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How to Identify Original Rudraksha

How to Identify Original Rudraksha

Rudraksha is also known as Rudraksha Ratna, Rudraksha Bead, and Rudraksha Gem. It is a very sacred item in Hinduism. Rudraksha is the hard and dark-colored fruit of a tree in the Himalayas. Whose botanical or scientific name is Aleocarpus gunitrus.

How to Identify Real Rudraksha

Before buying Rudraksha, only one question comes to the mind of a person “How to identify the original Rudraksha? Unlike most Rudraksha dealers we have the answer.

1. Rudraksha Authenticity Test

For this, we have to find out, that the number of Rudraksha's inner seeds should be equal to the number of Mukhi's, which are on its outer structure. If the number of seeds is not equal to the number of Mukhi, then the outer surface of the Rudraksha is likely to be tampered with. It is necessary to take a certificate along with buying Rudraksha

It can be easily detected by an expert. There are some exceptions to the test, which are as follows-

If the face of a Rudraksha is less developed. But the number of seeds inside it is more. So only an expert can tell whether the Rudraksha is real or fake.

This test is good for Rudrakshas of Nepali and Indonesian origin. This is the closest test to knowing the genuineness of Rudraksha, but this test also has some limitations.

Many times when Rudrakshas are cut we have seen that the seeds are not well developed and hence appear like very minute cavities or dots.

Now every time there is no need to cut any bead to test Rudraksh, rather X-ray of Rudraksh has to be done. In such a situation, the seeds which do not grow well may not come out well.

2. Rudraksha floating in water test

The test like 'Rudraksh sinking in water is original and Rudraksh floating in water is duplicate' is just a myth. We can never say this type of test is correct to identify a genuine Rudraksha.

Real Rudraksha can either float or sink in water depending upon the substance or moisture trapped in the Rudraksha. A genuine Rudraksha that is not oiled is very dry and light in weight.

Similarly, a bead that is heavy or stained with oil or kept in water for some time will sink due to moisture in it. A bead recently plucked from a tree may sink due to moisture in it.

If the same bead is kept in a box for a few years, it will start floating when immersed in water due to its dryness. Furthermore, the same dry bead, if placed in water for a few hours or days, will absorb water and slowly begin to sink.

When a Rudraksha is immersed in a glass of water, it finds its level of buoyancy from the bottom to the top of the glass depending on the level of moisture in the water.

Thus it has been proven that any authentic bead will either float or sink depending on the moisture content in that bead. This also happens because the bead of Rudraksha moves towards the floatation level in the center of the glass.

Similarly, if a drop of metal is dropped inside a Rudraksha, it will sink in water. Thus it is also not correct to say that Rudraksh will be real if immersed in water.

Even if some people are in favor of testing the waters, one needs to ask them a simple question. The Rudraksha may be original but how does the water test prove the genuineness of the Mukhi (facets) present in it.

The Mukhi can be engraved on a real heavy Rudraksha that is immersed in water. Hence, in any case, it cannot be proved whether the Rudraksha bead is genuine or fake. It just proves whether it is dry or moist Rudraksha, nothing else.

3. Rudraksha Test in Milk

It is often claimed by many fraudsters or ignorant sellers that a genuine Rudraksha when kept in a jar of milk. So the color of milk changes. Many times it happens that the Rudraksha beads are coated with mud by the farmers to protect them from insects.

So once a clay-coated Rudraksha is put in milk, it starts losing its coating and changes the color of the milk. This coating can also be done on fake beads which will bring the same change in milk.

Also, even though some people believe that there is some meaning or logic to it, yet this test does not prove the authenticity of the Rudraksha's Mukhi. This is usually done to increase the sale of fake Rudraksha.

4. Copper Coin Test

Several other criteria have been written to prove the authenticity of a Rudraksha bead such as rolling between two coins and changing the color of milk after soaking the Rudraksha in it for a night.

But all these are not correct parameters because a bead with a magnetic field rotates and if the bead is stained with soil it loses its colour. So we should not care about these doubts and misconceptions.

5. Duplicate Rudraksha

Duplicate Rudrakshas are found in different places all over the world. But are easily found in places like Rishikesh and Haridwar in Uttaranchal, India, and throughout Nepal. Apart from this, nowadays Rudraksha beads are not fake but the faces on them are fake.

A skilled craftsman can convert a low-priced Rudraksha Mukhi into a high Mukhi Rudraksha bead by giving it a neat extra cut, which will fetch a higher price.

Similarly, he can hide some of the Mukhi (facets) on a low-priced Rudraksha bead, thereby converting it into a low Mukhi bead, which will fetch him a higher price. Only an experienced eye can detect it.

These artisans use superfine glue to join two or three low-priced beads together and convert them into a highly-priced Gaurishankar or highly-priced Trijuti Rudraksha.

Yet these glued beads can be detected by submerging them completely in steamed (not boiling) water. There is a possibility that this hot water will loosen the glue from the inside and separate the two or three artificially attached pearls from each other.

Due to the use of superfine glue by artisans nowadays it is likely that the beads will not separate, so ultimately it is the experienced eye that can tell.

Many other trees that do not belong to the Eleocarpaceae granitrus family bear fruits that look similar to Rudraksha beads. This can be very confusing. Because a normal eye cannot immediately perceive the difference.

Ultimately the only way to convince yourself or buy Rudraksha beads is on trust. Rudraksha should be purchased from genuine suppliers who are accountable to the public.

Buying Rudraksha is like buying gemstones in that the buyer buys only from a trusted supplier. Thus buyers should also contact other suppliers before purchasing these pearls.

That's why we request that whenever you buy any Rudraksh, buy it from a trusted source only. Actually, there is no real way to find out the genuineness of any Rudraksha.

Only an experienced person can differentiate between real and fake. But eyes can always be deceiving. So this is our opinion to you, buy Rudraksha only after a thorough investigation. Never try to buy cheap Rudraksha.

6. Fake Rudraksha leaves colour

Color is done on fake Rudraksha. Fake Rudraksha starts losing its color after keeping it immersed in mustard oil for some time. It does not have any effect on the original Rudraksha. This is the best way to identify Rudraksha.


Everyone is told to wear Rudraksha according to their body condition. People get wonderful results after wearing Rudraksha. But its effect is only when it is used correctly according to the rules. If the rules are not followed for wearing Rudraksha, then its benefits are not available. If you want to know more about how to identify the real Rudraksha, then talk to astrologers.

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