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Importance of Mars: Mantra, Career, and Characteristics of Mars

Importance of Mars: Mantra, Career, and Characteristics of Mars

In astrology, the planet Mars is mainly depicted as a commander. It is the significator of strength, courage, and virility. Mars represents physical and mental strength and strength. Due to the strong influence of Mars, a person gets a sense of courage, fighting ability, and mildness. Due to the influence of Mars, the person generally does not bow down to any kind of pressure. Courage, physical strength, and mental ability are obtained through Mars. Mars has the right in the field of police, army, fire-fighting services, enthusiasm and enthusiasm in sports, etc. is obtained only through the influence of Mars.

Mars is defined in astrology as courage, younger siblings, inner strength, immovable property, disease, enmity, blood surgery, science, logic, land, fire, defense, stepmother, intense lust, anger, hatred, and violence. The planet is the cause of sin, resistance, accidental death, murder, accident, bravery, opponents, and loss of morals.


Friends and Enemy Planets Of Mars


The friendly planets of Mars are Sun, Moon, and Jupiter. The planet having an enemy relation with Mars is Mercury. Saturn and Venus have an equal relationship with Mars. Mars is the lord of Aries and Scorpio. The Mooltrikon Rashi of Mars in Aries, in this zodiac, Mars is in its zodiac when it is between 0 degrees to 12 degrees. Mars occupies an exalted position in Capricorn.

When Mars is situated in the Cancer sign, it is debilitated. Mars is a male dominant planet. Mars represents the south direction. To get all the auspicious results of Mars, coral, Raktmani also known as Tamda, any one of these gems can be worn. The red color is worn for Mars. The lucky number of Mars is 9.


Mars Beej Mantra


" ॐ क्रां क्रौं क्रौं स: भौमाय नम:"

Om kran kraon kraon sah Bhaumay namah


Mars Vedic Mantra


"ॐ घरणीगर्भसंभूतं विद्युत कन्ति सम प्रभम।

कुमार भक्तिहस्तं च मंगल प्रणामाभ्यहम।। "

"Om Dharanigarbhasambhutam Vidyut Kanti Sam Prabham.

Kumar Bhaktihastam Cha Mangal Pranamabhyaham. 


Remedies to Remove Mars Negative Effects


To avoid the ill effects of Mars and to get auspicious results, things related to Mars can be donated. Copper, wheat, ghee, red clothes, red flowers, sandalwood, and lentils. These donations are done 48 minutes before the sun sets on Tuesday and in the middle of sunset. For Mars, deities like Ganapati, Hanuman, Kartikeya, etc. should be worshipped.


Characteristics of Mars


If Mars is in its exalted sign in the Ascendant or Mars is in the Ascendant, or if the birth sign of a person is one of the signs of Mars, then there is an effect of Mars on the person's complexion. Due to its effect, the person is of medium stature, angry, thin-skinned, cruel, fickle intellect, and biliary in nature. Mars represents pitta, hands, eyes, anus, and blood in the body.

A debilitated or afflicted Mars can cause cuts, wounds, pain in the eyes, bile, and blood pressure from any part of the body. Hemorrhoids, wounds, itching, broken bones. Diseases like urinary complaints, jaundice, bleeding, tumors, and epilepsy can affect it. Mars gives a person the qualities of a warrior, autocrat, and dictator by nature.


Mars Related Career and Business


According to career predictions, If Mars, being the lord of the field of work, makes a relation with the fire-containing planets like Sun, then the person earns money from the works related to fire. Can work in furnace work, electrical work, food preparation, or factories.

Mars also dominates the works related to land wealth. It is related to land, property, and house. When Mars is forming a relationship with Chaturdesh, then the person gets income or wealth from land rent, etc. Due to Mars, a person is also going to do property-related work and he also gets good benefits in this area.


In astrology, Mars is depicted as a commander. It is a factor of strength and courage. Mars represents physical and mental strength. If you want to know more about Mars, then talk to astrologers.

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