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February Pisces vs March Pisces

February Pisces vs March Pisces

May support the difference between February Pisces and March Pisces. Everyone born between February 19th and March 20th is a Pisces, which means they'll probably share some core Pisces traits, express their feelings, pursue their goals, and do things in different ways. make connections with. February Pisces is the first Decan Pisces, while most March borns will be either a second or third Decan Pisces which may account for some of the differences.

February vs March Pisces

The ruling planets of Pisces are Ketu and Jupiter, Ketu is the planet of dreams and illusions, but most March Pisces are in the second or third decade of Pisces, so they have a second co-ruling planet that rules their sign. does. Defines a way of expressing. affects. Pisces born in February are purely ruled by Ketu, they embody the most conservative Pisces strengths and weaknesses. Pisces' energy is usually associated with being empathetic, sensitive, and ethereal, and this describes the February Pisces as a beauty.

Pisces is a water sign, so they channel their emotions and are driven by their emotions, regardless of the month they were born. Those who control our moods and emotions are often more sensitive to the nature of people than their fellow cosmic fish. These March Pisces people tend to feel their emotions, so it is extra important that they stay away from toxic environments.

February Pisces vs March Pisces Personality

February Pisces are natural creators who excel at channeling their deepest feelings into meaningful works of art, and more of the same for a February Pisces. As a Pisces who is completely ruled by the dream planet Ketu, these Pisces have arguably a more vivid imagination than their March-born counterparts and are able to easily translate their complex feelings into symbolic creative endeavors. February Pisces will find themselves drawn towards visual arts, music, or performance.

Pisces are known for wearing their heart on their sleeve, but March Pisces is known for playing cards. This is because they are all second and third decan Pisces, meaning they have the Moon as their cosmic co-ruler. These planets bring a slightly shadowy and more secretive energy to the mystery of Pisces which makes sense, given that distant Jupiter rules all things and the Moon rules our personal lives. This influence makes March Pisces protective of their privacy.

February Pisces Personality

Ketu, the ruling planet of February Born Pisces, is the great disruptor of the zodiac. Ketu blurs the lines and blends everything together. First Deacon Pisces are arguably blessed with the greatest dose of Ketu's ethereal vibes, they have an even more difficult time with boundaries than March Pisces. As one of the mutable signs, Pisces likes to go with the flow and doesn't like to be constrained, so sometimes navigating rigid boundaries can feel unnatural. Especially for February Pisces, it is an art that requires practice and patience.

March Pisces Personality

March Pisces are daydreamers, and would rather live in a fantasy world than be surrounded by harsh realities. The third decan is co-ruled by Pisces power, they are often more intense, ambitious, and rigid than other Pisces. Jupiter's strong and edgy influence makes these cosmic fish more competitive and assertive than your average passive and pacifist Pisces. March Born Pisces people are not afraid to go after what they want.


The people of February Pisces are of artistic thoughts. Subjects like art, music, literature writing are the favorite subjects of Pisces people. If the person chooses these subjects in the field of education, then the person gets more success. Apart from this, he has a special interest in subjects related to photography, astrology, oceanography, numerology, and the library. The people of March Pisces earn more money than others. But they do not stay behind even in extravagance. Many times it also happens that due to extravagance, they have to take loans from others, and due to their credit they get loans easily. In the economic field, they have to face ups and downs again and again. Talk to astrology to know more about February Pisces and March Pisces.

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