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Full Moon February 2024: Snow Moon 2024

Full Moon February 2024: Snow Moon 2024

The Virgo Full Moon is February 24, 2024. Saturn is also active under this Full Moon, and even though its presence can be overwhelming at times, it will help us set boundaries, especially when it comes to our health. Saturn will guide us to be firm on ourselves and give us the confidence to stand up and ask for what we need from others. Overall, the Virgo Full Moon is powerful. While there is strong pure energy flowing under this Full Moon, strong supports encourage us to focus on well-being.

February 2024 Full Moon Date

Full Moon February 2024 is on Saturday 24th February.

Snow Moon 2024

The February Full Moon in Virgo asks you to clarify how your thoughts and daily actions are aligning with your heart and spirituality. Virgos are intuitively committed to the practical, everyday details of life and rational thinking. In the days surrounding this Full Moon, you'll have a chance to reconcile two areas of your life that are often at odds. It's also worth noting that despite Virgo's reputation for being practical and cerebral, the Earth sign is one of the most intuitive in the zodiac. Passionate about self-improvement, and able to listen to your inner voice, meaning this lunar event may enhance this ability for you as well. This can also be a particularly social and busy moment, given that Virgo is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, and is associated with the sixth house of daily routine and health.

February Full Moon 2024 Astrology

This special Full Moon will be in Virgo on 24 February 2024 and will inspire us to use our logical thinking skills to consider our emotions and who we want to be in alignment with. This full moon is called a "micro moon" because it is so far from Earth that it will appear smaller than a normal moon.

During the full moon, Mercury will be in Virgo Saturn will be in Pisces, while Jupiter will be in Taurus. As a result of Saturn's influence, we may experience intense emotions and feel isolated. To make the most of this energy, it's important to focus on the bigger picture and remain positive.

In the evening, Venus in Aquarius with Jupiter in Taurus creates an opportunity for us to explore the vastness of love and its ability to grow and evolve – especially how these feelings affect how we feel about ourselves. Makes you feel. This is a moment to prioritize self-care and extend kindness and respect to yourself and those around you. By letting go of negative emotions and embracing positivity, we can experience healing and promote forgiveness. Let's focus our energy on accepting the good in our life and the people in it.

Full Moon in Virgo

With the Full Moon in Virgo, the universe inspires us to embrace the essence of purification. But before we delve deeper into the astrology of this moon, let's take a closer look at the magic and spirituality of this lunar phase. As you may recall, the full moon phase marks the midpoint of the lunar cycle, which is when the Moon is fully illuminated when viewed from Earth. Just as the New Moon marks a period of renewal and intention setting, the Full Moon represents completion, culmination, and emotion. It is a powerful reminder of the cyclical nature of our lives, urging us to consider emotional growth and let go of what no longer serves us. Energy flows where attention goes, so many of you may begin to see your intentions materialize at this time.

Second Full Moon 2024 Effect on all Zodiac Signs

Aries Full Moon February 2024

The full moon awakens your health and daily routine sector, inspiring you to meditate on ways you can bring an even greater sense of balance and vitality to your day-to-day hustle and bustle. You may be feeling that the way you are handling your everyday tasks does not match at all with what is going on in your heart. It will be necessary to use your intuition to deal with whatever emotions are coming up.

Taurus Full Moon February 2024

With the full moon falling in your self-expression and romance sector, this can be a highly invigorating moment in which you are inspired to hit pause on your routine to be more spontaneous and have fun with friends or family members. It's also essential to share what's in your heart, and you'll feel especially empowered in doing so.

Gemini Full Moon February 2024

This Full Moon activates your home sector, meaning you may be extra open to deep-rooted emotional issues that need to be acknowledged, processed, and moved on to heal right now. You have the advantage that this Moon is ruled by Mercury, the planet that also rules your sign, so it will be good for you to rely on communication. Due to the Moon's connection with lucky Jupiter in your spiritual sector, you may enjoy a wave of optimism, and your dreams may come true.

Cancer Full Moon February 2024

With the Full Moon in your communication sector, you may be feeling a little overwhelmed with the hectic pace of life at the moment. It can be a hectic time, from one social commitment, work, or a short-distance trip to the next, so it would be good to get your priorities clear, and then focus on quality. With the Moon lining up with lucky Jupiter in your long-term desires sector, you may feel especially excited and confident.

Leo Full Moon February 2024

The full moon illuminates your money sector, making this a moment in which you may be especially mindful of how you can hone your skills to pursue your income goals. If you've been vying for the spotlight, you may find that this lunar event sets the stage for well-deserved recognition for your leadership abilities, with the Moon's connection with Jupiter bringing abundance to your career sector.

Virgo Full Moon February 2024

This is your annual Full Moon, which means your emotions may be especially heightened, as well as your desire to listen and understand. Given the Moon's opposition to your ruler, Mercury, you may not feel sure about expressing what's on your mind and heart, so consider relaxing, reflecting, and prioritizing self-care. Taking a step back may be the best option for you. You may also find that the Moon is harmonizing with lucky Jupiter in your adventure sector, so opportunities to spread your wings and expand your horizons may soon be within your reach.

Libra Full Moon February 2024

With the Full Moon in your spiritual realm, your dreams may be more vivid than usual. Taking a step back from your normal daily commitments and making time for solo activities like meditation, or a relaxing walk can help you become more clear about where you are. Moving forward with more confidence in your future and the Moon's good position to Jupiter in your emotional bond sector means that, when you are ready, you can easily express your happiness with a loved one.

Scorpio Full Moon February 2024

This full moon falls into your group sector, and you'll want to feel more connected to others. You may initiate a get-together with friends or propose working on a group project with colleagues. It benefits your feeling that you're collaborating to reach the finish line. With the Moon in sync with lucky Jupiter in your partnership sector, spending time with a loved one or close friend can also boost your emotional well-being.

Sagittarius Full Moon February 2024

This full moon impacts your career and public image area, meaning you may be tasked with stepping into the spotlight or taking on bigger responsibilities in a leadership position. As the Moon opposes Mercury and Saturn in your home sector, taking care of your inner life and making sure you feel emotionally centered is important for building your identity. The Moon is forming a harmonious angle with lucky Jupiter in your daily routine sector, even a slight change in your day-to-day schedule can make you feel more supported and prepared for any challenges.

Capricorn Full Moon February 2024

The full moon falls into your adventure zone, you may also want to put aside your usual realistic, grounded approach to focus solely on what your heart desires. In turn, you may find that you are ready to take an exciting leap of faith. With the Moon connecting with lucky Jupiter in your self-expression and romance sector, you can now open up more easily to loved ones and take charge of your voice and creativity.

Aquarius Full Moon February 2024

With the Full Moon activating your emotional bond sector, you may feel compelled to share deep emotions with a loved one. The process of allowing yourself to be more vulnerable will also make you more aware of what you need to feel safe and comfortable within your closest bonds. You can take advantage of this moment for anything. The Moon's harmonious position with lucky Jupiter in your home sector suggests that look forward to even more quality time with loved ones.

Pisces Full Moon February 2024

This full moon falls in your partnership sector, shedding light on your relationships. You may become more aware of relationships. Noticing a lack of reciprocity, or simply feeling looked down upon by someone you depend on, may be a tipping point for you. But thanks to lucky Jupiter's harmony in your communication sector, observation may also lead to useful conversations or brainstorming that lets you get on the same page with that special someone.


The energies under the Virgo Full Moon are also strong, especially healing as it relates to nourishing our bodies. The Virgo Full Moon will amplify your efforts and act as a motivator, so use its energy to empower yourself to change your diet, start a new workout plan, or finally seek help from a therapist or medical professional. If you also want to know more about the February Full Moon, then you can talk to astrologers.

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