Hanuman Darshan Shabar Mantra: Meaning, Importance, Method, and Benefits

Hanuman Darshan Shabar Mantra: Meaning, Importance, Method, and Benefits

If you start chanting this mantra according to your faith, belief, and rules, then very soon you will start feeling the blessings of Hanuman Ji in the midst of chanting the mantra. By chanting this mantra, communication of such power starts in you, due to which you can get rid of ghosts and other people who are suffering from other evil forces.

Remember, success in chanting any mantra is achieved only when there is full devotion and faith in your mantra chanting, favorite deity, and mantra. In fact, devotion and faith give you accomplishment and success in any mantra. All other rules and regulations come after this. If a mantra is chanted with doubt, then no matter how many rules and difficult mantras you chant, you will never get success. The first rule of chanting is the mantra and complete faith in your favorite deity. We tell you further about other rules to be compulsorily followed in this mantra chanting of Hanuman Ji.


Hanuman Darshan Shabar Mantra


ॐ हनुमान बारह वर्ष के जवान हाथ में लडडू, मुख में पान आयो बाबा हनुमान ना आयो तो दुहाई सिया-रामचंद्र की|

Om Hanuman Barah Varsh ka jawan Hath mein laddu, mukh mein paan Aayo baba hanuman Naa aayo to duhai Siya-Ram-chandra ki.


Benefits Of Hanuman Darshan Shabar Mantra


This is to get the direct darshan of Hanuman Ji. The number of days you have to do spiritual practice, you have to chant the name of Ram as much as possible. Keep on chanting the name of Ram while walking, working, or sitting. The name of Ram is the key to getting the blessings of Hanuman Ji. Even after the completion of 40 days of meditation, at least one rosary has to be chanted daily. Mantra Siddhi is achieved only by continuous chanting. Dashansh Havan of this mantra has to be done in the middle or at the end of the meditation. For the method of Havan, you can get information by clicking on our page Simple Havan Method.


Hanuman Darshan Shabar Mantra Chanting Method


On the day you want to start chanting your mantras, keep your fast on that day and offer a red nappy, sweet paan, and Hanuman vermilion and jasmine oil in a Hanuman temple in the evening. Jasmine oil mixed with Hanuman Sindoor has to be offered to Hanuman Ji and we have to pray in front of Hanuman Ji that I am going to start chanting the mantra from today to get your blessings. Please make my mantra chanting successful. You have to chant the mantra by sitting here and cleaning that place properly, after that you have to install the statue of Hanuman Ji on a red cloth in your east or north direction and on some posts. A lamp of desi ghee or jasmine oil, incense, laddoos for enjoyment, and a pot of water should be kept in front of the idol of Hanuman Ji. First of all worship Guru, then worship Ganesh, and then worship your family deity. After this, you have to take a resolution for chanting your mantra, for the method of resolution, click on the method of resolution on our page. After taking the resolution, you have to start chanting the mantra with full devotion. Chant five rounds of Hanuman Ji's mantra daily for 40 days. If you have any feelings in between, don't be afraid, just continue your chanting. 


By following all the above mentioned rules and start chanting Hanuman Mantra, then God's darshan is attained. If you want to get information about chanting Hanuman mantra, then you should talk to astrology.