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Importance of Rahu: Mantra, Career, and Characteristics of Rahu

Importance of Rahu: Mantra, Career, and Characteristics of Rahu

Rahu is known as the planet that confuses the intellect and cruel nature among the planets. Rahu is also a factor in politics and diplomacy-related matters. If Rahu is in an auspicious position and strength in the horoscope, then only you can get a job with the help of a politician because Rahu is also considered the karaka planet of politicians and ambassadors.

The calculation of Rahu in Vedic astrology differs in all the zodiac signs. The position of Rahu in a high-low sign, self-sign, or position in the Mooltrikon zodiac in a horoscope, the results of all are different. If Rahu is in Virgo in the Kundli, then Rahu is considered to be his own sign. If Rahu is in Cancer, then it is considered to be in its Mooltrikona Rashi. If Rahu is situated in Taurus in the Kundli then it will be the exalted position of Rahu. Rahu will be called exalted. This is the very strong state of Rahu. Rahu is considered to be exalted in the Gemini sign.

If Rahu is situated in Scorpio in the Kundli, then it will be said to be in its debilitated sign. Rahu is considered to be debilitated in the Sagittarius sign from the difference. This position of Rahu is opposite to its exalted sign. Having a debilitated Rahu can increase the tendency to ruminate within you.


Friends and Enemy Planets Of Rahu


The natural friends of Rahu are Mercury, Venus, and Saturn. Mars and Jupiter are considered to have an equal relationship with Rahu. The enemies of Rahu are Sun and Moon.

Apart from the natural friendship, there is also the immediate friendship of the planets. It is based on the position of the planets in the horoscope. The house in which Rahu is situated in your Kundali, three houses ahead of that house and three houses behind the same house will be considered as friends of Rahu. Even if that planet is a natural enemy.


Rahu Beej Mantra


ॐ भ्रां भ्रीं भ्रौं स: राहुवे नम:



Om Bram Breem Braum Sah Rahuve Namah


Rahu Vedic Mantra


ऊँ कयानश्चित्र आभुवदूतीसदा वृध: सखा . कयाशश्चिष्ठया वृता .

Om kayanashchitra aabhuvadutisada Vrudhah sakha. Kayashchishthaya Vruta.


Remedies to Remove Rahu Negative Effects


The bad effects of Rahu can be avoided by donating black, and blue flowers, coconut, radish, mustard, sapphire, coal, coins, and blue clothes to a person on Saturday evening. One can keep the planet Rahu happy by tying a coconut and 11 almonds in black cloth on Saturday evening and pouring it in running water.


Characteristics of Rahu


Rahu gives a tendency to research, ruthless speech in the causative things of Rahu, life abroad, travel, famine, desires, stains on the skin, skin diseases, reptiles, snakes and snake venom, poison, epidemic, immoral woman regards, grandfather, grandmother, futile arguments, provocative speech, gimmicks, widowhood, pain and swelling, drowning, darkness, hurtful words, low caste, wicked woman, gambler, heretic, cunning, narrow-minded, behind the back evil-doers, hypocrites.


Rahu Related Career and Business


According to career predictions, Rahu represents the legs, the respiratory system in the body. It gives dispassionate, knowledgeable, eccentric, foreign trips. Rahu makes a person do research work, risky work, law, scholarship, medicine, telephone, electricity, air airline, ship-related work, aircraft driving, computer, electronics, and information technology, harsh and cruel nature business, skin and Leather, magic, corpse related mortuaries, slaughterhouses, foul-smelling places, snake charmers, wrestlers, lowly works, butchers, thefts, witchcraft, gambling, poisonous drugs, newly discovered objects, and their work, scientific research, and electronegativity Can provide work in the field.


According to astrology, the effect of Rahu is very deep on the life of a person, due to which he is considered like a planet. If you want to know about the planet Rahu, then talk to astrology.

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