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Know What Is Panchak And The Types Of Panchak

Know What Is Panchak And The Types Of Panchak

According to the Hindu calendar, there are five days in every month in which it is not considered good to do auspicious work. These days are called Panchak.



What is Panchak

According to astrology, the period when the Moon moves through the third phase of Dhanishta Nakshatra and the four phases of Shatabhisha, Purva Bhadrapada, Uttara Bhadrapada, and Revati Nakshatra is called Panchak Kaal. It is said that on this day Moon's communication in Aquarius and Pisces gives birth to Panchak. 


Types of Panchak


Rog Panchak

If Panchak starts on Sunday, then it is called Rog Panchak. Due to its effect, these five days are full of physical and mental problems. No auspicious work should be done in this Panchak. This Panchak is considered inauspicious in all auspicious works.

Raj Panchak

Panchak which starts on Monday is called Raj Panchak. Due to its effect, there is success in government work in these five days. It is also auspicious to do work related to property in Raj Panchak.

Agni Panchak

Panchak starting from Tuesday is called Agni Panchak. In these five days, decisions of courts and disputes, etc. can be done to get one's rights. There is fear of fire in this Panchak. This is inauspicious. It is considered inauspicious to start any kind of construction work, tools and machinery work in this Panchak. They can cause harm.

Chor Panchak

If Panchak starts on Friday, then it is called Chor Panchak. According to scholars, traveling is prohibited in this Panchak. Transactions, business, and any kind of deals should not be done in this Panchak. Doing forbidden work can result in loss of money.

Mrityu Panchak

Panchak falling on Saturdays is called Mrityu Panchak. The name itself suggests that starting from an inauspicious day, this Panchak is as troublesome as death. No risky work should be done in these five days. Due to its effect, there is a danger of dispute, injury, accident, etc.

Apart from this, if Panchak starts on Wednesday and Thursday, then except for the five works mentioned below, you can do any kind of auspicious work.



  • These five things should not be done in Panchak.

  • The roof should not be put on the house.

  • During this time wood should neither be collected nor bought.

  • During this time it is also forbidden to burn the dead body.

  • Beds or cots should not be made at the time of Panchak.

  • During this, one should not travel in the south direction.

Do These Measures in Panchak


If for some reason you have to buy wood, then immediately after the end of the Panchak period, a Havan should be performed in the name of Gayatri Mata. During this time, if the construction work of your house is going on and it is very important to put a roof on the house, then first feed the laborers with sweets and only then do this work. If someone has died during the Panchak period and the body has to be cremated, then five separate effigies should be made and burnt at the time of cremation. During this period, if it is necessary to bring a wooden bed or cot in the house, then it should be used only after the end of Panchak and if during this time you have to travel in the south direction, then start the journey only after offering fruits in the Hanuman temple.


According to astrology, the work done in inauspicious time does not give desired results. Regarding this, the description of some such constellations is also seen in astrology, in which doing some special works has been said to be prohibited. Something similar happens during Panchak. If you want more information about Panchak then talk to Astrologer


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