The Leo Best Friend and who is the Leo Enemy

According to our ancient history, zodiac signs are very important in our life. It uses to show the good and bad of our life. Zodiac signs are seen while doing all events and projects. Moreover, all zodiac signs are completely dependent on planets and an individual’s born to date. And every zodiac sign has its friends and enemies like other zodiac signs.


Strengths and weaknesses of Leo




According to astrologers Leo individuals are brave and playful. Even they have good leadership qualities. Even they are warm and protective too. Moreover, they have generous and fun-loving nature.



According to astrologers, Leo does have some weaknesses in their nature is quite egoistic and they always want to control people. Furthermore, they are stubborn and dominating.


A Brief Idea About Best Friend and Match of Leo



Aries individual and you both have good and close friends. Both of you fill connected with each other in very less time. Your Aries friend always understands your situation and even respects your passion for your life and goals. Even both of you respect each other financially. Both of you have creative minds and both of you will enjoy each other companionship even both of you will enjoy steady jobs. Moreover, both of you will spend most of the time together.



You and your Gemini friend will enjoy each other company and both of you will make a good team together. You and your Gemini friend will behave like a kid whenever you both are together, even Gemini always makes laugh at you by cracking jokes. And both of you will share a delightful time with each other. Both of you love to take a risk and always face in with the fun.


Leo individuals always appreciate you for your achievements and you both will enjoy each other company. Both of you love to entertain and also love to do art, luxury, and sports. And even both of you have a high ego so if you both keep your ego aside then only both of you will have a long-lasting friendship.



Libra is an amazing and good choice as a friend for Leo. Both of you have many common interests and both of you usually respect each other intelligence. Moreover, both of you share positive energy with each other and both of them are sophisticated with each other and their friends. Even, you respect their possessiveness for you and by this, you fill great and important to them. Both of you will enjoy each other company and have fun together most of the time. And both of you love spending time together.


According to astrologers, Sagittarius and Leo individuals, you will have a long-lasting friendship. Moreover, both of you will handle each other well by understanding each other’s mindsets. Even you and your friend will travel together and they love to play sports and they will have fun whenever they are together But then also both of you love spending time together because both of you love some activities like fishing and more creative things and even both of you admire antiques.



Aquarius and Leo both are great for each other while they are completely opposite and both of you will laugh together and have fun all the time. Furthermore, your friendship will be lifelong. And you will respect Aquarius individual’s choice and nature and they will adore your good ability and creativity.


Let's take a brief idea about the Enemies of the Leo



According to astrologers, Taurus and Leo are totally opposite to each other. Their nature is completely opposite Leo is emotional and Taurus is logical. Moreover, Leo loves comfortable life while Taurus rejects all material. So these are some main reasons why they will never become good friends.


Scorpio is not a better choice for Leo because both of you have own different opinions and choices. Leo is open and confident and you like to share things with your close ones. Leo love to give orders and even though he is self-centered, you have good leadership quality that, are not admired by Leo individuals. So these are some reasons why their friendship will not stay for a long time.




Leo has its own friend and enemies. But according to astrologer predictions, Leo is a really patient and delicate zodiac sign and its element is the earth. and even a Leo person can match all six zodiac signs which are given above.


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