Fact About Friday Born People - Body, Nature, Career, Health & Relationship


People who have birthdays on Fridays are affected by both Lakshmi and Venus as the lord of Friday is Venus and its goddess is Lakshmi. This is the reason that people born on this day are fond of material comforts. They like decorations a lot. The people born on Friday are the owners of magnetic personalities. They attract others very quickly. There is a lot of practical knowledge in them. Sometimes because of their knowledge and sometimes through their beauty, they keep attracting the attention of others.


Body Structure of Friday Born People


A person born on this day has a big head, big eyes, and a fair complexion. His hair is curly and the sides are long. People born on this day have a special attraction toward the opposite sex. They are very smart. They have a love for artistic things and art.


Nature Of Friday Born People


Those born on Friday are rich in personality. They are the collectors of riches. There are many arts in them. Venus natives are smart and very quick learners. They are rich in talent as well as they are also lucky. Goddess Lakshmi has special grace on them. The people born on this day achieve immense success in life. Many times it is also seen that such people ruin their life by following wrong paths or due to the wrong company. People born on Friday have their own life full of all material comforts but still, a special kind of jealousy exists in them. These people cannot see others making progress and start feeling uncomfortable. And this is the only demerit in people born on this day.


Career Of Friday Born People


The people born on the day of Venus are the owners of many talents. There is a glimpse of cleanliness and beauty in whatever work such a person does. Such persons work in the field of paper, clothes, color-related work, software-related work, design, fashion, art, literature, and the film industry. They have a deep love for artistic things and art, so they can also make their career music. They are very successful in writing, painting, film, fashion, and the beauty industry.


Health Of Friday Born People


People have problems due to sugar, vision-related, jaundice, white leprosy, urinary diseases, throat diseases, semen-related diseases, tuberculosis fever, etc. In changing times, they need to be more alert, because they catch a cold and cold quickly. Joint pain and bone pain in old age.


Relationship Of Friday Born People 


People born on Friday are in favor of spending life with fun. People born on this day also know the art of making opponents in their favor, they have a different attraction. Due to this, they become very popular in the circle of his friends. Most of the love relationships of the person born on this day are formed. Due to their fickleness, their love relationship could not remain stable. Their married life is good. Their life partner is happy to have them.


Tips Of Friday Born People


  • The natives are kind and trust others very quickly. The person should have faith in others thoughtfully.

  • The native cannot see others making progress and starts feeling uncomfortable. For this, you should have ease towards others.

  • Talking about the weaknesses of the nature of the person, there is a lack of restraint along with having a sense of pride or ego. They should exercise restraint in every relationship.



Due to the effect of the planet Venus on the people who are born on Friday, the mind of those people is also very fickle. Once people find their true love in life, they follow it faithfully throughout their life. If you were born on a Friday and you are facing any problem related to love, then it is advisable to talk to astrologers.

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