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Importance of Jupiter: Mantra, Career, and Characteristics of Jupiter

Importance of Jupiter: Mantra, Career, and Characteristics of Jupiter

Jupiter (Guru) is considered to be the most auspicious planet among the nine planets of astrology. Guru is primarily a factor to develop spirituality. They are associated with places of pilgrimage and temples, holy rivers, and religious activities. The planet Jupiter is considered to be a factor for working in many types of fields like teachers, astrologers, philosophers, and writers. In other causative things of Guru, son, life partner, wealth, educational guru, intelligence, education, astrology, craftsmanship, good qualities, reverence, sacrifice, prosperity, religion, faith, religious works, rajasic respect can be seen.

Jupiter is helpful in providing positive energy in most areas of life. Due to their positive attitude, the person keeps trying to solve the most difficult times easily. Jupiter makes optimists and does not allow despair to enter life. Due to the good influence of Jupiter, the person is inclined to take the family along with him. Under the influence of Jupiter, a person becomes a bank, income tax, cashier, revenue, temple, charitable institution, legal field, judge, court, lawyer, editor, principal, educationist, stock market, capitalist, philosopher, astrologer, knowledge of Vedas and scriptures.


Friends and Enemy Planets Of Jupiter


The friend planets of Jupiter are Sun, Moon, and Mars. The enemy planets of Jupiter Mercury, Venus, and Saturn have an equal relationship with Jupiter. Jupiter is ruled by Pisces and Sagittarius. The root triangle of Jupiter is Sagittarius. In this zodiac, Jupiter is situated between 0 degrees to 10 degrees on its Mooltrikon degrees. When Jupiter is at 5 degrees in Cancer, it is at its exalted zodiac degrees. Jupiter is debilitated at 5 degrees in Capricorn, Jupiter is said to be a male-dominated planet, it is the causative planet of the north-east direction. To get all the auspicious results of Jupiter, the topaz gemstone is worn. The auspicious color of Guru is Pitambari Yellow. The auspicious numbers of Jupiter are 3, 12, and 21. The presiding deities of the Guru are Indra, Shiva, Brahma, and Lord Vishnu.


Jupiter Beej Mantra


ऊँ ग्रां ग्रीं ग्रौं स: गुरुवे नम:

Om Gran Green Graun sah Guruve Namah


Jupiter Vedic Mantra


देवानां च ऋषिणा च गुर्रु कान्चन सन्निभम ।

बुद्यिभूतं त्रिलोकेश तं गुरुं प्रण्माम्यहम ।।

Devanam cha rishina cha guru kanchan sannibham.

Budhibhutam trilokesh tan gurum pranamamyaham.


Remedies to Remove Jupiter Negative Effects


The following things should be donated to get the auspiciousness of Guru. Gold, Pukhraj, ruby, gram donation, salt, turmeric, yellow rice, yellow flowers, or laddus. Donating these items on Thursday evening is considered auspicious.


Characteristics of Jupiter


If Jupiter is strong in the Ascendant house, or if the Sagittarius or Pisces sign of Jupiter is in the Ascendant house, or if any of the signs of Jupiter is the birth sign of the person, then the person's appearance is affected by the Jupiter. Guru gives wisdom to the intellect, wisdom, happiness, and perfection of all things. The strong influence of Jupiter makes the native a sweet eater and fond of different types of dishes and delicacies. Jupiter produces the effect of fat, due to which the person affected by Jupiter can become fat, along with this, the person is of clean complexion, phlegm nature, and well-formed body.

If Jupiter is weak in the Kundli or is under the influence of sinful planets, it is debilitated or weak, then the person will have cheek-bladder, lack of blood, body ache, mentally disturbed, upset stomach, piles, air disorder, ear, Diseases related to lungs or navel, problems like wandering of the brain, fever, indigestion, hernia, brain, cataract, toxic, enlargement of ovaries, unconsciousness can disturb. When Jupiter is weak, many diseases like diabetes and gall bladder-related diseases can affect the person. When Jupiter is debilitated or weak in the horoscope, the fat of the person's body also starts increasing, due to which he can also become very fat. The predominance of inauspicious Rahu on Jupiter takes away spirituality and religious works, a person may be deceiving people in the name of religion and spirituality.


Jupiter Related Career and Business


According to career predictions, Jupiter becomes the significator of wealth and helps in giving financial progress. When Jupiter, being the lord of the second and eleventh houses in the horoscope, makes a relation with the tenth house, affecting the ascendant, then the person can earn money by doing work related to bank officer, movable property, or earn a living by rent, interest.


Jupiter is considered an auspicious planet among all the planets. Along with this, he is considered to be the factor of knowledge, wisdom, and wealth. From this, it is clear that if Jupiter is exalted and strong in the Kundli, then naturally it gives auspicious results. If you want to know about the planet Jupiter, then talk to astrology.

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