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Leo Baby Personality Traits - Leo Child Traits

Leo Baby Personality Traits - Leo Child Traits

Hello, parents out there...Got a baby with a birth date between 23rd July and 22nd August? So, you have a Leo baby!!! By certain astrologers, parents are considered to be lucky if they have a Leo baby. And you are definitely one of them. We are laying out some prominent characteristics of a Leo baby as per baby astrological predictions, which will help you in your parenting journey. Have a look at them:

Leo Babies are born to lead

The Zodiac sign Leo symbolizes Lion, which very much implies the foremost quality of any Leo baby – to lead. They are leaders by birth. They are always ready to take the lead, to take the charge of the situation, whether it is during their childhood or after growing up. They will have their own opinions and they will stand by them.

Leo babies are jolly good fellows

Leo babies are ever smiling and joyful. Not only do they smile themselves, but they also bring smiles to the faces of everyone around them. They spread positive vibes and make the environment vibrant with their presence.

Energy and adventure keep Leo babies going

Leo babies cannot stay still in one place. They have to find some adventure in everything they do. They are full of energy and they stand out amongst a group of different people.

Drama is the favorite game of Leo's babies

Leo babies have to have drama content in every act they put up. They enjoy making everything dramatic. If things are not going according to their wish, they might throw tantrums, fall on the ground, and scream.

Leo babies have a strong willpower

Leo babies have extremely strong willpower. They just have to decide what they want to do, and they will make sure to get it done. Similarly, if they are not interested in a particular thing, they will not go for it, in spite of all your efforts.

Leo babies are attention seekers

Leo babies love to be in the spotlight getting everyone’s attention. They instantly become the center of attraction because of their joyful aura and energetic approach. They will not leave any stone unturned to get your attention, be it screaming and yelling or just laughing.

Loyalty is in the blood of Leo's babies

If a Leo baby makes a friend, it will be loyal to them forever. If they start loving any activity, they will be on it forever too. Out of all the Zodiac signs, Leo proves to be on the top of the charts for being loyal. If they like being with you, compared to others, they will never leave your hand.

Leo babies find it hard to accept failures

It is very difficult for a Leo baby to accept failure. They are made to see only success. They will keep trying multiple times until they succeed. They tend to take defeat on their pride and will do anything to change it to success.


Leo babies are gifted with creativity. Their vibrant and joyful approach to life makes them all the more creative. They bring their creativity out to get some colorful and magical results.

Leo babies love affection

Leo babies love it when to hug and cuddle them. Such affection makes them happy and they even reciprocate with equal or more amount of affection. They display their affection with all gestures possible and demand your attention in return.


These traits of Leo babies will help their parents and family to understand them better, get themselves prepared to deal with these traits, and mold the baby into a better person in the best possible manner. If you find these traits helpful in your parenting, please tell us in the comments section. Also please share your experiences related to these traits. If you need more assistance and a closer understanding of your Leo baby, please feel free to take our online astrology consultation services.

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