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Krittika Nakshatra According to Astrology

Krittika Nakshatra According to Astrology

This nakshatra stands firm on the third footing among different another nakshatra. This nakshatra is represented by the sun and it has the image of a hatchet. The first pada of this nakshatra is in the Aries sign among the other 4 padas. The rest of the three padas are having a place from Taurus. Agni being the managing god of Krittika falls under Rakshasa Gana. The mothers of Karthikeyan are the six stars of this nakshatra as indicated by numerous well-known texts.


Krittika Nakshatra 


Those individuals who are having a place from the first pada of this nakshatra are very impolite and haughty in their personality because of the impact of the Sun and Mars. The other three padas display the quiet character of the natives alongside the ladylike attributes of Venus. The male and female natives are profoundly sure of themselves and they love autonomy and opportunity and don't maintain that others should meddle in their lives.


Krittika Natchathiram


The natives who are brought into the world under the principal position in Aries are a lot capable and in their expert life, they love keeping discipline and guidelines. This nakshatra with the other three padas is especially disposed towards acquiring material riches and loves opportunity and freedom. They are exceptionally imaginative in nature and check out making professions in any innovative fields. They likewise adore drawing in themselves in proactive tasks and activities and keep themselves fit and solid.


Ruler of Krittika Nakshatra 


Krittika nakshatra Ruler is known to be the sun with its tremendous power and energy. Sun being the administering body of this nakshatra the natives are including the fire of otherworldliness inside them which drives them emphatically towards their aspirations throughout everyday life. They are having the innate characteristics of a champion under areas of strength for the sun.


Krittika Nakshatra Famous Personalities


Numerous renowned characters are brought into the world under this nakshatra. To name a portion of the Krittika nakshatra famous people are Keira Knightley, Bill Clinton, Shilpa Shetty, and Bob Dylan.


Krittika Nakshatra Pada 1


The absolute first pada of this nakshatra is going under Sagittarius Navamsha which is represented by Jupiter. Here the natives are very liberal in character. They are especially gallant and they are leaned to seek after a lifelong in the military. The people who are affected by this nakshatra are major areas of strength, and are exceptionally enthusiastic in nature.


Krittika Nakshatra Pada 2


The subsequent position procured by this nakshatra is going under Capricorn Navamsa whose ruler is Saturn. Here the natives are very disposed to acquiring material riches and they are very little keen on otherworldliness. However, they are very moral personally and they follow severe standards and morals in their lives.


Krittika Nakshatra Pada 3


The third place of this nakshatra is going under Aquarius Navamsa which is administered by the planet Saturn. The individuals who are affected by this planet are very adoring and liberal and they are empathetic towards different creatures. They are exceptionally inquisitive in nature and their advantage in acquiring more information makes them entirely proficient and learned individuals.


Krittika Nakshatra Pada 4


The fourth place of this nakshatra is being procured by Pieces Navamsha which is represented by the planet Jupiter. The fundamental meaning of this pada is that they know about the materialistic extravagances and they are leaned in obtaining and getting a charge out of them to carry on with a truly agreeable existence. The people who are falling under this pada are very little dedicated and they try to lead an entirely agreeable way of life.


Krittika Nakshatra Zodiac sign


As per Vedic astrology, this nakshatra is in the middle among Aries and Taurus. The overseeing divinity of this nakshatra is fire or Agni which is the force to be reckoned with of energy. The name of this nakshatra, Krittika signifies "The shaper" and this is represented by a sharp item. Here it tends to be presumed that this star is having both valuable and damaging characteristics. The natives are very gutsy in nature and they love gaining exciting encounters throughout everyday life. They generally keep their psyche drawn in with some of the other useful exercises which assist them with development.




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