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Kuja Dosha Means, Effects, Remedies, And Marriage

Kuja Dosha Means, Effects, Remedies, And Marriage

If you are also worried that you are not getting married or even after getting married you are not able to live your married life happily. There may be a big reason hidden behind this. That reason is not ordinary. Nor can any ordinary thing affect such important parts of your life. Let us tell you what is the reason that there is a hindrance in our marriage. You are not able to run your married life properly. The reason behind this is the presence of Kuja Yoga in your horoscope. This yoga is formed by Mars being in the ascendant, fourth, seventh, eighth, or twelfth house. Mars is the main reason for the formation of Kuja Yoga. Therefore this yoga is also called Manglik Yoga.

Kuja Dosha Means

In Vedic astrology, it is called Mangal Dosha, Sumanglik Dosha, Angarak Dosha, and Bhauma Dosha. Dosha means adverse effects or that which can cause problems. Kuja's planet is Mars. Mars being inauspicious in the birth chart is the result of this position. Mars is called Kuja Dosha when it is placed in the second, fourth, seventh, eighth, or twelfth house from Lagna/ascendant or Moon or Venus.

Kuja Dosha Parihara

There are many types of doshas as per Vedic Astrology. When there is a dosha or affliction in the birth chart, it indicates the sins committed by the person in one of his births. The individual will experience difficulties depending on the severity of the affliction. Some afflictions also indicate unfinished karmas of the previous birth. 

These afflictions warn the person not to repeat the same actions in this life and not to do bad karma but advise to repent for the past actions. Depending on the severity these afflictions affect different areas of life, health, wealth, relationships, luck, and happiness. If you have any Navgraha Dosha as per your birth chart you can perform remedial Puja or Navgraha Dosha Shanti Parihar Puja to reduce the effect of the dosha.

Kuja Dosha Effects

Mars is placed in the horoscope of a man and a woman due to the effect of Kuja Yoga. Its effect is such that it is seen even in the life of a bachelor.

  • If you have the signs of this yoga in your horoscope, you are a Manglik. You will also have to marry a Manglik only.

  • People with a Manglik horoscope can spend their lives only with Mangliks.

  • When a Manglik or Manglik with Kuja Dosha gets married to a person with a different horoscope house, he remains unhappy throughout his life.

  • Under the influence of this dosha, the person gets angry more, he is always in a state of anger.

  • The effect of this type of dosha directly affects married life.

Kuja Dosha Remedies

  • To avoid this dosha, one should worship Hanuman ji, and feed gram to monkeys every Tuesday.

  • Go to the temple every day and recite Hanuman Chalisa on Tuesday.

  • Perform havan and puja in your house to pacify Mars.

  • Offer water to the Peepal and Banyan tree and circumambulate the Peepal tree.

  • If you come to know about Kuja Yoga before marriage, then you should marry a Manglik only.

  • Serve the poor and donate as much food as possible.

  • Only Hanuman ji, the god of Kaliyuga, can give salvation from this yoga, so make every effort to please him.

  • Chant Mahamrityunjaya mantra as this mantra can free you from all kinds of sorrows.

  • If a girl is Manglik, first of all, get the girl married to the idol of Lord Vishnu by classical method.

If the couple is under the effect of this yoga, wear red clothes fill a copper vessel with rice, and keep it near the idol of Lord Hanuman in Shri Hanuman temple. This will surely free you from the troubles caused by this yoga.

Kuja Dosha In Marriage Life

According to Marriage Prediction, it is important to consider Kaju Dosh at the time of marriage, and the compatibility of the horoscope and the position of Mars should be studied and analyzed to make the marriage successful. If Mars is in the seventh house, it can affect the marriage, and there will be constant fights, discords, and serious problems in family life between the couple. The native will be exploited, and harassed by the partner, which can lead to separation or divorce, even if the native has no dosha. This dosha can also cause an abusive marriage with physical, verbal, and emotional attacks.


An astrologer can study a person's horoscope or chart and know the position of Kuja in the chart. The effect of Mars is determined on the 7th house of marriage. If it is present in the 1st house of the native, there is no dosha. Determining the position of the planet is the best way to know whether a person will suffer from Kuja dosha or not. If you want to know more information about Kuja Dosha then you can get the information by talk to astrologers.

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