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Leo Numerology 2025 - Singh Rasi Numerology Number 2025

Leo Numerology 2025 - Singh Rasi Numerology Number 2025

The coming year is going to be very special for you. From the beginning of the year to April, you may have to face some challenges. You will set new heights in society with your skillful behavior and prestige. You will maintain harmony and balance between your personal and professional life. This year you will have to pay a lot of attention to your health and fitness, otherwise, your weight will increase a lot because Jupiter can increase your weight which can be the origin of many diseases. This year the first Rahu will be a great growth factor for the employed people. Overall, 2025 is going to be very good for the people of the Leo zodiac.  If you want to know more about Leo Numerology 2025 then talk to Astrologer Chirag Daruwalla.

Number 1 Leo Numerology 2025 

Ganesha says income will increase this year and there will be success in work. Cooperation will be received from all sides. The family will remain friendly and health will improve. You will also get happiness from children. All the work under the plan will be done on time. Good information will be received. It will be better if you do all the work carefully till 13. Anger can cause damage. From the 14th, the time will be on the side. Income will improve and work will speed up. Those going abroad will be successful. Guests may arrive.

Love Life: You will take out some time for your partner. A good travel plan can also be made. Time will be good for lovers.

Job-Business: You will get the full support of colleagues and officers on the job. A project will be in your hand that you can complete on time. You can get very good information about the business.

Health: Time will be good for health. There won't be any problem. Asthma patients can also get relief.

Number 2 Leo Numerology 2025 

Ganesha says at the beginning of this year, there will be busyness due to excessive work but will be able to deal with it all successfully. Your ego can become a hindrance in many topics. Understanding the utility of time and people and making wise decisions will be beneficial. An increase in profit will be pleasant and planned work will be completed. Profits in property and victories in court and other disputes are in your favor. The availability of money will also be easy and there will be a boom in the stalled works. Due to the presence of competitors, some difficulties may arise and expenses will also increase.

Love Life: The heat will increase in the mutual relationship. Love relationships will be full of tension. Single people will also get marriage proposals.

Job-Business: Your work efficiency will increase this year and your dominance in the workplace will increase. New friends can be made in the business. The business will expand.

Health: From a health point of view, people who suffer from cough need to be more careful.

Number 3 Leo Numerology 2025 

Ganesha says income will be less this year and work may get delayed. There will be excess anger. From the 3rd, there will be speed in the work and work will be done on time. Income will increase and new business offers will also be received. The time will be better after 12. You will be able to enjoy the festivals. Income will remain good and family support will be available. New contacts will be beneficial. There may be ideological tension with a life partner. There will be support from friends and children will also be favorable. Gifts will be received and the sum of going on a journey can also be made.

Love Life: There will be happiness in love and marriage life. There will be mutual love. Lovers can get any gift. Any offer can be accepted.

Job-Business: The beginning of the year can be stressful for the job. The year will be good for business. The profit percentage will increase.

Health: Health will be good. Due to the stress of work, food can be spoiled, due to which some stomach-related problems can occur.

Number 4 Leo Numerology 2025 

Ganesha says this year, work may also be affected by a decline in health. Travel will be successful business will be successful and there will be an idea to buy new property. Good times are ahead. You will get success in property matters. You will get good information and may have to visit relatives. The journey will be pleasant and business will expand. There will be contact with eminent people. Income will remain good and you will get support. Special work will bring you happiness. Plans will be successful and there will be a success in love.

Love Life: You will experience a special bond and mutual understanding with your partner. Time will be normal for lovers.

Job-Business: The year is better for the job. You can get success from all sides. You will get good profit in business. Business travel will be pleasant for you.

Health: There may be a slight decline in your health in the first and last few days of the year. If you are a patient with sugar, heart, or blood pressure then take special care.

Number 5 Leo Numerology 2025 

Ganesha says you will get happiness from your mother this year. Income will be better. Work will be done on time and there will be cooperation from friends. The whole time will go well. You can get happiness by doing special work. There may be a religious journey. Students can be successful and time will be good for women. There will be profit from the land. Happiness will come from children. New contacts will be made. There can be an increase in dominance in the job. The family will be happy. Any auspicious work can be planned.

Love Life: Time will be favorable for you. Love relationships will be more pleasant. Husband and wife can keep the arrangement of the house proper in mutual harmony. 

Job-Business: With a promotion in the job, new work can be found. A new deal in business can be a matter of happiness for you. Better profit opportunities will keep coming.

Health: Time is favorable for health in all respects. You will feel in a better position than before. do yoga to strengthen muscles.

Number 6 Leo Numerology 2025 

Ganesha says this year, you will be able to deal with problems with your understanding and experience. Work style will continue to evolve. The transit of the Moon can not cause problems in income. There can be non-cooperation from their side also. Mental worries will remain. You will feel lonely. Opponents can be strong. There can be delays in judicial work and nerves may get strained. There will be obstacles in the work but will be done on time. There can be a delay in getting cooperation. Travel may be difficult. You may have to do unwanted work.

Love Life: Your partner will understand your problem and there will be a sense of dedication for you. Will try to keep the stress of my professional life away from my personal life.

Job-Business: New challenges will emerge at the beginning of the year in the job. You may have to face opposition from partners or employees in business this year.

Health: Time is a bit tough for health. Chronic diseases may emerge. Due to mental stress and fatigue, you may feel a little disappointed and weak.

Number 7 Leo Numerology 2025 

Ganesha says differences in the family will end this year. There may be trouble from the child. There is also the possibility of failure for the child. Relations with the rest of the family will be good. Time is normal for the property. Would like to buy a vehicle? There may also be some expenditure on the maintenance of machinery. You can start working on your plans. There will be an inflow of money from time to time. Old disputes may get resolved this year, but you have to have some patience. Meeting an old friend will bring back memories of the old days.

Love Life: There may be some disputes between the couple, but the situation will become normal in a few days. Attraction towards the opposite sex may improve.

Business-Job: You can get an old job again or say that there are chances of getting a demotion in the job. Time will be good for business. Some new work may come in handy.

Health: You may suffer from any disease related to blood. Take control of your diet.

Number 8 Leo Numerology 2025 

Ganesha says there will be accuracy in decisions this year. Attempts for new business may fail. There will be success in the profession. Family disputes will end. May 12-13 is not likely to be a good time. There may be an excess of anger. Time will be favorable again from 14. With the support of your life partner, your financial base will become stronger. Moon's transit will remain on Kaal Paksha. Unnecessary expenses may happen on 23-24. The work will be conducted regularly. There may be problems with the employees during the year.

Love Life: Love life will be pleasant. Your partner will treat you favorably. There can be opportunities to go on dating with a love partner.

Job-Business: If you want to work abroad, then this year intensify your efforts. There are chances of getting profit from the job. Business-wise, times can be a bit tough.

Health: This year for health, due to stress and weakness, anger may increase in your nature. Any chronic disease can also bother.

Number 9 Leo Numerology 2025 

Ganesha says this year the work will be done on time. Cooperation will be received from all sides. There may be a decrease in income on April 3-4. After that time will be favorable. Happiness will come from children and life partners will provide support. Students will get good results from hard work and also get credit. New vehicles may be purchased. There may be complications in loan-related matters at this time of the year. Avoid taking and giving loans. Be alert and protect valuables on April 23-24. Avoid investing. Travel can be difficult. Work will be hindered. Days can be good after 25th April.

Love Life: There may be some dispute with a partner at the beginning of the year. Keeping something secret can be harmful for you.

Business-Job: This year you can complete an important project or you can get a new responsibility. Management will trust your ability. The income will be good.

Health: Your health will be good this year. The change of season will also affect health. Your old diseases can also remain relaxed this year.

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