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Kark Sankranti - Karka Sankranti

Kark Sankranti - Karka Sankranti

The sun enters each zodiac sign, so there are 12 Sankranti. Of these, Makar Sankranti and Cancer Sankranti are considered to be of special importance. The way fire element increases with Makar Sankranti and positive energy starts spreading all around. Similarly, there is an excess of water due to the cancer solstice. Due to this, negativity starts coming into the environment. In other words, the Uttarayan of the Sun leads to an increase in purity, and on the other hand, due to the Dakshinayan of the Sun, the negative energies begin to become dominant and the powers of the deities begin to weaken.

Dakshinayan starts from Karka Sankranti itself. Whose duration lasts for 6 months. Surya Dev resides in a zodiac sign for 1 month. Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, and Sagittarius have a period of Dakshinayan for 6 months. According to astrology, there are two ions in a year. Ion means change. This means the position of the sun changes twice a year. Sun stays in Uttarayan for 6 months and in Dakshinayan for 6 months.

Karka Sankranti Importance

Monsoon begins with Kark Sankranti. Which is considered a symbol of the time of agriculture. Which is an important source of income in the country. Dakshinayan ends with Makar Sankranti and is followed by Uttarayan.

Lord Vishnu is worshiped during all 4 months of Dakshinayan. During this, Pitra tarpan is done for the ancestors. People wait for Kark Sankranti for the peace of the souls of their ancestors.

Auspicious Work on Karka Sankranti

  • No auspicious work is done on the day of Karka Sankranti.

  • No auspicious work or new work is started on this day.

  • On the day of Kark Sankranti, works like worship, meditation, charity, and service are not done for auspicious work.

Kark Sankranti Punya Kaal

  • On the day of Kark Sankranti, on the entry of the Sun in Cancer, the mantra “Ghrini Suryaya Adityaya” is chanted 108 times.

  • On the day of Kark Sankranti, food, money, and clothes are donated to the poor.

  • Planting a Peepal or Banyan tree on the day of Kark Sankranti is considered auspicious.

  • If a person's Sun is down, then a copper bracelet or ring should be worn.

  • The mantra "Om Adityaya Namah" should be chanted as much as possible anytime during the day before sunset on the day of Sankranti.

Karka Sankranti Puja Vidhi

  • Waking up early in the morning on the day of Kark Sankranti, being free from daily activities, bathing in a holy river, pond, or water tank.

  • After taking a bath, Arghya is offered to the Sun God.

  • Surya Mantra is chanted after offering Arghya.

  • After this Lord Vishnu is worshipped.

  • Sahastranam source is chanted after the puja.

  • From which peace and good fortune can be attained.

  • Sun God is worshiped along with Lord Vishnu on Kark Sankranti to attain good health and prosperity.

Story of Karka Sankranti

There is a traditional belief in the scriptures that Lord Vishnu Ji gets very tired while taking charge of the creation. Then Mother Lakshmi ji requests God that for some time she should give the worries and burden of creation to Mahadev. Then Mahadev ji comes down to the earth from the Himalayas and he manages all the activities of the world for 4 months.

When 4 months are over. So Shivji ji returns back towards Kailash. It is the day of Ekadashi. Which is also known as Devuthani Ekadashi or Dev Prabodhini Ekadashi. Harihar meets on this day. Gods change their work among themselves because Lord Shiva is a monk even when he is busy and marriage etc. is considered prohibited in his rule; Still, Puja and other festivals are celebrated with great pomp.

Actually, the gold of the deities is symbolic. Some auspicious stars also vanish these days. By whose rising, auspicious blessings are obtained in auspicious works. Along with the Sun God, many other gods also go to sleep on Kark Sankranti. Lord Shiva had taken care of the burden of creation on Kark Sankranti.

That's why the importance of worshiping Lord Shiva increases in the month of Shravan and thus the festivals begin. That's why only the practice of earning merit and worshiping God is included in this period.

Importance of donation on Karka Sankranti

On the day of Karka Sankranti, before sunrise, bathe in the holy rivers and pray to the Sun God for eternal health. The worship of Lord Shiva, Vishnu, and Sun God is considered to be of special importance on the day of Kark Sankranti. Vishnu Sahastra Naam is chanted on the day of Kark Sankranti.

No auspicious work or new work is started for 4 months from Kark Sankranti. During this, the work of charity, worship, and virtue starts. On this day charity is done for the peace of the souls of the ancestors. There is a special importance in worshiping Lord Vishnu on Kark Sankranti. This worship continues till Devuthani Ekadashi.


The main purpose of worship and fasting on Kark Sankranti is to get relief from all the bad aspects of life. Lord Varaha Swami is worshiped in Vishnu temples on Karka Sankranti. Chaturmas starting from Shravan to Kartik month falls during Dakshinayan. Chaturmasam is a festive period of four months. Lord Vishnu is worshiped during this. It is believed that one day of God's life is equal to one year of human life. Hence, Dakshinayana marks the beginning of the nighttime for the deities. To know more about the date, auspicious time, and importance of Cancer Sankranti, talk to astrologers.

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