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Leo Sun Scorpio Rising

Leo Sun Scorpio Rising

With the Leo sun rising in Scorpio, your personality is powerful, even a little mysterious. There is a strong will and great perseverance hidden in your inclined air. Your lead character doesn't tolerate half-measures well. You are very demanding, but also very sweet when approached in the right way. Your sensitivity can bewilder others because you invest so much self-esteem in even the most insignificant details in the eyes of others.

You are very ambitious and filled with an unwavering determination to succeed. For the most part, you will succeed because of your charm and ability to convince others that you are right, resorting to force only when all other means have been exhausted. Your ambitions for yourself and your loved ones are huge, and it is hard to imagine you anywhere else, not at the top of the ladder of success that you have built yourself and which you will definitely climb, even if it takes time.

There is something of an extremist about you, dedicated to work and pleasure. You know exactly what you think and feel, and don't tolerate fools. You don't know the word "compromise", so you often get into fights, which you secretly enjoy. You are a born scoundrel and do not shy away from confrontation. People don't risk being like you on the street because they think you'll never forget them if they try. But you also know how to really have fun and you can always entertain others, provided, it will not interfere with your ambitious aspirations.

Leo Sun Scorpio Rising Personality

According to Personalized Prediction, Endowed with a powerful and charismatic personality, you are full of enthusiasm and activity. Determined, even stubborn, you never give up on whatever you do. Your need for achievement, your incredible willpower, and your unwavering determination allow you to achieve everything you want in all areas. With the Leo Sun rising in Scorpio, you have a strong personality who doesn't hesitate to assert herself, to speak her mind out loud, even if it may shock some people. You connect easily with others, knowing how to navigate any social circle as long as it serves your goals. Your nature is adept at making strategies and compromising with business and political interests. Diplomacy can become a great force; You are naturally generous, finding great satisfaction in helping and giving advice to others.

Leo Sun Scorpio Rising Woman

Their ego, unfortunately, gets denied late. The awakening may be bitter, but they don't think about it. They cannot be called precautionary; Their impulsive behavior sometimes ruins their own plans. If a person walks hastily during a traffic jam on the road, he is just a character who does not realize that the order applies to him too! But they are capable of mighty deeds.

Their self-affirmation pushes women forward, they can save many lost struggles. They are affected, although they keep themselves away from society, but do not let others out of sight, because they are the least capable of living alone.

Leo Sun Scorpio Rising Man

The character of a man with Sun in Leo and Rising in Scorpio comes before the world with extraordinary talent. They are convinced that they are the only one of their kind, so others have the right to cast them aside.

Leo Sun with Rising in Scorpio must immediately, without any delay, assert their authoritarian essence among others! Anyone who tries to step into their place stumbles. From clothes to activities, they are all strange and very unpredictable. They are always unpredictable, and the only thing you can be sure of is that they are hungry to win. They are locked inside, they will not talk to anyone.

Leo Sun and Scorpio Rising Compatibility

Leo with Scorpio Rising has magnetic attraction and will attract many lovers - although it is not always the one that is best for them, as they often fall into codependent/narcissistic relationships. Taurus rules their 7th house of relationships, love, and marriage and this sign will ignite the sexual spark. However, Taurus is a fixed sign and is the most stubborn, so fights can happen. Still, this Leo is looking for someone stable, who knows how to work with finances, is practical, and down to earth.

Cancer and Virgo are best friends and wonderful partners, while Pisces and Capricorn can work as well. This is not the best match for Gemini, as they will find Scorpio's surging intensity too strong for their flighty and impetuous nature. Libra can work and there will be sparks with Aquarius in the beginning, although Aquarius can be very emotionally detached from Scorpio.


Leo Sun Scorpio Rising Love

According to Love Marriage Prediction, being an extremist, you are either loved or hated: there is no golden mean. Your perception of other people is determined by their ability to be useful to you in anything. You are attracted to people who are wealthy and capable, and you like to make useful acquaintances. You don't like being alone and sometimes you don't care who you're with, just don't be alone.

You are capable of acting rashly, although you may regret it later. However, you may love someone more passionately than someone born under another zodiac combination, and possibly marry more than once. Carelessness will cause a rift in your first marriage, which will have huge consequences for you. Love affairs will cast a shadow over your life. This sign indicates that the person will have many children, sometimes even twins. Your children will get married soon, but they may have some secret regrets.

Leo Sun Scorpio Rising Health

According to Health Prediction, you are either completely healthy or completely ruined. Beware of diseases of the endocrine glands, kidneys, reproductive organs, gall bladder, toxicosis, and migraine. Also, when handling sharp or hot objects, protect your right arm and eyes, they may be at risk of injury. The cause of illness is often your excesses.

Leo Sun Scorpio Rising Career

According to Career Prediction, you may be successful in maritime affairs, government service, science, medicine, or crime investigation. Because of your ability to keep secrets, you can make an excellent secret agent or spy. You are ambitious and confident of your inevitable success. In your young years, your financial situation is unstable among your colleagues, it can easily become your ill-wishers, but later you will prosper. Foreign-related matters will strengthen your position. After a whole series of difficulties, you will be rewarded with a good position in society, success, and, perhaps, even glory.

Leo Sun Scorpio rising, you need a solid and secure family foundation to move forward. You want to make your home warm to welcome friends or family. Attracted to decoration, it is not unusual for you to spend time finding sophisticated works of art that reflect your intimate feelings and provide security. Spending money on living in a comfortable and beautiful environment also brings harmony to your emotional relationships. You are the most ambitious sign of the zodiac. You do not make concessions and lack flexibility and tact in your relationships with others. Likewise, you are observant and perceptive, in fact, you are efficient and quick in carrying out your tasks. Furthermore, you like to work deeply and you never leave any stone unturned. Also, you are not afraid to question yourself, as long as your abilities and integrity are not questioned.


Working from home is exceptionally suitable for businesses you own or indirectly related to genealogy or real estate. Apart from this, anything that makes the house beautiful like designing, decorating, sewing. Without doing anything without deep conviction, you need a professional activity that inspires and excites you. You need to assert yourself and know how to get your projects accepted and draw attention to yourself. Your creativity is completely focused on beautifying and decorating your home. You want a pleasant interior, a happy home and you are proud of your family life. Your nature leads you to create a stable home where you tend to have outbursts of ego which can sometimes lead to conflict. You are authoritative and very comfortable taking the lead. You are very loving and connected to your loved ones, having a clear view of everyone's needs. Leo Sun, Scorpio rising, you reduce the pressure at home, whether good or bad. If you want to know more about Leo Sun Scorpio rising then talk to astrology.

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