patronize you and you are usually grateful for it. You are emotional, sensitive, and easily influenced by the experiences of others. When people are in need, you are the first to come forward to help them. You love animals, children, and nature.

Although you sometimes need privacy, you are not a hermit and love communication, at the deepest level. You have a rich imagination and are probably a creative person. You love to enjoy all the benefits of life and know how to keep yourself happy. However, your nobility does not allow you to take the joys of life to the detriment of other people. Parents did not contribute much to your well-being, and you may very quickly stop interacting with one of them. Your mother may marry more than once.

Libra Sun Pisces Rising Woman

They see life as a happy intermediate stage in their existence because they somehow believe in reincarnation or believe that they are already alive. It is a wonderful companion that adorns life, but it is not the conqueror of life, it needs other forces and for this, it lacks the iron core.

They are experts in compliance and compatibility with others. Without finding an echo, they may as well disappear; They remain immersed in dreams and can also consume drugs that are capable of taking them to the other world. The deeper they sink, the more they need a friend or partner, and they have a unique gift for grounding friendships. They give the impression of fruitfulness and creativity.

Libra Sun Pisces Rising Man

A man with Sun in Libra and rising in Pisces has the gift of being unique in his or her character, with others, and with people. He is called a love artist. They can truly appear to be magicians, they can skillfully captivate another, and they have a subtle instinct of originality, which can attract and captivate everyone.

Their feelings are always clear, they intuitively always feel where they deserve another's love and weaknesses, and they follow through. Libras with Pisces rising is also very talented artistically. Everything is implemented strategically. Only rudeness or harshness makes them insecure, and that's when they back off.

Libra Sun and Pisces Rising Compatibility

As mentioned earlier, this combination makes Libra the most loving of all. They need lots of hugs and affection as well as emotional connection. This is why Cancer and other Pisces as well as Scorpio people make a very good pair.

Along with Virgo, people with Taurus and Capricorn also make a good pair. Aries can be good friends, but Sagittarius is a little too adventurous and independent for this Libra. Aquarius people make good friends, but when it comes to love they are very emotionally detached, unless their Venus is in Pisces. Gemini people also make good friends.


Libra Sun Pisces Rising Love

According to Love Marriage Prediction, In love, you are mysterious and sensual. You agree with others out of courtesy but later change your mind. You are passionately passionate, but often you change the objects of your affection and you may completely marry twice. You will experience very difficult times in marital life, especially when your relatives from your spouse's side will face a lot of trouble. Still, you can expect your spouse to leave an inheritance for you. You may have many children and they will be successful in life. They can travel a lot and a lot of changes await them.

With the Libra Sun rising in Pisces, you believe in Prince Charming and you are ready to search for your soulmate for the rest of your life. Your need to be reassured and consoled pushes you to bet on the long term and build a family. In a relationship, you know how to be considerate and affectionate, but, you live through your partner, and sometimes you lose your individuality. Also, your need for security sometimes makes you possessive.

Libra Sun Pisces Rising Health

According to Health Prediction, you may not be healthy during adolescence, but you can correct it with diet, vitamins, and exercise. Try to consume more protein-rich foods that can give you the energy you need to succeed in this world. Excessive consumption of alcohol will create a feeling of apathy and despair in you. You are at risk of diseases affecting the feet, ankles, and eyes. Caution should also be taken with hot and sharp objects. Women may have irregular kidneys and irregular menstruation. You should carefully monitor your health, remember this.

Libra Sun Pisces Rising Career

According to Career Prediction, you are endowed with many talents and thanks to your qualities you will be successful in life, mainly in literature, science, or art. Your restlessness and creative nature keep you constantly searching for new ideas. Prosperity will come through your efforts, travel, writing, and help from relatives. Presumably, you will have two professions. Influential friends will help you get a higher position in the society. This combination of zodiac signs usually brings a lot of wealth to the person.

There is a lack of rigor and perseverance in your work, so even though you appear serious and conscientious towards your duties, you find it difficult to concentrate on your tasks. You get bored easily and need to add variety to your projects and tasks. Likewise, you do not like responsibilities, and you prefer quiet situations, however, you are attached to your independence and your freedom.


Pisces and Libra, two dreamers, do not always keep their feet on the ground because they are always looking for the ideal. A romantic and an idealist, you take life as it comes without asking too many questions. Trust your conscience and you will definitely make the right decision. People of Pisces love to please. Charming and thoughtful, you are aware of your skills of seduction. Your image is very important to you, even going to great lengths to attract attention. If you want to know more about Libra Sun Pisces rising then talk to astrology.

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