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Libra Sun Leo Rising

Libra Sun Leo Rising

Love is very important to the Leo rising sun. You are a naturally warm, fun-loving person who enjoys spending time with friends and family. When you face doubts about love and your relationships, the Leo Rising encourages you to make the right decisions for yourself. Marriage plays an important factor in Libra Sun Leo rising. Extraordinary adventures await this pair of personalities.

Libra Sun Leo Rising Personality

According to Personalized Prediction, you are a charming person: kind, and charming, have a sense of humor, and know how to enjoy life. People want your company, they respect your opinion and listen to your ideas. Your kindness and energy inspire confidence in others, both at home and at work. However, you don't take life too seriously. You face problems that come your way and do not let them overwhelm you, because you are energetic and enjoy struggle and overcoming obstacles.

You are a bit lazy and not very interested in sports or activities that require physical effort. You like to live life slowly. You are smart and agile, you have many interests and you love communication. Probably, you will have many friends in different sections of the society. You are a wonderful, hospitable host. You love everything bright and beautiful, and although you get angry easily, you are also quick-tempered and calm. You like to take revenge for insults openly. Father plays a huge role in your life, he can be the cause of difficulties coming your way.

Libra Sun Leo Rising Woman

In the Libra Sun Leo rising women may meet people who act like friends, but they are not. New relationships are being established in society and they should always be at key points. These are the operators and organizers of the Congress – who are standing in front. Spiritually and mentally active, and interested in culture, they can represent cultural institutions perfectly; They also know how to identify talents. They advocate for social justice, especially when they need to get ahead. Libra with the Rising in Leo does not strive for support from above: every blacksmith makes his own destiny. Her house is always open for guests. Cars are bought for what they'll look like in them: they're constantly waiting for people to sit in them.

Libra Sun Leo Rising Man

A man with the Sun in Libra and rising in Leo builds relationships generously. These are diplomats of the highest level who go on trips only when everything is well prepared and organized and all that remains is to sign. With this they quickly win hearts and attract others towards themselves; They also have a lot of sexual power.

In partnership, they are honest, because communication is important. They themselves demand not only unconditional loyalty but also worship, which brings them happiness. In the relationship, they are leading, at least outwardly; The partner should not allow his weaknesses to be exposed to others. He has friends, he has many relationships, this is the nectar of his life.

Libra Sun and Leo Rising Compatibility

All Libra people love to be loved. They rule the 7th house of love and relationships, and, for them, a life lived without love is not a good life at all. Therefore, they will keep dating people continuously until they feel that they have found a settling-down partner who is good enough for them and meets all their standards. As a Leo, Aquarius rules their 7th house of love, and naturally, Aquarius intrigues and excites them with their eccentric and quirky nature. They also like the fact that Aquarius people usually have a lot of friends and are very good with people.

Pisces people are not the best fit for this zodiac sign, as their personality does not match well enough for these Libra people. You can have good friendships with Scorpios, although they may have to struggle for power. Cancers may not be the best partners, as they are extremely needy, and both Libra and Leo enjoy their independence too much. Also, with Aquarius ruling the seventh house, these Libras can be very emotionally aloof when it comes to love, and Cancers can't handle it! There may be similarities with Venus-ruled Taurus people, who also love money, but Leo rising could cause head-butts along the way. Virgos are best friends and this pairing can get along well as long as there is a lot of respect between each other.


Libra Sun Leo Rising Love

According to Love Marriage Prediction, you really love feeling loved and upset when your plans fail. You will endure a situation that, in your opinion, is far from ideal, but do not accept defeat. You like passionate relationships and intrigues and usually seek them out or you add a certain proportion of drama to the relationship itself, realizing your tendency towards dramatic effects. You can totally marry twice and have children from both marriages. The elder child will feel the need for special protection during childhood. You may also have twins, especially if you are married to an Aquarius. When children grow up, differences between them will begin to appear.

Your love life often looks like a movie, and it's not rare to see you marry and divorce multiple times (sometimes even with the same partner). Whatever the case, love and life together are strong values that guide your steps after work. As a couple, you are passionate, playful, demonstrative, distinctive, warm, and bright. You are talented at taking your relationship out of the daily routine, you know how to bring dreams and surprises. Thus, there is little chance that your partner will get bored with you.

Libra Sun Leo Rising Health

According to Health Prediction, you have to learn to relax. You will never slow down the pace of life, but make sure that your holidays are regular. In general, you are healthy and are afraid of getting sick, because the state of helplessness does not allow you to move from one place to another, and you value this opportunity very much. Sensitive areas are the heart and back. You may suffer from arthritis and bone and blood diseases. There will probably be times in your life when you will be deprived of adequate food and rest. You are especially vulnerable to illness at this time.

Libra Sun Leo Rising Career

According to Career Prediction, you are blessed with many talents, especially in the fields of fine arts and public service. Your political talent is developed and you like theatre. Whatever you do, try to do your work well, so that luck does not delay in favoring you. You will travel a lot in connection with business and these travels will bring prosperity for you. Your business will be profitable and respectable and people with high reputations in society will be happy to help you as much as possible. You may be especially successful in buying and selling luxury goods, transportation, communications, and media.

With the Libra Sun rising in Leo, you are energetic, enterprising, lively, and efficient, which means you have a great capacity for work and responsibilities don't scare you. You like risk and taking initiative. Their sense of teamwork is highly developed, and they love to be the driving force of your work group. You have a good sense of synthesis and a good understanding of things, plus you like to do things well, and you are demanding, even authoritarian. You don't do anything by chance, your actions, your choices, and your decisions are thoughtful and carefully considered.


You are capable of being a scoundrel, unreadable in equipment. You lie a lot because you can convince yourself that everything that happened is good for you. This quality, coupled with the desire to get what you want at all costs, no matter what the consequences for others, suggests that people around you will soon regret that they were among your acquaintances. It is not surprising that you are capable of loving relationships based on selfishness, including marriage of convenience. When people get to know you better, they start to understand that you are just a shiny object, that too without any concept of morality. You cannot understand in any way that when you cause suffering to your loved ones, over time it will inevitably turn against you. If you want to know more about Libra Sun Leo rising then talk to astrology.

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