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Exam Fear Factor: Astrological Ways To Overcome Exam Fear

Exam Fear Factor: Astrological Ways To Overcome Exam Fear

As soon as the time of the examination comes near, there is an unknown fear in the mind of the students, many students start feeling restless just thinking about the examination. Many thoughts start roaming in the mind, - 'Will I be able to answer all the questions?' 'It would have been better if I had read a little more'...etc. The fear of negative test results seems to dampen enthusiasm considerably. Sometimes everyone forgets as soon as they enter the examination hall. In such times, the auspicious position of the planets in the birth chart is very important.

Many times, even after the hard work of the children, they do not get the expected success, then this thing forces us to think about why this is happening. In the field of knowledge, science, and learning, astrology works for correct vision.


Responsible Planets for Exam Fear


  • Sun is related to self-confidence. If the sun is afflicted, weak, and under inauspicious influence, then the self-strength becomes weak. Because of this, the mind seems less in studies.

  • Jupiter (Guru) is related to knowledge, even if it is weak, studies get interrupted.

  • The examination is related to memory, which is the gift of Mercury. Due to the inauspiciousness of Mercury, there is a lack of logic and skill in the student.

  • Moon is the factor of mental balance and concentration in the examination hall. The position of the Moon in the horoscope affects the outlook of the student.

  • The first house in the horoscope is related to the mind and if it is affected by any bad planet, then the person suffers from anxiety, despair, and negative thoughts.

  • If bad Rahu is in the ascendant, then in Rahu's Mahadasha, the person suffers from negative thoughts, only disappointment and failure are visible in life.

  • Even if there is an eclipse yoga (Sun + Rahu - Moon + Rahu) in the horoscope, the person may suffer from fear, anxiety, and negative thoughts.

  • If there is a good planet in the ascendant in the horoscope, but it is weak, even then the person faces difficulty in getting the fruits of his hard work, due to which anxiety and tension arise.

  •  When Mahadasha of an enemy planet starts, then the person goes through mental stress and physical troubles, due to which fear and negative thoughts start coming.

  • According to Career prediction, in whose horoscope the house of knowledge (fifth house), house of wealth (second house), income, fortune, and the house of happiness are connected or aspected by strong and auspicious planets, then they get success.

  • If there is Budhaditya-Yoga, Gajakesari-Yoga, Saraswati-Yoga, Sharda-Yoga, Hans-Yoga, Bharti-Yoga, Sharda-Lakshmi Yoga in the horoscope, then the person gets success in the examination and gets higher education.

  • If there is Gajakeshari Yoga of Moon-Jupiter in the center and triangle, then the person will succeed in big competitive examinations.

  • If there is a weak moon in the horoscope, there is an obstacle in education. If the moon is inauspicious then it is fickle, due to this the mind affects the stability and concentration in the brain.

Measures to Avoid Fear, Anxiety, and Negative thoughts at the

Time of Examination

  • If any planet is causing fear and dread in the horoscope, then astrological measures should be taken for it, using proper gems can also strengthen oneself. One can get rid of negativity even by doing Yantra Sadhana. Your power can be increased by meditating. Worship the Sun daily and chant Gayatri Mantra, this can also save you from negativity.

  • Mother Saraswati is the presiding deity of education and knowledge. By worshiping Maa Saraswati, the memory power becomes sharp, good luck is attained and skill is attained in learning.

  • "Om Hree Kleen Mahasaraswati Devyai Namah:"

  •              "ॐ ह्रीं क्लीं महासरस्वती देवयै नमः:"

    By chanting this mantra, the defects of the Lagna (first house), fifth (knowledge), and ninth (luck) house of the horoscope is also removed. These three houses (triangles) are considered to be dominated by Shri Mahakali, Shri Mahasaraswati, and Shri Mahalakshmi. Knowledge, wisdom, speech, and knowledge are attained only by the grace of Maa Saraswati.

  • On the advice of a skilled astrologer, to remove fear, fear, and mental depression (stress) in the examination, by doing astrological measures related to the house, Bhavesh, and Karak planet of the horoscope, the chances of success increase further. Follow them along with your studies and get good results.


According to Astrology predictions, the planets of the birth chart create favorable and unfavorable conditions in your studies. The key to success in any examination is the ability and hard work of the student. Along with all these things, if the auspiciousness of the planets is also achieved in the horoscope, then the chances of success can be further increased by removing fear and fear through astrological measures. Many planets are important in the horoscope for getting the best education.

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