History and Importance of Celebrating Friendship Day


History of Friendship Day 


Everyone celebrates Friendship Day on the first Sunday of August. There is a very interesting friendship story behind dedicating this day to friendship. A person was killed in America. This man had a friend, who committed suicide in grief after the death of his friend. Honoring their friendship, the day was celebrated in America as friends, and thus began the celebration of Friendship Day. In 1935, it was announced to celebrate National Friendship Day on the first Sunday of August. Since then there is a custom of celebrating Friendship Day in many countries. This year also will be celebrated on the first Sunday of August.


Importance of Friendship 


Friendship is a union of pure minds. Friendship Day is celebrated all over the world. There is hardly any person who does not have a friend, who does not know the importance of friendship. We all have friends in our life. Everyone enjoys spending time with friends. Especially childhood friends are remembered a lot, whose every memory stays in the mind forever. Friendship is such a relationship that a person chooses of their own free will. Many friends are made in childhood. Some childhood friends together till school, college, while some stay in your life forever and play friendship for the whole life. Such friends are very few who maintain a friendship for their whole life. True friends are those whose friendship can influence your future well. The friendship of friends with bad habits can spoil your future.


How Are Friends 


Friends are divided into many categories like friends with similar hobbies, business friends, college friends, etc. But those who are true friends always support you in every situation of life and they always wish for your well-being.

If you have a true friend in your life too, then do something special for your friend on Friendship Day. Many plans are made to celebrate this day with friends. Take time for your friends as much as possible on this day and relive your old memories.

Age, caste, and religion are not important in friendship but sometimes it is seen that two true friends get separated due to some reason and start hating each other. If there is a friend in your life who is angry with you, then consider it on the day of Friendship Day. It can be said that if you want to maintain a friendship with a sincere heart, then no one can break it.

There are many friends in the world who are sincere, honest, and faithful and who never let us be alone in times of bad times, hardships and troubles. Good and bad friends are known only in bad times. Everyone is attracted to money, but true friends never look at us that way.

A true friend inspires you to do the right thing and help in life. But sometimes the meaning of friendship gets changed because of some fake friends who use it the wrong way. They end their friendship as soon as their meaning is fulfilled.


Friendship has a unique importance in the life of every person. Every person is looking for a true friend in their life. If there is any problem with friendship in your life then talk to astrologers.

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