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How Can we Know About Karma According to Astrology

How Can we Know About Karma According to Astrology

If a soul gets trapped in the tangled trap of life and death and reincarnation, there is no hope of getting out. The soul is born and comes back to life every time on this earth, to complete its previous actions. Karma that is not completed is believed to refer to the karma that was not fulfilled in the past existence of the person.

The Kundali is a way to see the future, and it is possible to discover the incomplete karma of an individual and the incomplete karma associated with this birth can be rectified to finish the. An experienced Kundali prediction astrologer is able to analyze the karma of a previous birth by looking at the horoscope.


What can people do to detect incomplete karma?


Your birth may be associated with the past. How do you find out the incomplete acts of an individual? The incomplete karmas from past lives are in fact the fruit of the karma of a person. If someone does not meet these karmas, then they will suffer the same fate at his second birth. The birth chart indicates the incomplete karma of a person and offers suggestions on how to fulfill the karma of this lifetime. What are the planets that suggest the incomplete works of an individual?

1. The 6th, 8th, and 12th houses are of great importance as these are the houses of Karma.

2. The 6th, 8th, and 12th house is a signification of the acts of past lives.

3. The Lord of the 6th, 8th, and 12th houses a symbol for the birth of earlier births.


Types of Karma



Sanchit Karma


Sanchit Karma is the karma taken by an individual prior to their birth. Sanchit Karma is a representation of the actions that were performed by an individual in theirs. The Sanchit Karma can be described as the record for all the Karmas that were second-born births that were performed by the person who was born. It may be for a time. The actions of previous lives could have an impact on your present. Based on the lives of the person it is determined what their future will unfold.

Prarabdha karma


Prarabdha karma is the karma that is already started for people. Whatever work one is doing in the present, one receives the outcome from Prarabdha Karma. Whatever effort a person is making, his actions will bring him success in that direction which is right. You can expect good or bad outcomes in your life, but it's determined by Prarabdha Karma. Sanchit Karma affecting the human body in the present incarnation is known as Prarabdha Karma.


Kriyamana Karma


Kriyamana Karma is the act that a person performs in his life. Depending on that karma, the person is subject to negative or positive consequences right away. If someone is successful, they build up Karma. If someone does well in the light of Kriyamana karma, they'll see good results, and if you do not, you will see negative results.


The concept of karma and the field of astrology


Karma is a Sanskrit word. Karma is a word with a profound meaning. It is the result of a number of actions that may be completed as expected. Karma is a method of knowledge that is founded in the Vedas or Upanishads and could provide a framework for an entire system. Karma theory declares that good events result from positive actions that were taken in the past, while negative results result from negative actions from a previous life that result in an assortment of events and reactions that run through the life of an individual. When we discuss the actions we've taken during the previous time. What we can enjoy in the present life, the results of this karma are contingent on the amount of positive or negative acts we've performed in the past.

Every act is either mental or emotional. Energy is released from what happens on the subtle or gross surface. In other words, it forms a seed. It is because of being a seed whether the karma results immediately after sowing it or not. We carry out our actions on the basis of karma which includes desires and love, hate and happiness. In the same way, you can expect that the results of Karma will be clear in a short time or in the future. Positive or negative results are based on the type of seed. If there is no immediate result in this birth, then perhaps something will happen in the second birth.

The Vedas declare that there is a person who has a desire that desire is his own wish. Karma as desired Whatever they decide to do, they will get the same result.


Don't blame people or circumstances when what has gone wrong in your life and rest assured, it is the result of your karma. If you know the connection between karma and astrology, talk to an astrologer to find the answer. It will play a guiding role and can help you in reducing your karmic problems.

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