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Full Moon August 2024: Sturgeon Moon 2024

Full Moon August 2024: Sturgeon Moon 2024

A Blue Moon will occur in Aquarius on August 19th. This full moon will focus on the personal and romantic relationships of all the people. Aquarius will be in introspective mode and will think seriously about their long-term relationships. Apart from this, people of all zodiac signs will focus on improving their love life and will put most of their energy into that aspect.

August 2024 Full Moon Date

The full moon of August 2024 is on Monday, August 19.

Blue Moon 2024

The full moon of August is named after the sturgeon fish. August may be a time to enjoy the summer sunshine, but it's also a time to appreciate the Blue Moon and practice gratitude for what you have, where you came from, and the nature around you. Like all full moons throughout the year, this moon can bring different things to your life if you're open to it.

August Full Moon 2024 Astrology

The Super Full Sturgeon Moon in Aquarius will occur on August 19th. We will experience the Moon on a deeper and more spiritual level. This is prime time for all of us to manifest our dreams and ignite our desires. The Full Moon in Aquarius is expansive and lucky. These astrological aspects will push us to take more risks when it comes to partnerships and friendships. Speaking from the heart is an emotion that defines relationships as well as sharing it with the people we care about. Like a revolving door, the connections we make discover what makes us happy on a personal level. If we are feeling shy, the universe is nudging us to know, see, and listen to our feelings. Which helps us to understand our hearts and others. Also, it will help in repairing relationships.

Full Moon in Aquarius

During the Full Moon in Aquarius, be conscious of how you are influenced by society. Social training comes in many forms. You learn from your parents, your schools, and your peers. In the early stages of development, you are like a sponge. You absorb the environment around you and adopt habits, behaviors, and conditioned responses without your awareness or the awareness of the people whose behavior you are absorbing. You also live in a world full of other people and form concepts whose combined knowledge creates a collective consciousness. Consider how the world around you has encouraged you.

This Full Moon is about liberation and the path forward. At this Full Moon in Aquarius, ask yourself what patterns appear over and over again, and see what you learned from those patterns. Ask yourself if you are suppressing your true nature in any way because it is not accepted or respected by those around you. Notice what you do when you feel a truth inside you. Do you share it? Or do you suppress it? Feel the energies you want to release that do not reflect who you are at your core.

Also, identify places in your life that you want to change but resist because you fear rejection. It's okay to change and grow. You don't have to remain the same person your whole life. You're not here to please everyone and get their approval. You are here to approve of yourself.

Ideally, you want to emit an energetic frequency that is consistent with who you are in your heart and soul. Whatever blocks this energetic expression needs to be released so you can share your authentic vibration.

Remember that you are always absorbing and contributing to the collective consciousness that connects us all. You want to make sure that the vibration you are adding is one of truth, honesty, and compassion. Consider what makes you you, and what unique perspective you are here to bring to the collective. Then align with the Full Moon in Aquarius to break away from patterns you've formed throughout your life that cause you to hide your talents. Instead, help create a new path for yourself and society by connecting with your higher truth.

Eighth Full Moon 2024 Effect on all Zodiac Signs

Aries Full Moon August 2024

Aries should trust their abilities and go with their intuition as it will most likely be right. They will look for spirituality and divine intervention to make important decisions in their lives. Furthermore, this Cardinal sign needs to know that the universe is supporting their success in both personal and professional life.

Taurus Full Moon August 2024

This is a great time for Taurus people as their love life will flourish and new romantic relationships can be established and for those who are already in a relationship, their relationships will get stronger. Taurus people will be lucky in love on this full moon.

Gemini Full Moon August 2024

This full moon will witness progress for Gemini people in their professional lives. It is estimated that the moonlight will give them a definite direction, which will help them achieve their long-term work goals. A pay raise, promotion, or job change is on the way for this mutable sign.


Cancer Full Moon August 2024

This period is all about travel for Cancerians. This dominant sign will be on the move, which is quite unlike their normal selves. They may travel for work, pleasure, or educational purposes.


Leo Full Moon August 2024

Leo people, if you have made any financial project, then assume that it will be completed on this full moon. Leo people may get good news regarding money-related matters and their investments will get satisfactory returns. Additionally, they will be at their sensual best at this full moon. Their partners will experience their extremely passionate and romantic side.

Virgo Full Moon August 2024

This full moon period is a make-or-break time for Virgo on the relationship front. Virgo will make decisions about ending things if things don't work out. Single people may find a long-term partner. Business partnerships will be in focus during this period for this mutable sign.

Libra Full Moon August 2024

Libra will be extra motivated to work hard on this full moon. Libra natives may also struggle to manage work and life as they may feel pulled in both directions.

Scorpio Full Moon August 2024

This fiery water sign will draw their attention to this blue moon. This fixed sign will be all about maintaining and strengthening family ties. This is a great phase for those who are looking for new romance or want to improve their existing relationships, Scorpio people can also expand their family now.

Sagittarius Full Moon August 2024

Sagittarius, represented by the archer, will remain at home during this period. They will be interested in everything related to real estate, renovating their properties, and maintaining their homes. They will also be gracious hosts and invite friends and family to their homes.

Capricorn Full Moon August 2024

The creative juices of this disciplined earth sign will flow during this full moon. People born in Capricorn will be inspired to try something new and different from their usual routine. This cardinal sign will feel energized to explore the world of creating something innovative for a refreshing change.

Aquarius Full Moon August 2024

Aquarius will look for more than one source of income and will be interested in taking up a second job or changing the existing one for a better opportunity. Symbolic of the water bearer, this fixed sign will focus on improving their financial situation.

Pisces Full Moon August 2024

Pisces will feel beautiful, powerful, and full of divine energy. This mutable sign, symbolized by twin fishes swimming in opposite directions, will feel inclined to pursue personal relationship goals and will be decisive enough to make decisions. Overall, this is a peaceful and healing time for this sign.


The meaning of this Full Moon can be translated as the beginning of a period that will have a peaceful effect on all zodiac signs, where they will come to terms with an important life position and choose peace of mind. Will try to know your spiritual side. If you also want to know more about the impact of the Blue Moon on your life, then talk to astrologers.

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