How To Avoid Spending Money According To Astrology

How To Avoid Spending Money According To Astrology

If you are troubled due to extravagance and you are not able to control this extravagant expenditure, then you may get into trouble at some point of time in your life. That is, extravagance ruins any laughing family and whenever a household and family gets buried in debt once, then even after lakhs of efforts, that family is not able to maintain it. In such a situation, while controlling your extravagant expenses, if you do some remedies mentioned in astrology, then you can get victory over wasteful expenditure. Because due to extravagance, money is never able to survive in the house and where money does not last, many types of problems arise there.


Remedies to Avoid Spending Money


To avoid extravagance, you should meditate on Monday or Friday at the place of worship or in the temple of goddess Lakshmi and also keep Kesar, black turmeric, and vermilion in a silver vessel before sitting in the meditation and worship of Maa Lakshmi. After this, meditate on goddess Lakshmi for at least 15 minutes and after that bow down to her and take a silver vessel in her hand and pray to Goddess Lakshmi to stop the extravagance.

After this, touch the silver vessel with the idol of Goddess Lakshmi and install that vessel where you keep the money. By doing this, the blessings of goddess Lakshmi will start on your family and you will get relief from unnecessary expenses. Money will also start coming to your house. On the other hand, if you do this remedy on the day of Diwali, then you can soon see the effect of this remedy.

Some people have the problem that there is no money in their purses. Even without wanting, they spend unaccounted for. For this, after proving a piece of silver one and a half fingers long and one finger wide by the mantra of Mahalaxmi, wrap it in a green cloth and keep it in your purse. This will stop unnecessary expenditure and new sources of money will also be created.

Due to drinking alcohol, if you have a huge loss, along with spending more, there is discord in the family. In such a situation, you want to quit intoxication but you are not able to quit even if you want. The person becoming addicted to drugs is due to the Mahadasha of Rahu in the horoscope. Along with this, many demerits also come from him.

Due to intoxication, you will never get respect anywhere. A person suffering from Rahu also becomes addicted to drugs. If you want to quit intoxication, first of all, pacify Rahu. A person suffering from Rahu should observe a fast on Saturday to avoid the negative effects of Rahu. This reduces the malefic effects of Rahu. Sweet bread should be given to the crow. The poor man's daughter should be helped in getting married.

If you are suffering from the Dasha of Rahu, then you should sleep with barely by your head. And it should be donated in the morning. Due to this, the Dasha of Rahu will remain calm. The person should worship Lord Shankar with a sincere heart. Along with this, you change your lifestyle and change the company.




Often people complain that they do not have money. Also, their money soon runs out. They keep on spending unnecessarily even without wanting to. In such a situation, astrological measures should be taken to stop money in your purse. You can know more about the way to spend money by talking to astrology.

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