How To Predict Horoscope Matching for Marriage?

How To Predict Horoscope Matching for Marriage?

It is said that marriage is not a game, marriage does not happen again and again in life, and at least we want that marriage should happen only once and the life partner should be such, with whom to spend life as one. Feel like planning a lovely journey. To make this journey pleasant after getting married, one of the efforts made for this is -: Horoscope matching. Be it a marriage with the person chosen by the family or a love marriage, in the end, everyone wants to see their married life happy. According to our elders and some experienced persons, the horoscopes of boy and girl should be matched before getting married and if their horoscopes match, then only marriage should be done, otherwise not.


Kundali Matching is Necessary For Marriage or Not?


It is true that Astrology is a science and it can tell whether the Nakshatras of the boy and girl are favorable or unfavorable for marriage, on the other hand, some people also believe that the planets for successful married life - It is not necessary to meet constellations, but love, trust, and mutual understanding are needed. matching of Gunas, Nakshatras, etc. is a matter of belief, so it cannot be said whether horoscope matching is necessary for a successful marriage or not.

Horoscope matching means studying astrology. According to the marriage horoscope by date of birth, place of birth, and other information of the boy and the girl, and then by studying the horoscopes of both, an attempt is made to find out whether there will be mutual harmony in their future life or not. Generally, the career, nature, health, and whole life of that person are described in the horoscope. While matching horoscopes for marriage, things related to matching qualities, etc. are kept in mind.


36 Gunas for Horoscope Matching


Ashtakoot Gunas are observed in horoscope matching at the time of marriage. In this, 8 Gunas of Nadi, 7 Gunas of Bhakoot, 6 Gunas of Gana Maitri, 5 Gunas of Grah Maitri, 4 Gunas of Yoni Maitri, 3 Gunas of Tara, 2 Gunas of Vasya and 1 Guna of Varna are matched. In this way, there is a total of 36 qualities.

After marriage, the bride and groom should be friendly to each other, the happiness of children, increase wealth, long life, because of this only 36 qualities of both sides are matched. In Muhurtchintamani Granth, Ashtakoot includes Varna, Vasya, Tara, Yoni, Graha Maitri, Gana, Bhakoot and Nadi.


How Many Gunas are Required to get Married?


The meeting of at least 18 Gunas of bride and groom is considered right for marriage. If 18 to 21 qualities are found out of a total of 36 qualities, matching is considered moderate. On getting more Gunas than this, it is called auspicious marriage matching. It is considered very rare to get the 36 qualities of any bride and groom. According to religious beliefs, 36 Gunas were found only in Lord Shriram and Sita.


When Not To Marry


If the matching of your Kundli is less than 18 Gunas i.e. 17 Gunas, then marriage should not be done. It is widely believed that such a marriage cannot be happy. This should be avoided.


Points to be Noted in Horoscope Matching


If there is Manglik Dosh in someone's horoscope or they are Manglik, then they should be married to a person with Manglik Kundli only. They should not be married to a normal person. If marriage happens, it is not considered good for their life.


What can You do if the Kundli does not Match?


Sometimes it happens that the horoscope is not found or the Gunas are not found in sufficient quantity in the horoscope, in such a situation, astrologers suggest ways to overcome it, and in these measures, fasting, worshiping, or wearing a gem, etc. There are, by adopting the defects of the horoscope can be removed and steps can be taken toward a successful married life.


Kundali Matching is done at the time of marriage in the Hindu religion. In this, the Gunas of both the parties are matched, on that basis, it is decided whether the marriage can happen or not and talk to astrologers about whether your horoscope match or not.

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