Know about the Libra Biggest Fear

Know about the Libra Biggest Fear

Libra is the seventh zodiac sign in the zodiac. This zodiac is ruled by the planet Venus, among the five elements is the air element. The jurisdiction of the Libra zodiac in the body of Kaal Purush extends from the navel to the settlement. There are three lords of this zodiac whose lord is Venus, Saturn, and Mercury respectively, in which Venus is a symbol of love, beauty, decency, simplicity, tenderness, and kindness, and Saturn is a symbol of justice, hard work, belligerence, serious analysis, and inner pain. The planet Mercury is a symbol of intelligence, knowledge, and success. Being the lord of these three planets proves to be very auspicious for the native.

The sign of Libra is the scale that is used to measure the physical weight between two objects. In the judiciary too, this symbol has been given to the hands of the goddess of justice, which is depicted as maintaining a balance between justice and injustice. Just as the scales are known to give accurate information about the weight of any object, similarly a Libra man is also known to judge and support the right. The effect of their zodiac always falls on them and they are always in favor of doing justice and against injustice. When it comes to justice in life, these people stay away from discrimination like themselves and other people.

The presence of Saturn gives them the power of subtle analysis. Be it the thief of someone's mind or the goodness inside someone, they inhale the steam as soon as they blink. Such is the grace of God on them that they can feel the thoughts and feelings of the other person in a moment. The easiest way to win their hearts is to speak the truth to them. The more direct and true you talk to them, the closer you will come to them and the more you pretend and tell lies, the more you will get away from them. If you are trying to win their trust or take advantage of them by lying or strategizing, then be careful, you are in great danger.

Among the five elements, their main element is air, which is always independent, in the same way, these people also like to be independent and also fight for the freedom of others. Due to being ruled by the planet Venus, there is a special interest in art in them. These people are the true lovers of this creation of God, who want to keep it beautiful and happy forever. These people are the biggest advocates of finding the beautiful side in everything.

The person born in the Libra sign is nothing less than a boon to friends and family. Their presence is known to give peace and joy everywhere, so they are also liked everywhere. Know what is right and what is wrong for which person in the family and also act accordingly. Be it family, friends, or a large part of society, they know very well how to maintain harmony among all. Just as the scales mediate between two parties, similarly these people are often seen mediating between two parties.

Call it their good or lack, these people want to see everyone together. They do not want to see any relationship falling apart and for this reason, they have to listen to a lot of good and bad at times. They often want to do something good for all the people but they are mostly misunderstood. People with this seriously thoughtful zodiac already know that fighting, quarreling, and negative thinking spoils everything which is not right, so often think of getting reconciliation between two sides but as a result, they have to face a lot of humiliation and defamation.

It is also often accused that they speak a lot of lies, but often they avoid speaking those things which may lead to conflict between any two parties and create an atmosphere of unrest. Most of them get the title of being a liar in order to save the shame of others. Overall good thinking, and a good mind but still it is their fate to listen to evil throughout life, but still it does not change and they should not be changed because one day your goodness will definitely be appreciated.

These people constantly try to consider them all good and understand their exact state of mind. They never want to harm anyone or have bad thoughts for anyone, but still, they are accused of being selfish. The biggest quality of their birth sign Libra is not to discriminate and always stay away from favoritism, while it causes the biggest fear of their mind. Their mind is always engaged in this churning that there should not be any wrong decision from them so that they are not accused of discrimination or favoritism and people do not try to prove the decision taken by them wrong. Because this social zodiac wants to live in the midst of everyone and wants to live lovingly with everyone, it never wants to be accused of discrimination or favoritism.


Tips to get rid of fear for Libra 


Whether you are good or bad, you are absolutely right in the eyes of God, so you should not worry about those who are wrong. In the case of any dispute, there are always two sides one is right and one is wrong and your work is to support the right, do not think too much about it.


If you are a Libra zodiac sign and you want to get rid of your fear, then by talking to astrologers, you can take the right guidance and get rid of it.

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