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Libra Nakshatras: Tula Rashi Nakshatras

Libra Nakshatras: Tula Rashi Nakshatras

According to Vedic astrology, the lord of Libra is the planet, Venus. In astrology, Venus is considered to be the factor of wealth and Lakshmi. This is the seventh zodiac sign in the zodiac. The nature of the Libra zodiac is to help people. They raise their voice on wrong things whether someone is with them or not.

Thulam Rasi Natchathiram 

The people of the Libra zodiac are peace-loving, but when someone does wrong to them, then their anger unites both the earth and the sky. They have less tolerance capacity due to which they are not able to get things out of their mind quickly. Although they are attractive, they do not fall into anyone's trap quickly, if they come then they do not take the name of going away.

Sometimes they tend to be hasty in their actions as well, due to which you have to face situations of loss. They also feel difficulty in making their decisions. They are more empathetic than other zodiac signs. They always try to do better and better but sometimes they have to be disappointed. When given a chance, they do not leave their share.


Libra Star Constellations 


There are Chitra Nakshatra has two phases, Swati Nakshatra has four phases and Visakha Nakshatra has three phases.


Tula Rashi Chitra Nakshatra 


Libra Chitra Nakshatra Pada 3


This phase makes the native an enjoyer of wealth so that he is able to earn money in his life.


Libra Chitra Nakshatra Pada 4 


This phase is best for the native because this phase makes the native Dhaneshwar. Which can also make the person a landlord.


Tula Rashi Swati Nakshatra 


Libra Swati Nakshatra Pada 1


This phase makes the native moneyless due to which the native is unable to fulfill his needs in life.


Libra Swati Nakshatra Pada 2


This phase makes the native deficient in physical organs or dumb. Due to this, the person does not have a good attraction in society.


Libra Swati Nakshatra Pada 3


The third phase makes the person hardworking, which is also very important for the person.


Libra Swati Nakshatra Pada 4


This phase is supposed to keep the person close to women, due to which his attraction is more for women.


Tula Rashi Vishakha Nakshatra 


Libra Vishakha Nakshatra Pada 1


The person born in this phase is stubborn towards his welfare work because he does not leave his work incomplete.


Libra Vishakha Nakshatra Pada 2


This phase makes the native full of positive thoughts and qualities. Due to this, he is said to be the best in society.


Libra Vishakha Nakshatra Pada 3


The person born in this phase is full of wealth, which makes him enjoy happiness in his life.


In Tula Rashi, there are two phases of Chitra Nakshatra, four phases of Swati Nakshatra, and three phases of Visakha Nakshatra. If you want more information about the effect of Nakshatra in Libra, then take an astrology phone consultation. Astrology can provide you with information about the constellation in Libra.

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