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Leo Sun Taurus Rising

Leo Sun Taurus Rising

With the Leo Sun rising in Taurus, you have a determined, stubborn nature and are naturally inclined to relentlessly pursue your goals. But not without fuss! Actually, you are not one to be indecisive. Your nature propels you forward towards the projects you have set for yourself, and you do not give up. You don't pay much attention to outside opinions, and you avoid giving advice, even when it is given in your best interests.

Enthusiastic, warm, and happy-go-lucky, you love to enjoy life. Firm in your opinions and feelings, you never doubt yourself. No one has the power to influence your decisions and, if you are wrong, it is very difficult for you to admit that you were wrong. But your steady, solid nature makes you a reassuringly magnetic person.

You have a strong will and you rarely change your opinion, because you are very stubborn and do not accept change easily. Only in a familiar environment do you feel safe, but your determination helps you successfully overcome all the difficulties on the way to success. They probably have very good parents, especially your father. Usually, it is a person holding a responsible position. There may be sorrow from brothers and sisters. Your life should be calm and peaceful, problems may arise due to your reluctance to accept change.

Leo Sun Taurus Rising Personality

According to Personalized Prediction, Love will inevitably be the keyword for this blissful combination between Taurus and Leo. Your emotions are put on a pedestal, with the ultimate goal being to strengthen the foundation of your relationship or to find love when you need it. Passionate but still a little romantically timid, your Taurus Rising in Leo Sun gives you the gift of knowing the secrets of making your partner feel valued with the exact right words.

With the Leo Sun rising in Taurus, you have a personality that some people describe as a little overwhelming, eccentrically proud, and stubborn. You have great determination, which is useful in achieving your long-term goals, but you often have difficulty getting along with others. You are also very sensitive to appearances, which can lead to disappointment or destructive obsessions.

Leo Sun Taurus Rising Woman

The Leo Sun Taurus Rising woman gains sympathy very quickly, without others realizing that they are finally in on a chance. They know how to get others to work for them, for their glory and distinction. From this type of people, honorary citizens, honorary members of various societies, etc. are obtained. They talk a lot about public interests, but one should not believe them completely: they have a very healthy ego.

Leo women with Taurus Rising know almost everything, they are better than others, but they give it with such friendly courtesy that they willingly treat them. They are always in the center, they are always popular, but internally they are always tough, one should not be deceived by this.

Leo Sun Taurus Rising Man

The character of a man with the Sun in Leo and the Rising in Taurus is one of constant courtesy towards others, while gaining authority, which he claims slowly but surely. These people quickly achieve professional and social success, without the slightest violence. In their claim to power, they constantly seek contact with those who seem important.

Although, on occasion, they may drop their etiquette, there is a desire to be center stage, especially expressed in people of art. In this case, they have a good ability to represent, even disguise themselves. The attractive desire to serve others helps hide one's own inner weaknesses, including laziness.

Leo Sun and Taurus Rising Compatibility

Scorpio rules this person's 7th house of relationships, love, and marriage, so they are looking for someone with whom they can form a deep emotional connection. Of course, they are highly attracted to Scorpios, and Cancers and Virgos are good friends and lovers. Aries can work, although Sagittarius is too independent for this Leo. Sagittarius just wants to get out and explore, while Taurus rising indicates a homebody. Geminis can work here, as well as Libras, who share rulership of Venus with Taurus. Pisces finds this combination difficult because they go with the flow too much and Leo is too "fixed" in their ways. Pisces may also be a little soft for this Leo. Capricorn people can work with this combination.

It will be very useful for you to learn to be more flexible and adapt to your partner's needs. There will be sweetness in your relationships. Your love life is as important as your professional life, but it requires more flexibility and many concessions. Although passionate, you are looking for stability, loyalty, and stability. With the Leo Sun rising in Taurus in your love life, you can be possessive or authoritarian when things go wrong, and warm or enthusiastic when things go right.


Leo Sun Taurus Rising Love

According to Love Marriage Prediction, you are a sweet and calm person, and you like your home life. Although your love affairs may be very passionate in the beginning, they later turn into a warm, friendly relationship, which is ideal for a happy marriage. You are generally a reliable and faithful husband, but critics can interfere with your family's happiness, sometimes to the point of divorce. You should take good care of your first child, especially if it is a boy. Your children will perform well in teaching and arts and will be a source of satisfaction for you, although, of course, sometimes you may quarrel with them.

You know what you want, and you prefer to take your time rather than rush into a relationship that won't suit you. A large part of you cannot imagine being without love and being alone. Your satisfaction undeniably depends on meeting someone and developing an honest bond. In a relationship, you are comfortable, attentive, caring, demonstrative, honest, sincere, and forthright. You never commit to anything without thinking and marriage is a very important step for you.

Leo Sun Taurus Rising Health

According to Health Prediction, you are very courageous, but gradually regain strength after illness. Your weaknesses are the neck, shoulders, and base of the skull and (to a lesser extent) the heart. However, you are very interested in nutrition and health issues and can often fix it yourself.

Leo Sun Taurus Rising Career

According to Career Prediction, you will be a very wealthy person, although there may be a possibility of loss due to a legal dispute, unemployment, or a love affair. You may receive money completely unexpectedly, but monetary gains await you due to someone's devoted love and support of friends. In youth, your fortunes and social status will be unstable, but in middle age, you will be successful, perhaps by advancing in science, art, literature, or teaching. You may do well in business related to real estate sales or family business.

With the Leo Sun rising in Taurus, you are conscientious, organized, hard-working, thoughtful, and sharp. These qualities make you a hard worker, meaning you leave no stone unturned. With a good sense of observation and astute analysis, you know how to easily understand the problems you encounter. Your determination and perseverance make you a fighter. Although you respect your hierarchy, you have difficulties following established rules and your relationships with your leaders are not the clearest.


The Taurus Rising reinforces Leo's already strong character. In fact, the strength of square signs creates a calm, grounded, and solid personality. Sensitive yet rational, this enables them to move forward without getting lost in any hustle and bustle. Your emotions are put on a pedestal, with the ultimate goal being to strengthen the foundation of your relationship or to find love when you need it. Passionate but still a little romantically timid, your Taurus Sun Rising in Leo gives you the gift of knowing the secrets of making your partner feel valued with the exact right words. If you want to know more about Leo Sun Taurus rising then talk to astrology.

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