Kemdrum Yoga Effects On Life

Kemdrum Yoga Effects On Life

The fate of a man is analyzed through both auspicious and inauspicious yogas in his horoscope. These yogas are both auspicious and inauspicious. One such inauspicious yoga has been discussed in astrology, whose name is Kemdrum Yoga. It is said that if there is Kemdrum in a person's horoscope, then the results of auspicious yogas also become inactive. This yoga is formed in a person's horoscope due to the inauspicious effects of the planet Moon. Due to this yoga, the person remains mentally ill. He is afraid of the unknown. Along with this, he has to face financial crises many times in his life.


Kemdrum Yoga Is Formed In The Kundali

If the Moon is sitting alone in any house in a person's horoscope (there is no planet in front or behind it) and no planet is aspects the Moon, then Kemdrum Yoga is formed. The thing to be seen here is also in which zodiac sign the Moon is located and what are its parts. If the degree of the Moon is weak, then in this situation it is not very unfavorable even if it is an inauspicious yoga. 


What Is Kemdrum Yoga?

Moon is sitting alone in the horoscope and there is no one around it. Now you people see in your horoscope that if the moon is alone and the house next to it and the house behind it is empty, then Kemdrum Yoga is formed.

Even if Sun, Rahu, or Ketu are present behind the Moon, it should be considered alone. Because the moon will not get strength due to their stay.

If there is no planet in the center of the Moon, then the strength of Kemudram Yoga will increase.

No planet can see the moon. If you are feeling all these conditions then it is Kemudram Yoga. But if the front and back house of the Moon is vacant, then it will be in the horoscope of many people, but all the conditions are there for few people, which means there is no need to bother with Kemdrum Yoga.

Moon being alone means that there is no impact on any planet. The moon is also considered to be in infancy and even a lion is weak during infancy. In infancy, the parents do not leave him alone. That is, whatever planet the Moon gets the company of, the Moon enhances its qualities by assimilation.

In Kemudram Yoga, if the Moon is in the Krishna Paksha, then the mind remains more distracted.

Effect Of Kemdrum Yoga On Human Life

Due to this yoga, a person is likely to suffer from mental illness. The person remains confused. Can't take the right decision. Due to the weakness of the Moon, there are problems related to the stomach. Due to Kemdrum Yoga, a person has to face poverty. Also, due to this yoga, a person becomes suspicious and irritable by nature. There are many ups and downs in a person's life regarding money. Kemdrum yoga is worse in Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces ascendants. 



If You Have Kemdrum Yoga In Your Kundali Then Try This Remedy


  • Keep fast on Monday. Along with this, do Rudrabhishek of Lord Shiva.

  • Light a mustard oil lamp under the Peepal tree every Saturday.

  • Wear a silver bangle in your hand on Monday.

  • In auspicious times, install Kanakdhara Yantra in the place of worship and recite the Kanakdhara source daily.

  • Keep fast on Ekadashi.


Kemdrum Yoga is a negative yoga related to Moon. If you want to know more about Kemdrum Yoga and its effects then do an Astrology Phone Consultation.



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