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Know About the Yoga of Wealth Status and Finance from Astrology

Know About the Yoga of Wealth Status and Finance from Astrology

In today's rush hour, the desire for promotion in business or a job can be seen in everyone's mind. It is often seen that some people do not get the expected success even after hard work and some people get good success with less effort. One reason for this can also be found in astrology. According to wealth astrology, it is the effect of the planets and their transits and the effect on the person's achievement. Who will get success when one reaches the peak of progress? The idea of ​​all these things can be known by astrology.


Analysis of Kundali


The progress and progress of a person can be understood by the birth chart. The eleventh house in the horoscope is called the house of income, that is, the house of profit, so the transit of exalted planets on this house gives good success. Navamshs Kundali is seen for a little more subtle study. In order to find out the period of progress in business, the analysis of the tenth house becomes as necessary as the tenth house is most important in D-1 and D-9 Kundali. The planets make a special relation to the tenth/eleventh house or Bhavesh with the square Kundali. In the Dasha and Antardasha of those planets, there is a possibility of progress for the person. Similarly, promotion can also be done in the case of strong planets and auspicious planets.


Analysis of Dasha in Kundli


The Dashas of the planets of Ascendant, Dashmesh, and exalted in the Kundali are helpful in providing heights to a person in life. When these are related to the business house or profit house, then the person gets progress and growth in business or job. If these Dashas are related to the seventh or seventh lord, then there is an abundance of auspicious results.

According to the owner of the zodiac in which the lord of the tenth house of the Kundli goes in the Navansh Kundali, the person's business and the condition/transit of a planet that is strong on him paves the way for progress, in the condition of these planets, the person should get maximum benefits. Opportunities are available. If at this time a person tries to do the work through diligence, then he definitely gets success. If there is a yoga of progress in the Kundli, there is an auspicious effect on the ascendant, the tenth house, and the eleventh house, and if there is a transit of Guru Shani, then no one can stop the progress of a person.

Apart from this, some planetary yogas enrich the life of a person. Some of the best yogas mentioned in astrology are Mahalaxmi Yoga, Nripa Yoga, etc. Astrology gives the knowledge of the results on the basis of planets and their yogas. Among the great yogas, Mahalakshmi Yoga is the yoga that bestows wealth and opulence. This yoga is formed in the Kundli when Jupiter, the lord of the second house of wealth, sitting in the eleventh house, looks at the second house. It is considered Dhankaraka Yoga. Similarly, a great yoga is Saraswati Yoga, it is formed when the planets Venus, Jupiter, and Mercury are with each other or are sitting in the center and making a relationship with each other, this yoga is formed when there is any kind of connection or vision. The person who is formed in his Kundali is blessed by Goddess Saraswati, the goddess of learning. Persons with Saraswati Yoga earn a lot of name and wealth in any field related to art, music, writing, and learning. In this way, through the detailed analysis of the Kundli, it can be understood that for progress and progress in life, the support of luck and the utility of karma are very important.


You have to know whether there is Wealth Yoga in your Kundli or not, talk to astrology to know that. With some astrological remedies, you will not be short of money in life.

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