Know about the Atmakaraka planet in Astrology

Know about the Atmakaraka planet in Astrology

The soul is in every living being and it is a part of the divine which is imperishable. The most important thing in religion and scriptures is to free the soul from this cycle of birth. But this can happen only when the math of karma is zero and there is no desire. 


What is Atmakaraka planet?


Atmakaraka planets are most commonly used in astrology. Whichever planet is in the highest degree in the birth chart is considered to be the Atmakaraka planet. There are a total of nine planets in the birth chart, out of which, apart from Rahu and Ketu, whichever planet has the highest degree, is considered to be an Atmakaraka planet for that magazine. A planet that reflects the soul of the native in the birth chart. Such a planet is called an Atmakaraka planet.


Importance of Atmakaraka Planet


Any one of the seven main planets is an Atmakaraka planet. One who carries with him the karma of some previous birth and also shows what desires the soul has in this birth. If a planet is formed by the souls of different planets, then its details may be different.

Through the Atmakaraka planet, what is the real value of our life, and what should be the real goal of life, with which field do we have to know the karma of our previous birth? Through the birth chart, we can know what is the role of physical and spiritual subjects in life. What does your soul want and where do the other planets in your Kundali lead you?


Role of the different planets as Atmakaraka planet


When the Sun becomes the soul karaka planet in the birth chart, then the person desires success, self-importance, fame, and power as his soul points to this. For a good spiritual path, you must renounce ego and behave with humility, and tolerance.

Emotions, happiness, love, and compassion affect the person when the Moon becomes Atmakaraka. Such a person should understand the unknown person and should not trust anyone easily. Learn to differentiate between true and false feelings.

If Mars is Atmakaraka, there is an inclination towards aggression, passion, and victory. Nature is always aggressive. They should be saved from the maze of victory and defeat, they should be patient and it would be good for them to avoid violence.

When the planet Mercury becomes Atmakaraka and is benefic, then it bestows the person with intelligence and superiority. They have to learn to face the truth in life.

If the planet Jupiter is Atmakaraka, the soul is inclined toward the elements related to the Guru such as children and spirituality.

When the planet Venus is Aatmakaraka, the person is inclined towards relationships, luxury, and sensuality. 

If the planet Saturn is Atmakaraka then life is inclined towards duty, democracy, and hard work. Such a person should do the work of removing the misery of other people.


Just like many planets are important in the life of a person, similarly, the Atmakaraka planet is also of great importance. If you also want to know which Atmakaraka planet is there in your Kundali, then talk to Astrologer.

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