June Cancer vs July Cancer

June Cancer vs July Cancer

Almost all people born between June 21 and July 22 have a Cancer Sun, their Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, and rising signs are completely separate which means Cancer will share traits, but differ from people Can relate, express their views, and pursue their goals in contradictory ways. Everyone's birth chart is unique, as the placement of planets varies depending on the year, day, and even minute of our birth so not all Cancerians will have the same personality. But there is a real astrological difference between the Cancer of June and the Cancer of July.

June vs July Cancer

Cancer is a zodiac sign ruled by the Moon, the planet of emotions, homes, and families. But most July Cancers are second or third-decade Cancers, which means they have a secondary planet manifesting the energy of their sign. Because June Born Cancer is completely ruled by the Moon, the Moon embodies the quintessential strengths and weaknesses of Cancer. Some of the most famous Cancer traits include being passionate, comfort-seeking, and compassionate. This perfectly describes most Cancers born in June.

There is a mystical quality about July Cancerians such that navigating the shadowy, intangible world of emotions comes easily to July Cancerians. This is because they are Cancers of either the second or third decades, which means that Rahu or Ketu is assigned as their cosmic co-ruler. Both the planets Rahu and Ketu bring an interesting sense of mystery to Cancer's life as Ketu rules all things powerful and Rahu rules all things mysterious. July Cancer people are a bit difficult to read due to their dreamy and secretive influences.

June Cancer vs July Cancer Personality

All Cancers are led by their emotions and feel them deeply and this is even more true for Cancer born in the month of June. As the only decan of Cancer ruled purely by the emotional Moon, these Crabs are often more sensitive, soft-hearted, and more swayed by their sentimentality than their July Born counterparts. His endless emotional capacity and caring are his strengths, but it also gives him the classic temperament of a Cancer.

Cancers are represented by the symbol of the crab – so when they feel very vulnerable, they often withdraw and keep everyone but their closest companions at arm's length. This is especially true for third decan Cancer, as their co-ruling planets are Rahu and Ketu. Rahu and Ketu are the most intense planets of the bunch, so their influence can make Cancerians born in July extra protective about their emotions and the safety of their sensitive hearts. It can take longer to get to know them, as they tend to keep their guard up until they feel comfortable with others.

June Cancer Personality

In astrology, the Moon is the significator of the mother, which is often considered a similar figure because of its association with home, comfort, and security. First Decan Cancers arguably evoke motherly vibes of the moon, they are often more nurturing than the average crab. When it comes to creating safe spaces where people can be vulnerable and soft, these naturally born June Cancers are caregivers par excellence. They know exactly how to console the pain of others and can make anyone feel loved no matter what the listener is offering.

July Cancer Personality

Being kind is one of the most endearing and powerful traits of the July Cancer. But when it comes to picking up on other people's untold feelings and subtle emotions, July-born Cancerians have a sense of another world. July Cancers are co-ruled by the mystical planets Rahu and Ketu, which gives them a stronger intuition than most Cancers. For these empathetic Cancers, their feelings and those of other people blend together. While this can be a gift, it is also important to set boundaries to avoid feeling responsible for healing other people's pain.


Cancerians are sensitive and emotional and are very happy in the comfort of their home and family. They perform at their best in a peaceful environment on the domestic front. Nurtured by their basic nature, Cancerians possess a deep maternal instinct and are full of innate and natural wisdom. Talk to astrology to know more about June Cancer and July Cancer.

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