Effect of 6th, 8th, and 12th Most Negative Houses

Effect of 6th, 8th, and 12th Most Negative Houses

Let's get a brief idea about negative houses in astrology. Basically, there is a total of 12 houses and nine of there are positive houses but the rest three of them are negative. Three of them bring disease, debt, enemy, death accidents, and loneliness. But the other nine houses are positive which bring happiness, financial stability, profit, successful marriage, pleasure, courage, and wealth.


A Brief Idea About all 12 Houses 


House of Self  

It’s the first house and represents a new start and a blank canvas of our life. This house is also known as Lagna or Ascendant.


House of Family and Wealth 

This house represents the gain in financial stability and growth of the family. This house is also known as a possession.


House of Courage, Communication, and Siblings 

The third house indicates your strength and your communication skills. It also shows our thought processes and mental health.


House of Mother 

It denotes the bond between a child and her mother and shows a family relationship. It indicates possession like land and properties. In addition, it will represent the past of our house.


House of Progeny and Punya 

It denotes our past life, interest, creativity, self-expression, and hobbies. This house indicates negativity. It will come with disease, debt, and enemies. And it shows how you will handle it.


House of Marriage and Partnerships  

The seventh house signifies all the aspects of marriage and companionship. Like attraction, marriage, and partnership.


House of Death and Accidents


Again the eighth house will affect negatively. It represents the dark side of our life and sudden death or sudden negative event like accidents.


House of Father, Fate, and Fortune


It represents a relationship between you and your father. This house shows positivity and your fate in yourself and your life fortune. In addition, it is also combined with our further education.


House of a Profession 

It denotes the goals and targets of our work. It completely represents your occupation and profession. And ups and downs in work.


House of Gains and Casual Incomes 

It brings success and profits to your life. And represent your increasing income. The eleventh house is the most favorable, bright, and propitious house.


House of Expenses and Solitude 

Again comes to negative house it brings a lot of expenses and loneliness in life. In addition, it spread negativity in life.


Clarification of Negative House and its Effect.


Basically, all three negative houses bring negativity into your life. It generally brings sacrifice, death, expense, debt, enemy, and disease. And it comes when the planate of our zodiac sign is at the 6th, 8th, and 12th house.

    • If planets of a zodiac sign are in a positive house it brings positivity, whereas when they take place in a negative house it brings negativity in life.

    • When we remove our planate from the negative house and place it in the positive house then it gives positivity and this is the solution to getting rid of it.

    • For an illustration, when the planate of any zodiac sign takes place in the 6th house it brings disease and an enemy into a person's life. But if we remove 6th from 6th house it will show recovery of illness.

    • When it comes to the 8th house It brings death and events like accidents at that time, so when we take the 8th house from the 8th it brings strength to our life.

    • And according to astrologers 12th house brings expenses and loneliness to your life if we take 12th from 12th house then it will change in to gain.


Some Solutions and Remedies to the Negative House.


According to astrologers, there are few solutions to overcome negativity if the 6th, 8th, and 12th houses. We just have to use some gems and pearls to overcome it and if you want more solutions related to it you can take Online Astrology Consultation.

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