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Know About Nazar Dosh and Ways to Get Rid of the evil eye

Know About Nazar Dosh and Ways to Get Rid of the evil eye


Nazar Dosh / Evil Eye


Many times a person tries their best, but even then they fail to achieve their goal. They think that in spite of so much hard work nothing is being achieved, it is better to give up. But these crises coming in life are not written in our destiny, but due to the jealousy of some people, they become a part of our journey.



What is Nazar Dosh


Any person who gets infected starts falling ill very often and quickly. The mind remains disturbed without any reason. It also starts affecting mutual relationships. If a house gets affected, discord and conflict among its members increases. All the money starts getting spent on health problems. Not only this, but due to this employment also starts fluctuating. The money invested in business gets stuck. Due to the evil eye, love cannot exist between family members.


Nazar Dosh in Astrology

These unfavorable conditions arise due to our planetary defects and the evil eye. Due to the evil eye, the positive energy around the person gets destroyed and obstacles start coming in all the auspicious works. Today we are going to give you information related to the same Nazar Dosh what are the symptoms of Nazar Dosh? Also, what are the tricks from which a person can get rid of Nazar Dosh very soon?


Symptoms of  Nazar Dosh


    • If the house gets an evil eye, then every day there is some kind of conflict in the house, and the atmosphere remains full of unrest.

    • If you look in the store, then there is an effect on the customers, negative energies do not give sale in the store.

    • If there is an evil eye in business, then there is no profit, and accidental loss has to be faced. If the effect is high, then the business may come to a standstill.

    • The effect of an evil eye on a person has a bad effect on his honor, prestige, and health. No work lets you succeed.

    • A child suddenly falls ill due to an evil eye. Their behavior becomes irritable.


Nazar Dosh Remedies


    • If the person has got the evil eye, then for this Panchmukhi Hanuman yantra should be worn. Hanuman Ji will protect the person from every evil eye and soon the flow of positive energy will start increasing in the aura of the person suffering from an eye defect.

    • Money Vastu Fengshui stone is very beneficial for people going through heavy losses in business and business failure, by applying it at the main place of business or shop, the person will get rid of their problem soon.

    • If you feel that your house or shop has got an evil eye, then place the eye Najar dosh Nivaran yantra with lemon and pepper at the main entrance of your house. After some time you will start to see a peaceful atmosphere in your home.

    • To remove the lack of happiness-prosperity and money and food in the house, place Nazar Raksha Kavach at the main entrance of the house.

    • One of the ancient remedies for the evil eye is two dry red chilies, a little salt, and some mustard seeds, rotate the child's head from top to bottom 3 times and then burn it. Through this process of burning till it turns into ashes, the child's evil eye will be lost immediately.

    • Protect the shop from the evil eye, and burn camphor and frankincense in the shop in the morning and evening. After burning camphor daily by tying the energized Rakshasutra, sprinkle Gangajal also.


When Should Najar Na Lagane Ka Yantra Apply? 


When you feel that your house is surrounded by some evil forces. If negative energy is obstructing every work, then worship it by keeping a device of Najar Na Lagane Ka Yantra in the house. This will keep the atmosphere of the house positive and happiness will come into the house.


If you feel that your life is being troubled due to a Najar dosh, then talk to Astrologer to get rid of it. An astrologer will provide you with the right solution to your problem so that there will be peace and happiness in your life.

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