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Jupiter Mahadasha: Guru Dasha Effects

Jupiter Mahadasha: Guru Dasha Effects

The planet Jupiter (Guru dasha meaning) is known as Guru Graha and Brihaspati. The planet Jupiter is known to bless a person with qualities like knowledge, intelligence, health, wealth, authority, and power. Apart from this, Jupiter is such a planet. Which is also known as a planet with little or no negative impact on a person's life. It is one of those planets that will give a person everything his heart desires. Additionally, due to these qualities, the Mahadasha of the planet Jupiter is considered to be one of the most fortunate, beneficial, and auspicious periods in a person's life. Jupiter Mahadasha or Guru Mahadasha lasts for a period of 16 years in a person's life. When we talk about the planet Jupiter. So we should remember that it is considered the master of all the planets. This is also one of the reasons why it is called Guru Graha.

The planet Jupiter is known to bring a lot of beneficial and positive effects in a person's life. The period of Jupiter Dasha or Guru Dasha is one of the most enjoyable and auspicious periods in a person's life. Mahadasha of Jupiter in the Kundli or when a person is affected by Jupiter Dasha.

Guru Dasha Effects

The planet Jupiter does not have much negative effect. However, the first effect involves a person losing the money they have deposited. There is a possibility of sudden money loss to the person. Natives may also lose their prestige in the society. Apart from this, this is another bad and negative effect of the planet Jupiter. that it may cause you to lose all your trusted friends and well-wishers. The native will feel at times that he is all alone.

The natives are also prone to experience problems with their health. One or the other problem will always remain for these people. There are also chances that the native will suffer from some major or even life-long issue. The native will also have to face many problems in completing his education. Like experiencing a sudden drop in their grades. Along with this, the natives with the ongoing Jupiter dasha are at risk of experiencing career-related problems as well. A person will find it difficult to get a job and when he gets a job. So it will become even more difficult for him to maintain it.

The natives will also suffer from self-confidence issues and their concentration level will be lacking for a long period of time. Because their mind will keep on distracting them. They will find it difficult to find a life partner and will be able to get married only after a lot of struggle. The interest of the natives in subjects related to spirituality will also be seen decreasing. Their interest will move away from the direction of spirituality and turn towards supernatural and esoteric studies. The native may also face delays and problems in progeny.

The native will also have to face many unfortunate incidents in his life. Apart from this, they will feel that everything is going wrong with them and nothing is going right for them. The natives will also find that most of the decisions taken by them turn out to be wrong most of the time. This will also be a reason for his downfall. The person will have to face a lot of problems with his family also. He will always find himself in the middle of a dispute with his family. The behavior of the native will also become a major reason for them having such bad and negative experiences. Thus it is advised that the person whose Jupiter Dasha is running. He should always control his behavior.

Result of Guru Mahadasha

It is one of the positive effects of Mahadasha running from very early in a person's life. That he will be blessed with lots of wealth in his life. The native will also be very good academically. The period of Jupiter Mahadasha is known as one such time. During which a person is blessed with good marks.

Apart from this the natives having Mahadasha of Jupiter will also be blessed in the aspects of law and justice. If there is a case going on against the person. So there is a strong possibility of the person being victorious in the period of this Mahadasha. Natives will enjoy a very peaceful and happy married life. They will get the support of such a partner. One who will understand them completely and also there will be no chances of arguments and troubles in their life.

A new urge to gain insight and knowledge about spirituality will arise among the natives. Apart from this, they will also be spiritually inclined during this period. Natives will become more mature and sensible. These changes will be visible to his companions. As Jupiter is considered the planet of knowledge and wisdom. The native will also be blessed with good intelligence and knowledge during the period of Jupiter and Guru Mahadasha.

The native will also be very famous. They can be very popular among their peers and social group. The person will also get a lot of respect during the period of Guru Dasha. This will be mainly because of the work done by them. Thus the individual would become a highly respected figure in his social group. Jupiter's Mahadasha in the horoscope tells that the nature of the natives will also be very kind. The native will also get the full support of his gurus. As Jupiter is known as Guru Graha. Hence one of its positive effects is a person gets a lot of help and guidance from his gurus.

The natives will also get family happiness. He will not have any disputes with his family. Apart from this, they will also share a very loving and caring bond with all the members of their family. The decisions of the native will prove to be very lucky for him during the ongoing period of Jupiter Mahadasha. The native will also be very honest by nature. Honesty is something that the natives possess. Because of this quality of theirs, they will be highly respected and loved by their peers.

Jupiter Mahadasha Marriage

According to marriage predictions, the year when both Shani and Guru aspect the seventh house or ascendant, then the chances of marriage are formed. In the Mahadasha-Antardasha of Saptamesh or the Mahadasha-Antardasha of Venus-Guru, there is a strong possibility of marriage. Marriage is possible in the Mahadasha-Antardasha of the planet situated in the seventh house or the planet sitting with the seventh lord.

Guru Mahadasha Remedies

  • The person is advised to apply turmeric or sandalwood tilak regularly. It will protect the individuals from the negative effects of Jupiter as well as help in pacifying the individual.

  • The native is also advised to wear lots of yellow jewelry. It is also advisable in yellow. That during this time the person should prefer to wear gold ornaments.

  • It is also advised that one should include a lot of yellow in their wardrobe and try to wear shades of yellow regularly.

  • Before starting a new venture or business an individual to achieve positive and beneficial results. Donation of turmeric in the temple for a person will be very effective.

  • The person should also feed jaggery to the cow. This is another remedy that will prevent a person from experiencing the negative effects of Jupiter Mahadasha.

  • A person is also advised to observe fast on Thursdays regularly.

  • Apart from this one should also worship Lord Vishnu to please him and avoid any negative effects of Brihaspati Mahadasha.

  • A person should also chant Guru Mantra 28 times or 108 times regularly.

  • The fasting of person on a full moon will also help that person to please Lord Vishnu.

  • Gemstones are known to influence a person's life. They can also help protect a person from suffering from the negative effects of Jupiter Mahadasha. That's why a person is advised to wear Pukhraj stone.

  • Offering butter oil on the Shivling can also help a person to ward off the negative effects of Jupiter dasha or Mahadasha.

  • Apart from this, it is also advisable. That person should water the banana tree regularly.

  • One should also help elders, the poor, and children.

  • As Jupiter is known as Guru Graha. A person is advised to seek the help and respect of his gurus.


These effects then come on the faces of a person. When Jupiter Mahadasha is going on in his horoscope. Also if you are curious to know which Mahadasha you are experiencing and what are its effects in your life. If you want detailed information about Jupiter Mahadasha's meaning. So visit Instaastro's website or download the app. Where you can talk to certified and best astrologers for this. Apart from this, they will also help you by providing solutions and answers to all your problems and queries. Talk to astrologers to know more about Jupiter Mahadasha.

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