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How To Get Accurate Future Predictions?

How To Get Accurate Future Predictions?

How can I skyrocket my business exponentially? When will I see a considerable decrease in the irrecoverable losses in my life? When will I get thriving success in my job? When will I find my soulmate and have a God-ordained marriage with the right one? Do you keep overthinking about such thoughtful questions? If yes, then you can consult astrology.

We all ardently desire to have future predictions for the aforementioned curious questions that occupy our minds day in and day out. Undoubtedly, the answers to these questions help us live a wonderful life by reducing obstacles.


Astrology Is A Science


From time immemorial, people have seen the magic of astrology in their lives to a great extent. It is quintessential to take guidance from a famed astrologer who is instrumental in reading the charts and giving valuable information to humanity.


In the fastest growing digital world, getting online astrology consultations is like a cakewalk.


Getting The Best Future Prediction Is The Key


There are innumerable astrologers in the world and finding the right astrologer is a difficult task for people. Additionally, when it comes to clarifying your doubts about career astrology, and marriage astrology then you should focus on the best astrologer.


Vital Factors To Know For Getting Future Predictions From The Astrologer


An astrologer must be well-versed in doing thoughtful readings on your past life too. Furthermore, the readings are then synced by the current positions of divine planets in your chart. 



Type of Charts



Miscarriage is a very painful experience for any woman or couple. However, aAn astrologer must be remarkably good at reading multifarious charts during online astrology consultations, namely:


  • D-1 chart (also known as a natal chart or the Rashi chart): It is one of the general charts that tells about numerous facets of a person’s life.

  • D-60 chart (also known as Shastiamsa chart): It is related to all the karmas of a person in the past life.

  • D-9 chart (also known as Navamsa chart): This chart helps an astrologer to delve into married life along with the spouse of any person.

  • D-2 chart (also known as hora chart): It is meticulously designed to get in-depth knowledge of the financial facets of someone’s life.

  • D-27 chart (also known as Saptavimshamsa chart): It is created to depict the strength or feebleness of a person physically.

  • D-7 chart (also known as Saptamsa chart): It depicts the details about having offspring or children.

  • D-12 chart (also known as Dwadasamsa chart): It depicts the parents' related facets in life, including their well-being and how long they will live.

  • D-3 chart (also known as Dreshkana chart): It is designed to show the siblings-related facets of life.

  • D-10 chart (also known as Dashamsa chart): The chart is thoughtfully designed to show the fame that a person is bound to achieve in the world.

  • D-20 chart (also known as Vimshamsa chart): This chart sifts into the spiritual facets of life.

  • D-4 chart (also known as Chaturamsha chart): It shows the property-related facets of life.

  • D-45 chart (also known as the Akshvedamsa chart) It delves into the person’s character in general. Moreover, this chart shows if there is any legacy inherited from the paternal part of a person.

  • D-16 chart (also known as Shodasamsa chart) depicts the details of vehicle facets of life, along with any accidents, and joy with respect to luxury in a person’s life.

  • D-40 chart (also known as Khavedamsa chart): It depicts the details of legacy if inherited from the maternal part of a person.

  • D-24 chart (also known as Chaturvimshamsa chart): It depicts information about academic facets of life.

  • D-30 chart (also known as Trimshamsa chart): It depicts different facets of life including sadness, happiness, and problems that a person will get to handle in entire life.

Three Essential Elements

When getting accurate future predictions, you must understand that the astrologer must have 3 important details about a person: a person's birthplace (known as a country), birth time (known as a period), And the date of birth.



So, there are a wide array of factors that play a crucial role in choosing the best astrologer which in turn gives you the future prediction with utmost accuracy. A good astrologer will be proficient in giving the best guidance to humanity according to individual charts.

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