Know About Lagna chart in astrology

Know About Lagna chart in astrology

We all know astrology that it is very useful for predicting the future and many types of charts are seen in the birth chart. But do you know which one is the most important chart out of all these charts? If you do not know which Kundali you should look for in the birth chart, then know about the Lagna Kundali from an astrologer.


What is Lagna Kundli?

The word Lagna is a definitional world of astrology. At the time of the birth of a person, whatever zodiac sign rises on the eastern horizon of the earth is called the Ascendant. The birth chart starts from this house. It is also called the first house. Many types of charts are made in a birth chart, the most important of all these charts is the Lagna Kundali. This magazine remains effective throughout life. The lord of the Ascendant is known as the Ascendant. Whenever any planet has to be calculated or to know what kind of result that planet will give, then it is seen from the perspective of the Ascendant.


How is Lagna Kundali Made?


We all know that the Earth revolves around the Sun. We all know that the position of stars in the sky changes after some time. They appear in a different place from their former place. The reason behind this we know is the rotation of the earth.


Due to the earth moving from west to east on its earth, each zodiac sign comes in one day in the east direction. There are 12 zodiac signs and there are 24 hours in the day, which that means around every 2 hours a new zodiac will come in the east direction of the earth.


This is used to prepare the Lagna Kundali in the birth chart. For the person whose birth chart is to be prepared, whatever zodiac sign is rising in the east direction at that time is considered the Ascendant. Later all the planets in relation to that zodiac are kept in the birth chart.


Significance of Lagna Kundali


  • The form, character, and nature of the person can be seen from the Ascendant Kundali. With this, the business and fame of the person are also seen.

  • From the Lagna Kundali, the person's body happiness can be known.

  • Success and failure in life can also be seen through Lagna Kundali. With this, the self-confidence and struggle of the person can also be seen.

  • The benefits of the native can also be seen from the Lagna Kundali about sorrow and pain.

  • Where will the native reside and foreign-related information can also be seen of the person?

  • The native's siblings and friends can also be known from the Lagna Kundali. 


How Many Types of Lagna Kundali are There?


There are twelve zodiac signs in the zodiac. Lagna Kundali is formed by all the zodiac signs, so there are a total of 12 Lagna Kundali. But there is only one Lagna Kundali for any one person. The twelve types of Lagna Kundali are as follows.

Aries Lagna Kundali
Taurus Lagna Kundali
Gemini Lagna Kundali
Cancer Lagna Kundali
Leo Lagna Kundali
Virgo Lagna Kundali
Libra Lagna Kundali
Scorpio Lagna Kundali
Sagittarius Lagna Kundali
Capricorn Lagna Kundali
Aquarius Lagna Kundali
Pisces Lagna Kundali


Lagna Kundali is made for each zodiac sign. If you also want to know about your life on the basis of your Lagna Kundali, then you can talk to Astrologer. An astrologer will tell you the exact things and remedies about your life after seeing your Lagna Kundali.


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