Know What Your Love Line Says About You

Know What Your Love Line Says About You

Marriage is an important stage of life that brings many changes in a person's life. At the same time, it is said that not everyone gets true love and if you get married to the one you love, then it is a pleasant experience. Before marriage, everyone thinks that he will be married to the partner chosen by the parents or love marriage. So let us know that according to palmistry, which are the lines of the hand which indicate love marriage.


Love Marriage Lines on The Palm


According to palmistry, the number of marriage lines in a person's hand, so are the love affairs in their life. For example, if more than two lines are visible in a person's hand and two are short and light while the third is dark, then it means that the person must have had two love affairs, after which he will get married. Let us tell you that the longest and deepest line in these lines will be the line of marriage.


Sign of the Cross on Jupiter Mount


If the sign of a cross is present on the mount of Jupiter in the person's hand, then according to palmistry, it points towards your successful love marriage. It is believed that people who have this mark on their palms get a life partner who takes great care of them.


Mercury Mount in Palmistry


The person in whose palm the line coming out from the mount of Mercury comes out to the bottom of the little finger. The love relations of such people are very strong, they can go to any extent in their love. The marriage of these people is love marriage or court marriage.


Mark Of V in Palm


According to palmistry, if the heart line makes a mark of V on the fingers of the hand, then it is also considered a sign of happy love marriage. In Hinduism, this mark is considered a symbol of Lord Vishnu. Such people are always in search of true love and marry a person who will support them in every step along with love.


Meeting Such Lines on the Sun Line


If some small lines come out from the heart line in a person's hand and meet on the sun line, then palmistry says that the meeting of these lines also becomes the sum of love marriage in your life. The life partner found by such people is very supportive and is considered lucky for them.


Most people ask questions about their love life and married life and are very excited about it. All the lines of your life are present in your palms. If you want to know about the line of your love, then you can talk to astrology, astrology can tell from the line of your hands whether your love marriage will happen or not.

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