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Libra Sun Cancer Rising

Libra Sun Cancer Rising

About Libra, you can rarely say that they like domestic life, but in your case it really is. You value family very much, and although you love communication, you feel truly happy only at home. You spend a lot of time, money, and patience on what should happen around you. Everything around you should be beautiful, bright, and above all comfortable. You demonstrate your feelings, not because of love for a dramatic display, but because of their great depth. So, in reality, your feelings are not as great as you would like to present them in the eyes of others.

You have a good appetite, you love high-calorie food, good wine, and sweets, and your addictions can significantly complicate your path to a healthy diet. You are changeable, temperamental, quick-witted, independent, and endowed with various abilities. In general, you are cautious and prudent, but suddenly you can show inconsistency and get caught up in fun and eccentric erotic adventures. You get angry easily, which however ends just as quickly. You are waiting for separation from your brother or sister and troubles from relatives with whom you will have disagreements. Possibly, you will develop a close relationship with another family, and your parents may become a source of disappointment to you.

Libra Sun Cancer Rising Personality

According to Personalized Prediction, Libra Sun Cancer Rising creates a mix of charming and romantic personalities. You are great to be with and you have no problem making new friends and meeting people. Love and relationships are important to you and fill your heart with joy and pride. When you fall in love, doubts can start to arise, and they always make you wonder if you're doing the right thing. You need to believe in yourself and have confidence in your decision-making skills. Only once you succeed in doing these things will you find true happiness. Communication is the key to your relationships' success.

Libra Sun Cancer Rising Woman

In the hands of others, they come alive! They need hugs and affection; They wither in loneliness. They need to maintain communication all the time, if the partner is gone they should write to or call her every day. Their ideas about comfort change rapidly, and it is not easy to live with them in this regard, but in reality, they are honest and grateful. They do not follow most advice for fear that it may be a trap.

It is better not to touch their obvious weaknesses, otherwise, they will completely disappear by themselves; And that's a pity, because loving others, growing with them, and making strangers your own is what makes the world worth loving. This character should also think about old age from an early age.

Libra Sun Cancer Rising Man

The character of a man with Sun in Libra and rising in Cancer is sensitive to all relationships, every unity. They are constantly on the lookout for such opportunities in their surroundings, listening to neighbors to find contacts. This makes them a little insecure; Due to fear of disappointment, they do not allow relationships to become stronger and remain engaged in superficiality.

But on the way, they are very sensitive and friendly. In society, they want to shine, devoting themselves especially to performances of an artistic nature. Libras with Cancer ascendants have a keen sense of literature and unusual psychological talents; However, the latter can easily turn so that they themselves need a psychologist.

Libra Sun and Cancer Rising Compatibility

When it comes to love things can be difficult for this person, especially when it comes to the bedroom. This Libra wouldn't want things to get too hot and heavy right away, no matter how passionate they are for the other person.

Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Pisces, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer and Leo. Their Cancerians won't really get along well with the overly independent Aries, or the very adventurous Sagittarius. Aquarius people will find these Libra people too clingy. Capricorns rule their 7th house of love, relationships, and marriage, so Capricorns can make things work provided there are positive aspects to both partners with other planets, especially Venus, Mars, and Saturn. There may be attraction with Capricorn people, but there will also be a lot of differences.


Libra Sun Cancer Rising Love

According to Love Marriage Prediction, you hold tightly to what you love, whether it's things or people. Often you mistake one for the other. They are sensual and passionate and have a good knowledge of the art of love. Needless to say, you are happy, married, and very much desire to build a comfortable nest and raise children. You should choose a life partner who loves domestic life and also gives you security and understands what you need. But, still, something inside pushes you to constantly change the landscape and look for new love. In married life, you should be very careful in your behavior, otherwise, you will not be able to avoid problems. Your spouse may leave you an inheritance, but you will receive it only after many judicial delays and difficulties. Children will give you trouble, although older ones will be successful in medicine, chemistry, or military matters. Children will undoubtedly become your best support in later years.

You seek comfort and well-being above all else, thus, establishing yourself, developing a serious relationship, and creating a family is vital to your fulfillment. You are a romantic, and a dreamer, and give great importance to life with your partner. In a couple, you are soft, attentive, affectionate, reassuring, warm, and loving. The fear of abandonment or betrayal makes you possessive or oppressive at times. In addition, you take a great interest in your partner's actions and you know how to listen to him.

Libra Sun Cancer Rising Health

According to Health Prediction, Depression, anxiety, and gastrointestinal upset can have devastating consequences for your health. Overeating and alcohol consumption can destroy your health and make you depressed. First of all, you are your biggest enemy. Other vulnerable areas of the body are the chest and abdomen. There is also a tendency towards arthritis and sciatica. Be careful of injuries caused by falls or animal bites when you are abroad.

Libra Sun Cancer Rising Career

According to Career Prediction, you may be successful in matters related to property sales, family enterprises, and finance. You pick up on other people's ideas easily and are good at compiling old material and presenting it as something new. You know how to negotiate, you can become an active participant in social movements, strive for wealth and good position. On this path, you are disappointed by relatives, speculations, children, and love stories. The latter half of life will be more peaceful and prosperous. Success may come to you as a reward for your dedication and enterprise, so try to be as independent as possible.

To fully develop in your activity, you must feel safe. Therefore, you will often want to work within a tight-knit and dynamic team. Libra Sun is rising in Cancer, you are opportunistic, you move according to your intuition and what it will offer you, thus, you benefit from a good nature that helps you in your activity. Although disorganized, you are a good colleague, and your skills are appreciated. Furthermore, you respect the system and maintain good relations with your superiors.


As a child, you undoubtedly clung to your parents for a long time, when the independence of all your other peers had already been tested. When you became a parent yourself, you were so picky about your children that they tried to leave your house as soon as possible. You will make every effort to attract everyone's attention, especially your loved ones. You pretend that you have money problems and you continue the emotional blackmail. You spend most of your life dependent on others. Loved ones fall into exhaustion, and you don't understand why. Maybe because you don't want to understand. Your appetite is voracious and you can literally get into debt. It is very difficult for you to deprive yourself of anything. If you want to know more about Libra Sun Cancer rising then talk to astrology.

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