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Know whether true love is in your destiny according to astrology

Know whether true love is in your destiny according to astrology

Hearing someone saying the three-lettered magical word “I love you” for the very first time is one of the best feelings in the world which gives butterflies in anyone’s stomach. It can be more intoxicating than any red wine, and more amorous than some raw oysters which make you feel like you are floating on clouds. However, We all know that everyone is not lucky enough to get married to their true love in life.


Our astrological predictions for love marriage specialists are available to assist you in determining your horoscope to see the alignment of planets, and if you'll find your soulmate earlier and later. The time of your birth and the date of birth determines when you'll be able to meet your future spouse.


What do people do to find true love? Despite this, true love is not in everyone's luck. Have you ever attempted to discover the cause of this? Astrological yoga has a very important role in finding true love. Let us tell you some great ways by which you can find true love.


The following conditions reveal if true love is in your destiny;


  • First of all the condition of the 7th house and seventh Lord position in your horoscope matters a lot in your love life.

  • Planet Venus has a very strong influence on love and romance. So, the position of Venus in your horoscope also determines your love life.

  • Moon also has a very significant role in your love cycle, just like Venus. If the moon is combined with planets like Mars or Venus then there's a probability that you can find true love in your life.

  • If there is a vision of Venus and Moon, then the love relationship progresses.

  • If the planet Venus keeps sight of Rahu, then it is possible to get married at will. But remember, such a marriage does not last long.

  • Also, if the planet Venus is weak in the horoscope, then there is a decrease in love relationships, or a state of instability remains.

  • Lastly, to analyze the chances of falling in true love, your Upapada Lagna also needs to be checked. If you find this Lagna is being occupied by Venus, Mars, moons, or by Putrakaraka or Darakaraka then you have a high chance of experiencing true love in your life at least once.

Which Gemstone or Rudraksha will help in finding true love 


  • To find true love, you must wear quartz and topaz every day.

  • But whenever you wear rose quartz and Pukhraj, then take the advice of a scholar after thinking carefully.

  • To be successful in your love marriage, you must wear a pure Gauri Shankar Rudraksha at an auspicious time, by doing this you get success in love.

  • Always wear light pink and light yellow clothes.

Remedies to Find True Love


  • Worship Lord Vishnu and Maa Lakshmi continuously.

  • Start worship from Thursday of Shukla Paksha, after worship, chant the mantra 'Lakshmi Narayanaya Namah' for 3 rounds.

  • Offer yellow prasad to the temple on Thursdays If you do this, you are sure to find the love of your life.

  • Worship Maa Durga and offer red-colored chunari on her idol, by doing this you will get the desired love.

  • Offer sweet paan with the flute to Lord Krishna's temple and do so until your work is accomplished.

  • Keep chanting the mantra Om Clean Namah with white sandalwood Mala.


Our online astrology consultation team is always there to help you with all your doubts related to your love and marriage life. Our expert team of astrologers is always there for you to get all your queries resolved as soon as possible.

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