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Know About Libra Baby Personality Traits

Know About Libra Baby Personality Traits

Hello Parents!! If you have a Libra child, you are lucky as it is very easy to raise Libra babies. Their birth dates fall between 23rd September and 22nd October. They are peacemakers with a loveable temperament. But still, you need to know a lot about Libra babies to help yourself understand them better.


Following are the most common traits of Libra babies as per baby astrological predictions that might help you.

1. Libra babies are social in the true sense


Libra babies are exceptionally social and get can long almost everyone they know. They tend to become the life of a party or a gathering. They have this knack for breaking the silences in any group with their right communication abilities. Being social is their natural instinct, which makes it easier for them to make friends. Some of them become their friends for life.

2. Libra babies have an extremely balanced temperament


Balance in everything seems to be a god gift to Libra babies. Be in emotions or different verticals of life, Libra babies know how to strike a balance in everything. They balance every aspect of their life. They balance every emotion of their life. They are neither too happy with their successes nor too saddened by their failures.

3. Libra babies are peace lovers


Libra babies prefer peace over everything else. They always try and solve matters of conflict in peace and harmonious manner. They even ignore petty things that may upset them, just to keep peace in any relationship. They hardly raise their voices and are usually calm in any situation.

4. Libra babies get detached in uncomfortable situations


Since Libra babies are extreme peace lovers, situations that are beyond their control, make them uncomfortable. Libra babies tend to get themselves detached from such occurrences and prefer to watch from a distance. They do not get involved in such matters.

5. Libra babies are very polite


Libra babies always try to please everyone around. They will prefer to stay silent on matters they don’t agree on, just so that they don’t sound impolite in front of anyone. People might take disadvantage of such sweet behavior of Libra babies. And they need to take care of this.

6. Libra babies are generous to the core


Libra babies do not mind giving away even their last bite to anyone needing it. They are generous enough to be left with nothing. Be it toys, money, or food – they can give away everything they have without even regretting it. Bringing smiles to others’ faces gives them immense satisfaction.


7. Libra babies are music lovers


Libra babies are music lovers. Being a peace lover, it is more than obvious that music, which soothes your mind, will be the favorite of Libra babies. They love not only listening to music, they even have the knack of learning instruments real quick.

8. Libra babies can sometimes be indecisive


Libra babies have this habit of evaluating both aspects of any situation. Both angles usually have their own pros and cons, which makes it difficult for a Libran to make a decision. While choosing one side, they are giving up the positive aspect of the other side. This confusion makes them indecisive.

9. Libra babies find it tough to manage time


Libra babies give priority to socializing, pleasing everyone, and avoiding conflicts. In this process, they tend to miss out on managing time factors. Libra babies need to work on this.

10. Libra babies are great at communication abilities


Being social makes Librans good conversationalists. They love to converse and have extremely good communication abilities.



These characteristics of Libra babies will help you all to understand them better and prepare you all to deal with these peculiarities. If you find these traits helpful in your parenting, please tell us in the comments section. Also please share your experiences related to these traits. If you need more assistance and a closer understanding of your Libra baby, please feel free to take our online astrology consultation services.

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