Leo Sun Leo Rising

Leo Sun Leo Rising

Leo Sun Leo Rising, you are the most egoistic, pompous, and selfish of people. You always want to be the center of attention and get very upset when you cannot achieve it. You choose your friends and lovers based on the amount of admiration they have for you and very soon you start wiping their feet. You are busy only with your own ambitions and demand that other people participate as well. You are arrogant and go to absurd lengths in an attempt to prove your worth. Flattery can easily blind you, so disappointment in love and friendship is inevitable. You snap easily when provoked into a fight, but it is just as easy and pacifying, and when you retaliate, you still do it in your usual generous and open manner. Your father will have great importance for you in your life.

Leo Sun Leo Rising Personality

According to Personalized Prediction, Leo Sun Leo Rising, you are unnaturally dramatic and like to throw dust in your own eyes. Why is it necessary to wear only one rosary when you can wear a rosary of eight beads? No wonder you almost always look like a Christmas tree. If you're a man, spend a lot of money on what you consider "cool attire." Whatever you have or do must be bigger and better than others, and you are willing to go into any debt to get it. You are one of those people who can wear glasses to protect themselves from the sun when going to a disco, although, frankly, it would be a pity to give glasses to those unfortunate enough to have glasses.

Leo Reisding is incredibly tenacious and has a really hard time accepting failure. You like taking challenges and get a thrill from pushing yourself hard. You are a true competitor and really can't afford to lose.

Leo Sun Leo Rising Woman

The Leo rising in Leo woman is the most generous and compassionate type of possible combination, but perhaps also the most arrogant and egotistical. You are an eternal optimist, and you have no time for pettiness or weaving intrigue. You're trying to be an open person, whether it's good or bad, so sooner or later people will know how you feel about them. However, despite being so honest, it is impossible to try to deceive: you will definitely be bitten. You always try to remain in the public eye and protect your interests using charm, not power.

It's hard to say no when you smile so charmingly and it helps you achieve what you want. Your social life is important to you. You use every opportunity to show your charm and none of your guests will go unnoticed. Therefore, an invitation to your home is always gladly accepted.

Leo Sun Leo Rising Man

Men with the Sun in Leo and Rising in Leo behave confident and really self-confident. They radiate extraordinary confidence that everything is as it should be, it impresses. At the moment of their appearance, the world around them begins to disappear, that is their phenomenon. They intimidate others and take advantage of it. They have not been kept in a corner, they have been forced to represent them directly, no one can do this better than them! However, they require an assistant to perform the cumulative work; Those who do every work with pride are lazier than others.

Leo men with a Leo Rising feel elected, no longer needing to showcase their accomplishments; If this causes a conflict, they eliminate the corresponding lighting system; Sometimes they even brag about it. But his inner greatness can be felt even in poverty. They are welcomed with respect, even if they beg at the door. They think socially, they are inspired by the plans of the people around them, and they favor faster routes, if they do not pass near their homes.

Leo Sun and Leo Rising Compatibility

This person is extremely generous with love when it comes to the people they care about most. They make excellent parents and need partners in their lives who may want to have children with them one day. It is important for this zodiac sign to experience the happiness of children and become a mother or father.

For this combination, fellow fire signs, as well as air signs, make the best matches. Aquarius rules their 7th house of love, marriage, and relationships, so they look for a partner who won't bring too much drama into the relationship. They are looking for a partner to upgrade their lifestyle, bring more into their life expand their world and help them reach their goals. They want a social partner who has lots of friends and who will bring more friends into their social circle.


Leo Sun Leo Rising Love

According to Love Marriage Prediction, you are of an emotional nature and are constantly in search of expression. Your energy and pressure allow you to aggressively pursue the object of your love, and it is not easy for you to come to terms with failure. You take extreme measures to achieve reciprocity and may insist until you win. Your only aim is great lust. Chances are you will have two great lovers or two marriages in your life, both of which will have children. An older child will need special care. If you are a woman and your husband is an Aquarius, you may be having twins. When children grow up, differences may arise between them, which may disturb peace in the family.

Leo Sun Leo Rising Health

According to Health Prediction, Lack of success and happiness can cause severe depression and impair your health. Sensitive areas are the heart, back, throat, and reproductive organs. You have an abundant supply of vitality, and you may put too much pressure on your generous heart, but in general, you have a strong body and are able to restore strength quickly. You are generally either very healthy or always sitting on a sick leave sheet.

Leo Sun Leo Rising Career

According to Career Prediction, you have tremendous creative energy, the expression of which you seek constantly and everywhere. Your tremendous enthusiasm allows you to do work that other people can hardly handle. You are prone to taking risks, and unless you listen to the advice of experts, any speculative venture you get into will result in losses. You may employ your many talents in the field of art and in the service of public or government institutions. You like theater and are fond of good poetry.

You may be successful in a profession that will enable you to take a leading position. Money will come to you from your efforts as well as from business relationships. Losses may be associated with your subordinates, and may also be the result of family problems. Apart from this, you can also benefit from the household goods business. Short trips can be successful and bring prosperity. Of course, your work will inevitably involve a lot of ground travel. Among women in good standing in society, you may meet with an enemy, although they overestimate their ability to harm you.


Possessed of great professionalism, passion, and curiosity, you are clearly a hard worker, with the Cancer Sun rising in Leo. The truth is that you need to feel useful, even indispensable, and you seek out responsibilities. However, complex situations or conflicts excite you. Also, you have very good survival instincts that allow you to face any situation, and you can be a real competitor. Your love life is a reflection of your character, and it can have both calm and balanced aspects as well as wild and fiery ones. Whatever the case, you place great importance on your love life, and dream of settling yourself down to create a family. In a relationship, you are passionate, romantic, and original. Additionally, you need to maintain sensual relationships, although you may be possessive and particularly demanding. If you want to know more about Leo Sun Leo rising then talk to astrology.

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