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GajKesari Yoga and Raj Yoga in Kundli Ensures Life Change

GajKesari Yoga and Raj Yoga in Kundli Ensures Life Change


Raj Yoga:

There are various struggles in life but some people are born with such Kundli that their whole life is spent in comfort, rule, and luxury. It is said that such people are born with Raja Yoga.

Usually, such people never run out of money and wherever they set foot, success goes with them. Not only this, but his personality is also impressive and people cannot live without being mesmerized by him.

Astrologers say that in addition to happiness and prosperity, those who have great power, and success, and whose orders people follow, are a kind of Raj Yoga. Raja Yoga is the king of all yoga.

The nine planets have different significance but Jupiter is the Jupiter of all the planets. It is considered to be the most powerful planet. If one's Jupiter is strong then Raj Yoga is certain in his life.

If Jupiter gets annoyed, it does not take long for the person to be ruined. A person who is in the center of Jupiter is considered good. If Jupiter is in marriage then it is considered very auspicious. If this is the case then it removes all the guilt of Kundalini and also prolongs the life of the person.


Gajkesari Yoga:

If Jupiter and Moon are at the center of each other, it is called Gajkesari Yoga. This yoga is very beneficial for people of Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. Such people succeed in whatever work they undertake.

Gajkesari yoga is one of the auspicious yogas mentioned in astrology. The person who has this auspicious yoga in his birth chart gets immense success in life. Such a person gets name and popularity from different regions. At the same time, such people are never bothered about money.


How is Gajkesari Yoga formed?

When Jupiter and Moon coincide, Gajkesari Yoga is formed in the birth chart. That is when Jupiter and the lunar planet form a relationship with each other, and GajKesari Yoga is formed. This is a yoga formed by the Moon and Jupiter. Jupiter is considered an auspicious planet in astrology. He is characterized as the guru of the gods. The moon, on the other hand, is thought to be the cause of the mind. It gives coolness.


When does GajKesari Yoga give auspicious results?

Due to the formation of GajKesari Yoga, there is never any shortage in the life of a person in terms of wealth, female happiness, child happiness, house, vehicle, position, prestige, servant, etc. He remains happy and prosperous throughout his life and he touches the pinnacle of success and he attains a high position. This yoga is considered very auspicious.

Even though Gajkesari is in the birth chart of yoga, there are times when this yoga does not give the perfect result. This is possible only when this yoga is observed by Rahu or some ominous planet. From Rahu's point of view, this yoga does not give complete results. At the same time, even if the position of the Moon and Jupiter in Kundli is weak, the complete result of Gajkesari Yoga is not obtained.


Strengthen the Moon and Jupiter 


Moon and Jupiter must be strong to get the benefits of Gajkesari Yoga. Lord Shiva should be worshiped to make the moon strong while watering the moon on the day of the full moon also reduces the inauspiciousness of the moon. To make Jupiter auspicious, one should worship Lord Vishnu on Thursday. If Moon and Jupiter are not strong in your horoscope, then you can talk to Astrologer and strengthen them with their advice.

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